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20 Latest Wedding Hairstyles for Men, You should definitely Check out!

By Purv Bhoj
Blog timeApr 20, 2021

A wedding is an occasion where you want to look as perfect as you can. Your look depends on a lot of things. From your wedding attire to the hairstyle, every small to big accessory plays an important role in lifting up your wedding look. Among these, hairstyles are the first thing anyone looks at when they look at you. For men, this becomes more important and hence we have listed the 20 latest wedding hairstyles for men that are worth checking out!

  1. Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Men

    There are a lot of people who still love the vintage dressing style. Due to this, they opt for vintage hairstyles, accessories and many other vintage things. The vintage wedding hairstyle is a long hair hairstyle. This is most suitable for people who have a broad face.

    Hairstyle for men Vintage

  2. Side Fade Wedding Hairstyles for men

    The fade hairstyle is the most trendy hairstyle on the list wherein the side hair of the groom are kept shorter than the front hair to give a perfect fade hairstyle look. If you are someone who loves to be in the trend then this is the one for you!

    Hairstyle for Men 2 Fade

  3.  Dapper Hairstyle for South Indian Wedding

    As much as your clothes at weddings are about traditions, the hairstyles and other grooming ideas are also about your culture and traditions. This hairstyle is all about that. It is a wedding hairstyle for a south Indian wedding.Hairstyle for Men 3

  4.   Pompadour Wedding Hairstyles for Men

    This is a popular hairstyle amongst the youth as many famous celebrities have tried this hairstyle. You can opt for this hairstyle in a wedding to flaunt a charming wedding look.

    Wedding Hairstyles for men Pompadour

  5. Side Swept Hairstyles for Men

    The side-swept hairstyle is another famous hairstyle amongst the youth which can be tried out by almost all age groups. It is a very simple hairstyle where you just sweep your hair sideways. Want a simple and decent hairstyle for a wedding, then this is the one for you!

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men 5

  6. Short Spike Hairstyle

    The short spike hairstyle for men can be tried out on a beard look. This kind of hairstyle is mostly suitable for suits but you can also try this on sherwani.

    Wedding hairstyles for men short spike

  7.  Long Side Swept

    The long side-swept is another type of side-swept hairstyle wherein the hair is kept long for a side-swept. This highly attractive and catchy hairstyle will surely give you a handsome look on the wedding day.

    Wedding Hairstyles for men Long side swept

  8. Combed Back Hairstyle for Men

    This is an age-old hairstyle but still relevant and popular amongst all age groups. This hairstyle has always been in the trend as it suits well to guys who possess an oval. The hairstyle is perfect for them to try out at a wedding.

    Wedding Hairstyles for men combed back

  9. Buzz Cut Hairstyle for men

    The buzz cut is the most trendy hairstyle adopted from western countries. The buzz cut is the most suitable for guys who have square-shaped faces. For a wedding, you can opt for this hairstyle along with a beard to suit perfectly.

    Wedding Hairstyles for men Buzz cut

  10. Crew cut Hairstyle

    The crew cut is slightly similar to the buzz cut. The only difference is that there are a few hairs on the front part of the head to let you set them the way you want to. It is a simple hairstyle that can be tried out in a wedding on all types of wedding attires.

    Wedding Hairstyles for men crew cut

    Celebrate Dream Wedding

  11.  Man Bun Hairstyle

    Gone are the days when only girls can have a hair bun. Now even boys opt for a hair bun. The hair bun hairstyle is quite famous as there are many people who possess a long hairstyle. This hairstyle idea will make you feel very comfortable at the wedding as you won’t have to worry about the hair falling on your forehead or disturbing you during the whole wedding enjoyment

    Wedding Hairstyles for men Man Bun

  12. Top Knot Wedding Hairstyles for Men

    The top knot hairstyle is one of the types of long hairstyle. This also has made a name to the trend through the western countries. It’s a perfect hairstyle to wear a classy look on the wedding day. The man with this hairstyle at the wedding will definitely stand out from others.

    Wedding Hairstyles for men Man Bun

  13. Fringe Up Hairstyle for Men in Wedding

    The fringe up hairstyle is a spikes type of hairstyle. This hairstyle is used when you haven’t cut your hair and you just want to set them so that you have a charming look. You are definitely going to shine out on the wedding day if you opt for this exciting hairstyle.

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men Fring eup

  14. Pushed Back Hairstyle

    The pushed back hairstyle is a famous hairstyle as many Bollywood celebrities wear this pushed back hairstyle look. This hairstyle is also used to set messy long hairs. This hairstyle will lift your look for the wedding.

    Wedding Hairstyles for men pushed bac

  15. Tousled hairstyle

    This is a hairstyle which will suit you for all types of occasions. The tousled hairstyle donned by Salman khan was highly loved by the audience and since then, the hairstyle has become popular amongst the youth.

    Wedding Hairstyles for Men tousled

  16. High Fade Wedding Hairstyles for Men

    The high fade hairstyle was recently donned by Hardik Pandya who is one of the most influential cricketers in the country. As much as Bollywood celebrities are influential in our countries, cricketers as well are equally influential and hence this hairstyle became popular.

    Wedding Hairstyles for men High fade

  17.  Long swept curly hairstyle

    This a hairstyle for all those guys who have curly hair. This is the most suitable hairstyle if you have a curly hairstyle. It will be suitable for all the party attires. The hairstyle can be tried out on all types of occasions.

    Wedding Hairstyles for Long Swept curlu

  18.  Slick Back Hairstyle

    This is a very stylish hairstyle to try at a wedding or any other occasion. The slick back hairstyle is mostly seen amongst the youth as this hairstyle will act as a perfect style statement at any event or outing,

     Wedding Hairstyles for Men Slick back

  19. Simple Curly Hairstyle

    If you have curly hairs and are worried about how to set them up then don’t worry as this simple curly hairstyle will suit you on every occasion and make it very handy for you.

    Wedding hairstyles for men Simple Curly look

  20. Undercut Wedding Hairstyle

The undercut hairstyle is a unique and simple hairstyle that will raise the bar for hairstyles in the wedding. Your wedding hairstyle plays an important role in deciding your wedding day look and hence it should just be perfect.

Wedding hairstyles for men Under cut

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