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Top Corporate Annual Day Celebration Ideas and Activities


Hunting for new corporate annual day celebration ideas? Your search seems to be on the right track ‘cause we’ve got the top three annual day celebration ideas which not only your employees but also your seniors will love! So, why not go ahead and have a look.

1. Sports Annual Day Celebration Ideas

Plan your annual day as a Sports Day at an Outdoor Venue or a stadium to get your employees out of the workspace for a day. Start your annual day planning beforehand to have a clear idea of the number of games you can conduct and the estimated duration of the whole event.

corporate annual day celebration- sports day

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Invitation to the Annual Day Celebration:

A Formal invitation needs to be sent before a month or 15 days, depending on the games and the preparation required. If your firm is huge, you can send it via emails and put up a huge invitation on the bulletin board. But, if your firm is a tiny one you can go for a personalized invitation to your corporate annual day celebration and get creative with it.


For your annual day programme bigger sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. Include an RSVP into your annual day planning as you’ll need an exact list of players which will help you avoid the chaos on the day.

Divide the departments into teams and let them decide the participation for different team games. Declare a deadline, after which they can start practising for their respective games and ask departments to register on time and make sure they follow it.


Game Ideas for the Sports Annual Days Celebration:

Following are few suggested corporate annual day programme ideas for games which are perfect for a Sports Day and can encourage team-bonding.


  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Tug of War

corporate annual day celebration- sports day

Back-to-school games-

  • Sack race
  • Relay
  • Potato race
  • Musical chairs
  • Blind obstacles
  • Minute-to-win-it games


Annual Day Awards:

At the end of the day, it would be time everyone would expect awards for the winners. For the annual day celebration for employees, you can also plan some kind of gratification towards the loyal and hardworking employees.

After distributing awards to the winners of the games, you can announce surprise awards for the following category. Include funny titles to keep the award distribution fun.

  • Best Sporty Person on Campus
  • Best Gossiper
  • Fashion Diva on Campus
  • Best Sneeker of all time
  • Best Flirt on Campus
  • Forever Late-Latiff


2. Themed Annual Day Celebration Ideas

Annual Day Theme:

Who says you can’t have fun with themes at Corporate parties. Themes make any party ten times more interesting. For a theme corporate annual day celebration idea, you can choose themes like Masquerade, Monochrome, Comic-Con, Retro that are big hits. You can even think of a unique theme which everyone can enjoy.

corporate annual day celebration- themed party


After deciding on the theme, the next step in your annual day planning is the decor. You can also get help from your fellow colleagues to come up with good suggestions and annual day programme ideas to create that perfect party vibe.  

corporate annual day celebration- themed party

Game Ideas for the Annual Day Celebrations:

An indoor venue won’t have enough space for outdoor-ish games but you can plan for interesting smaller games packed with fun and team-bond.

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Office Trivia
  • Funny Quiz
  • Chinese Whisperer
  • Pictionary,etc.


Productive Activities:

For annual day programme ideas, you can conduct small workshops like cocktail-making, kite-making, origami-making, clay modelling, etc. This activity will let everyone learn something new and interesting.

corporate annual day celebration- themed party



Hire a Caterer as the event will go on for the entire day and no one would be expected to bring their dabbas from home. If you can’t think about the options which will suit everyone, go for the most popular and loved option – Biryani. It never disappoints! Apart from that, you can arrange for some chips and soft drinks to keep them fueled for the entire day.

caterers at corporate annual day celebration- themed party

Music and Dance:

Once you wind up all the activities, it would be the time for everyone to shake it up a little bit and groove to the beats. And so, your corporate annual day celebration ideas needs to include a DJ to make sure everyone is on the dance floor.

corporate annual day celebration- themed party


3. Holiday Ideas for the Annual Day Celebrations

Book a hotel for an annual day celebration for employees. There are multiple options mentioned below that you can use, just select any one and start your annual day planning.

Pool Party:

Book a Resort or hotel with a huge pool near which you can organize the buffet and music for your employees while they have fun in the water.

corporate annual day celebration- pool party


Cocktail Party

Book a Hotel with a huge bar area for the evening cocktail party. To make the corporate annual day programme celebration more engaging, get an Anchor for the show who can conduct fun games and activities while people enjoy drinking.

corporate annual day celebration- cocktail party


Boat Party

A corporate annual day celebration can be organized on a boat too! Depending on your employee headcount, hire a smaller or a bigger Boat for an exotic party experience. Arrange for some live entertainment like Koli dancers or a band. You can even play games like musical chairs, treasure hunt, etc.

corporate annual day celebration- boat party

Apart from this, you can add various events depending on the nature of your celebration. How do you celebrate your annual day at your office? Let us know.


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