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Theme Wedding Colors to incorporate in your Wedding Easily

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From Pinterest boards to wedding décor templates we found these colors trending everywhere. Here is a list of theme wedding colors. Fuchsia, yellow, teal, bright red, and cobalt are some of the new wedding colors you can expect to see everywhere in 2021. But rather than choosing just one of these as your wedding color, the trend will be to use a combination of them, resulting in a palette that’s bold and non-traditional. Our couples to be married, need to be updated with the ever-changing  Wedding traditions and customs. The trending colors to include in your wedding  palette – whether it’s the wardrobe, the décor theme, or wedding favors, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get to it

Here’s our take on the top trending colors for 2021 weddings-

1.    Powder Blue: theme wedding colors

Powder blue really dominates weddings with its subtle and magical vibes. We love how our brides and bridesmaids are always looking to incorporate the pretty powder blue in their wardrobe selections and carry that look with ease.  Its pastel hues are summery, breezy and here to stay.

powder blue theme wedding colors

2. Blush Pink

The tender color is delicate, dreamy and sophisticated, making everything look beautiful, harmonious and so romantic! Blush pink is ideal and combines well with many other colors through every season. Since the pastels have been in so much demand, this year is no different. The color is pretty, looks gorgeous on every skin tone, is a lovely wedding color choice, and a million reasons more. Start planning out how you’ll be fashioning this lovely color in your wedding.

blush pink theme wedding colors

3. Lilac & Lavender: theme wedding colors

Lilac and lavender are both different hues of purple and it is a very trendy color off-late. We have seen quite a few lovely lavender wedding décor ideas as well as lilac dresses. And a great choice of color to stand out from the crowd.

lilac and lavender for theme wedding colors

4. Marigold Yellow

Whether it’s about décor or outfits, marigold yellow will leave every other color behind for Indian pre-wedding functions. From Haldi ceremonies to Mehndi functions, marigold can spotted a lot. And the great thing is that it’s a very fresh and summery color to add to your wedding mood board.

marigold yellow theme wedding colors

5.  Mauve Purple

Apart from lilac and lavender, a very stand-out shade of purple has been mauve. We love how rich and royal the mauve shade looks. From makeup to outfits, the color is a lovely choice to include in your OOTDs. Even wedding décor idea look classy in mauve. We absolutely adore this trending wedding color.

mauve purple theme wedding colors

6. Foil Gold & Champagne

Champagne is a classic when it comes to wedding aesthetics and a slightly upgraded foil- gold version is now on the market. Yes, foil gold is a very popular wedding color for our brides-to-be and grooms-tobe. The color is classic and modern at the same time. And we’ve loved how the trend is slowly but steadily catching on.

foil gold and champagne theme wedding colors

7. Earthy Green

The evergreen natural tone green is here to stay for a long time, and we’re rooting for it. The deep and light shades of green both look amazing, whichever way you style them. Whether it’s the jewelry, the décor, or wardrobe, green kills it with its versatility.

earthy green theme wedding colors

8. Neutrals

As people have started mastering the art of minimalism, neutral tones are to rule the coming years with its minimalistic charm. The subtlety and calm tones make it easy on the eyes and attractive at the same time.  Different shades of neutrals seem to be the  go-to choice for millennials who believe ‘less is more’.

neutral theme wedding colors

9. Papaya Orange

A very unique and happening choice from theme wedding colors we loved is the papaya orange. The color is every bit vibrant and happy in its own way. It is a great replacement for the old yellow décor that we’ve seen around in the last few years. The lovely pop of color is just the right tone for a super-chic look.

papaya orange theme wedding colors

10. Shades of Blue

There’s no doubt that blue has been a trendy party color choice recently, whether it’s a traditional function or a modern bash. With its various shades and gorgeous hues, blue can never go out of style. The vogue royal shades have been a go-to choice for many sophisticated weddings. Blue hits the mark for theme wedding colors.

shades of blue theme wedding colors

11. ‘90s-Inspired Wedding Colors: theme wedding colors

Call us nostalgic, but we’re so into these fun, bold wedding colors and can’t wait to see more of them in 2021. For this trend, it’s not about a single color, but rather a collection of colors that create a rainbow-style palette—perhaps one inspired by your favorite Caboodles case or color block windbreaker. Some of the colors you can use for your 90s inspired color palette are cherry red, fuchsia, cerulean, teal, and purple. These bright hues are an excellent match for other statement wedding trends, like neon signs and floral arrangements.

90s inspired theme wedding colors

12. Multi-colored or the combination of bright’: theme wedding colors

It is not about a single color lehenga. It is  all about a combination of different contrasting shades. The combination of bright shades will be perfect for décor and lovely wedding outfits. You can try different shades from this color palette and incorporate them into your weddings.

multicolor theme wedding colors

13.  White and Gold for theme wedding colors

White, in combination with gold, make such a lovely combination. This is one of the top theme wedding colors  that will surely add that old world charm to your wedding. The classic white and gold lehenga will make you look regal, and the décor will be perfect for your wedding day.

white and gold theme wedding colors

14. Ultimate grey

Grey and silver are two colors not given enough credit for their beauty. it’s also a great traditional color that can work for brides and grooms all over! It’s an in vogue royal shade that makes for a high end  wedding celebration!

grey theme wedding colors

15. Bright red

A new trend in  wedding colors is opting for a bright shade of red. This is not a traditional wedding color, but it can be added to  make your wedding bright and cheery. It can further be used to give the wedding color palette a fiery touch. Pair this shade with burnt orange, light yellow, and other bold colors

bright red theme wedding colors

We wish that your wedding is as colorful as it can get after taking a look at this list of theme wedding colors for this year.


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