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Birthday Party

18 Slumber Party Ideas That Will Make Your Party Memorable

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeMay 29, 2021

Slumber parties are a fun tradition and an integral part of growing up. For teenagers and even some adults having a slumber party for their birthday could be a fantasy coming to life. If you want a slumber party for your birthday, you can start the celebrations a day earlier. And give your friends a chance to be there at midnight. Whenever or however you throw a slumber party, one thing is certain and that is fun. Here are a few details that must be according to slumber party ideas.

  1. Invites for Slumber Party
  2. Slumber Party Decorations
  3. Food and Drink Slumber Party Ideas

So, here is a list of all the cool slumber party ideas that will make your party an unmatchable success.

  1. Slumber Party Invitations

    It is impossible to have a party without invitations. They are your chance for the best first impression. If you want to hand out invitations, you can go for the all-time slumber party classic invitation with an eye mask-shaped invitation. But if you are thinking of a virtual invite you can go for the quirky driver’s license invitations. Subtle invitations describing all the details of the party with minimal decoration are also good ideas.

    slumber party ideas

  2. Makeover Corner

    Makeup and saloon corners are a slumber party necessity. How your saloon corner is stocked depends upon the number of guests and the age group. Some extremely important makeup corner items are lipsticks, nail paints, blushers, eye shadow, cotton, and powder. But, you should definitely avoid mascaras and eyeliners as they can be messy and dangerous.

    slumber party ideas

  3. Bed Setups

    Bed setups will be the center of attraction for a slumber party, so you definitely want to ace it. The most crucial thing is to remember to pick the biggest room for this setup so that all the guests can bunk together. About the decorations, as the slumber party trend goes, tent formations could be really cute and attractive. To make the setup more convenient for everyone to talk place the beddings close to each other.  Fairy lights could be a great addition as they would give everyone the starlight effect and make sure there is little light even after the lights out.

    slumber party ideas

  4. Slumber Party Ideas for Dinner 

    Having a really big dinner is the simplest mistake that we make while throwing a slumber party. The best part of a slumber party is the midnight snacking and eating finger foods. But huge dinners prevent the guests from having that fun since they are already full. The dinner should be extremely light and can comprise of one or two dishes. Everybody despite age and taste in cuisine loves pizza, so it can a part of your menu. Along with it, you can have something like noodles which are light and are liked by everyone.

    slumber party ideas

  5. Cake 

    Cake cutting with friends at midnight is a dream. This perfect moment deserves a perfect cake. Given below is an exquisite slumber party-themed cake. For cake cutting, you can slightly decorate a table with color-coordinated satin cloth and balloons. And don’t forget to take a lot of pictures.

    slumber party ideas

    slumber party ideas

  6. Midnight Snacks  

    Now comes the most exciting part of any slumber party. Make sure to keep an ample amount of different flavored chips and nachos. Cheese and cold drinks too can never go wrong. Cupcakes, macaroons, and brownies add both color and flavor to the table.

    slumber party ideas

  7. Cozy Matching Pajamas

    Movies and all those visions of perfect slumber party ideas have spoiled us. Everyone in matching pajamas or night suits is one visual we can’t miss. While looking for matching pajamas estimate the sizes of all the guests and opt for neutral colors. If you don’t want to spend a lot on buying these you can easily mention a dress code color in the invitation.  These slumber party ideas will not only ensure that everyone has fun but also that you get all the perfect pictures to keep as a memory.

    slumber party ideas

  8. Blindfold Makeup

    This is a very common slumber party game. If you don’t want to set a separate makeup counter you can have this game instead.  All the guests can be divided into pairs of two where one of them is blindfolded. The person without the blindfold could give the other person the required items and give directions. Both the partners get to be blindfolded and are given a chance to have their make done by the other person. The team with the best makeup wins. This is one of the most entertaining slumber party ideas.


    slumber party ideas

  9. Spin the Bottle

    No party is ever complete without a spin-the-bottle game but a slumber party definitely not. This game is can be customized for all age groups and crowds. You can play spin the bottle for nail paint colors for kids. Truth and dare spin the bottle is a classic and is the perfect game for teenagers and adults. this game would definitely bridge gaps and encourage bonding. leave all of it aside,  it will be really funny to watch someone do something really silly as a dare.

    slumber party ideas

  10. Mini Dance Party

    A girls party without dancing is hard to imagine. this activity too can be done at all kinds of slumber parties. Playing some disco music loud and dancing to it is something everyone will enjoy. But make sure you do it before 9 or 10 because this might disturb your neighbors or your family. If you don’t wanna spend a lot of your time dancing make it a mini dance party with like 10 songs so that you don’t miss the other wonders of a slumber party.

    slumber party ideas

  11.  Photoshoot Ideas

    When you spent so much time planning for the party and decorating everything you need to take a lot of photos. This party is going to come with a lot of fond memories that you will cherish forever.  And that makes it critical to take pictures. Besides, this is the era of Instagram and Snapchat and photos are kind of mandatory. You can pre-plan a few poses if you want or you can take a spontaneous picture with the weirdest pose that comes to mind.

    slumber party ideas

  12.  Movies for a Slumber Party

    A movie marathon could be sedative entertainment that can keep everyone busy after they are worn out with all the activities and games. But picking the right movie can be tricky. if you are hosting a slumber party for kids you can go for any Disney movie or barbie movie. For tweens, you can look into movies like Beethoven’s Big Break, Camp Rock, Cinderella Story, College Road Trips, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. teenagers could watch movies like 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed, Pink Panther, Raise Your Voice, and Sleepless in Seattle.

    slumber party ideas

  13.  Party Care Packages

    Every parent sends their children fully prepared but some can easily forget a few necessities, so make sure that you have stocked some extra toothbrushes, rubber bands, etc.  These care packages can fulfill dual objectives they can be given before bed to make everyone comfortable and can be seen as return gifts or party favors.

    slumber party ideas

 14. Milk and Cookie Breakfast

The morning is equally important and after all the unhealthy snacks, milk and cookies will be a really good breakfast. You can also add pancakes and eggs to the menu. The breakfast time will give everyone a chance to talk about last night and remember all the enjoyment.  After breakfast, everyone will be sleepy and have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

slumber party ideas


15. Board Games

Dream Phone: The Best '90s Slumber Party Board Game - RETROPOND
Board games are a great idea for a slumber party! There are plenty of options to choose from, so you can pick something that suits the interests of the group. Popular choices include classics like Monopoly and Risk, or something more contemporary like Settlers of Catan.

16. Karaoke

slumber party ideas - karaoke

Karaoke is a crazy idea for a slumber party. Set up a karaoke machine, or use an online karaoke app, and take turns singing your favorite songs. You can even make it a competition and have a mini talent show. It’s a great way to have fun and bring everyone closer together.

17. Charades

slumber party ideas - charades
Charades is a great game to play at a slumber party. It is a fun and interactive game that requires no special equipment. To play, each player takes turns acting out a word or phrase without speaking. The other players must guess the word or phrase before the time runs out. Charades is a great way to get everyone laughing and having a good time.

18. Jenga

slumber party ideas - jenga
Jenga is an awesome game to play at a slumber party. It’s a classic block-stacking game that requires skill, luck, and strategy. It can be played by 2-4 players, and the aim of the game is to be the last player to successfully remove and place a block without the tower falling over. Jenga can provide hours of fun and entertainment for your slumber party guests.

Hope these slumber party ideas were helpful. Follow us on our insta handle for more updates.

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