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18 Wedding Reception Entry Ideas that are Totally out of the Box

By Sulagna Chakraborty
Blog timeSep 7, 2021

From fun, animated bridal entry ideas, hair and make-up shots to loved-up couple portraits, we have always spoilt you for choices. This time is no different as we have come up with some great wedding reception entry ideas that are so radiant that you just won’t skip adding them to your list of treats. It’s the moment everyone is waiting for. The moment when the traditional ceremonies and rituals end and the real fun begins. As the bride and groom walk into the reception area hand-in-hand, it only makes sense to make it a spectacle that no one will forget.

Indian weddings are a lot about grandeur and flamboyance, so you must make sure to bookmark some grand and spectacular couple entry ideas for reception. It is your first entry as husband and wife and you surely need to make sure that you make an impactful one. We always discuss bridal entries and groom entries  but we often forget about the most special one that will always be memorable to you. Couples are literally being experimental with their entries and we are loving their unique and OTB ideas that have set a whole new trend for wedding reception entry ideas.

A reception party holds a very important place in a couple’s life. It is their first appearance as husband and wife. It is the time when you can show the world your couple style. Such an important occasion deserves a grand entry.

When it comes to a plush wedding, couples always wish to go that extra mile to give their wedding a touch of remembrance and make it an extraordinary affair. They are always on the lookout for ideas that can make everybody’s jaws drop. While some hop on to the wagon for solo entries, the millennial crowd always takes it a notch higher, making a shandaar couple entry that is Insta worthy.
If you  are struggling to find ways to make your wedding interesting, here are some wedding reception entry ideas that might help:

1. A flashy smoke bomb entry- wedding reception entry ideas

Colors breathe life into a painting, they make all things rosy and poetic.! All you have to do is get those smoke bombs out and flowing while you stride into the hallway! This striking entry will make it so picturesque that your guests leave with a whole heart.

smoke bomb for wedding reception entry ideas

2. Rickshaw ride

Rock them with this desi entry! Give your beautiful bride a ride in that beautifully decorated Rickshaw till that wedding stage! Chuck all those magnificent, over-the-top ideas and go rustic with this rocking rickshaw entry. We guarantee, if anything, this will be one of those things from your wedding that none of your
guests will forget in this lifetime!

rickshaw wedding reception entry ideas

3. Walk hand in hand

Nothing can look more glamorous than simplicity and honesty. Your partner embodies the meaning of home . So ditch all those fancy wedding reception entry ideas and choose to go all bare and real. Enter hand in hand with the love of your life and experience serenity with every step that you take together.

hand in hand wedding reception entry ideas

Wedding Choreographer

4.  Sparklers – wedding reception entry ideas

A union of love calls for a sky lit by fireworks. That is how sparkles can make this wedding reception entry idea eye catching . This is sure to make your celebrations ‘Lit’

sparklers for wedding reception entry ideas

5. A grand shikhara entry

Ever imagined you would be entering your wedding with your mister seated in a mesmerizing shikhara? The idea of the houseboats has been romanticized since Bollywood started showing off blooming romantic songs in their movies seated in a shikhara. A wedding reception entry ideas like these, on a boat is as dreamy as the blue waters of the ocean. This one won’t get your minds too soon.

shikara for wedding reception entry ideas

6. Phoolon Ki Chaadar

You can never go wrong with florals. While the bride is all dolled up and the groom sets out to look their best, we suggest giving your entry the same exquisite touch by opting for a gorgeous  Phoolon Ki Chaadar to walk under. Not just that, you can also opt for a beautiful umbrella decorated with some attractive floral decorations to walk under to amp up your couple entry game. These wedding reception entry ideas will make sure you steal the show.

7. Cinderella’s carriage

It’s your wedding day, and you are no less than a princess, then why not make a wedding entry that way in a Cinderella carriage. The idea of You and your husband-to-be sitting in the carriage while it’s being pulled will make you blush.

cinderella carriage for wedding reception entry ideas

8.  Making conversation- wedding reception entry ideas

Not all entries need overt the top drama and hype. This one is so easy on the eyes as the couple make light yet heart conversation as they walk into the celebrations. These two look so comfortable and that’s what you want in your partner!

candid conversation for wedding reception entry ideas

9. Bounce off a zorb ball!

It is all things new and fancy. If you’re looking to put your wedding photos on the map, this wedding reception entry is what you want.

zorb ball for wedding reception entry ideas

10. Friends holding up balloons- wedding reception entry ideas

What better than your own friends holding up balloons and walking you down? They’re the ones that never leave your side and they’re not going to start now.

friends walking down the couple- wedding reception entry ideas

11. Dance down the aisle!

Another cool way to spice your wedding reception entry ideas would be to dance all the way to your venue. Whether you’re a Bollywood fan or not you will definitely relate to some good old dancing.

dancing wedding reception entry ideas

12. Vintage avenue!

This is perfect for the couples who like the old school way. Drive to the reception party and take a vintage car entry idea. You can hire a classic Rolls Royce and surprise everyone by it’s charm and finesse.

vintage car wedding reception entry ideas

13. Videos are timeless!

If you want to stand apart from the crowd, shoot a video montage and tell all about your story , come out walking through those doors, then. This will surely make the. Fall for you forever.

wedding video for wedding reception entry ideas

14. Pawsome!

Pets are an important part of our families. They have been with us through thick and thin. How adorable would it be for them to walk with you to your reception party.

wedding reception entry ideas with pets

15. Walk to the venue in his arms- Wedding reception entry ideas

What better way than to be ushered in to your party in the safety of your husband’s arm. It is sure to make all your friends jealous.

wedding reception entry ideas in partner's arms

16. Rose Petal Shower

wedding reception entry ideas - rose petal

Walking down the aisle with a shower of rose petals is one of the most beautiful ways of making an entry. You may ask your friend or hire someone to make it work.

17. Drums

wedding reception entry ideas - drum entry

Celebrations galore wherever the drums goes. One of the craziest way to make your entry as you walk down the aisle.

18. Mobile torch

wedding reception entry ideas - mobile torch

Want to know about this unique entry idea? One of the quirkiest ways to grace your presence as you walk down the aisle. Ask your friends and family members to hold their torches from their mobiles upwards and see how everyone’s attention will be fixed on you.

If you are looking for fresh wedding reception entry ideas you know where to go. We hope with these your wedding will be wholesome and perfect!

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