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How to Reuse Wedding Lehenga In the Best Possible Way?

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How can I renew my lehenga choli? What can I do to customize my old lehenga? How can we convert the lehenga? So, we have a list of perfect ways to reuse wedding lehenga.

Every bride ever has justified the price of the wedding lehenga by thinking they can use it later. We have a way that you can get around to doing it! Once your super precious wedding lehenga lies forgotten, waiting for the perfect day when it will be worn again! But don’t wanna be overdressed for any event?

  1. Wear it with a Shirt

    Looking for an outfit for a festival or a friend’s wedding? Or maybe a family function? You can always pair the lehenga skirt with a classic shirt. A button-down shirt or a top can revamp your dress into a seamless party wear ensemble. 

    Reuse wedding lehenga

  2. Change the Blouse Neck

    Bridal lehengas are really pretty, but they might not be trendy in terms of silhouettes. So you can get a trendy plain blouse stitched which is not only cute but also a little light. It will rock that lehenga skirt again.

    reuse wedding lehenga

  3. Reuse wedding lehenga with a Jacket Blouse

    Want to get a modern look? This long jacket with slits looks trendy. It hides part of the skirt and makes it look more contemporary. Moreover, this is a good option if you have a lehenga with really eye-catching and heavy skirts.

    reuse wedding lehenga

  4. Drape The Dupatta in a different Style

    Here is an idea that can help reuse wedding lehenga without changing it. How about wearing the whole lehenga? Drape the dupatta in a contemporary or a traditional way. See the whole look transform. 

    Reuse wedding lehenga

  5. Stitch the Lehenga into a Completly Different Outfit

    Don’t fancy subtlety much? Give a complete makeover to your wedding dress. Revamped it into a stylish western outfit with a crop top and straight-fit pants. The result will be divine. What better way to reuse wedding lehenga than to design it in a way that you can wear it whenever you want. It would also make a perfect pool party outfit. reuse wedding lehenga

  6. Reuse Wedding Lehenga After Volume Reduction

    If you had a lehenga with a lot of flare for your wedding, you can always get rid of some of the excess volumes. This will make your lehenga lighter and easier to wear. Also, it will take away the bridal look. Moreover, you can get rid of the extra embellishments from a tailor and make it even more wearable for a festive occasion.

    Reuse wedding lehenga

  7. Wear the Blouse with a Simple Plain Skirt

    Here’s another way to reuse wedding lehenga. Mix and match totally different outfits to create a vivid contrast or go for a single color. Wear your wedding blouse with a lighter more casual skirt. Also, as an extra tip, you can make sure to not go over-the-top flashy.

    Reuse wedding lehenga                                                                                                                                                             Reuse Wedding Lehenga

  8. Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga Dupatta

    If you have a really attractive embellished dupatta with the lehenga. It won’t be fair to the dupatta or your lehenga if it is just kept lying around! You can get some extra fabric stitched to the dupatta. It will make a glam half-half saree with plain fabric to keep the dupatta work. Use it in a way that it makes it to the front and pallu!

    reuse wedding lehenga

  9. Convert the Wedding lehenga into a Heavy Anarkali

    Converting your wedding lehenga is gonna hurt a bit. But just think about it, we are talking about an Anarkali. It is always more wearable than a lehenga, even the heaviest anarkalis can be light compared to the lehenga. And it’s easier to carry as well.

    reuse wedding lehenga

  10. Pair your Wedding Lehenga Blouse with a Simple Pallazzo 

    Most bridal blouses have a very heavy blouse design. So it’s going to be easy pairing your blouse with outfits other than your lehenga. Pair it with a different palazzo and throw in a matching dupatta if you want. It’ll surely, make for a really interesting ensemble.

    reuse wedding lehenga

  11. Stitch Bridal Dupatta into a Kurti

    How about perking up an outfit from your lehenga’s dupatta?  You can fashion out an outfit from your dupatta. Turn it into a simple and glamorous suit. Moreover, you can make a regular outfit with a heavy and class look. 

    Reuse wedding lehenga

  12. Reuse your wedding lehenga with a Cape

    Ditch the blouse for something that is even prettier. You can do one of two things to get a flawless look. Either you can use the dupatta that came with the lehenga or separate matching fabric. Carry your wedding lehenga with a ready cape.

    reuse wedding lehenga

  13. Wear your Lehenga With Leather Jacket

    Not in the mood to cut or spoil your wedding dress? We have the solution. Wear it with a leather jacket for a funky touch. This might be something you like! Ditch the dupatta and add some really cool glasses with huge traditional earrings.

    reuse wedding lehenga

  14. Rent Your Wedding Lehenga

    Renting your wedding lehenga is never a bad idea. You can keep your wedding dress intact and even make some extra money. It is the perfect idea to reuse wedding lehenga.reuse wedding lehenga

  15. Reuse the Wedding Blouse 

    Have a Shimmery heavy bridal blouse? Choose the perfect plain, simple, skirt that would go well with your blouse. The scintillating top and simple skirt have a perfect balance.  reuse wedding lehenga

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