15 Important Wedding Etiquette Rules The Complete Guide
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15 Important Wedding Etiquette Rules: The Complete Guide

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A wedding is an event that is filled with excitement and fun. However, despite all of the happiness and excitement, it is important to remember the wedding etiquette that has been set out. One must stick to proper wedding etiquette during the several ceremonies that take place during a wedding. For this reason, Bookeventz has provided you with a rundown of the essential wedding etiquette rules. These are all the rules of wedding etiquette, which one must always review and keep in mind before attending any wedding. Hence, make some wonderful memories and have a great time at the wedding while keeping these standards of etiquette in mind.

List Of Some Important Wedding Etiquette Rules:

1. Return Your RSVP On Time – Prime Wedding Etiquette Rules

This is the first rule of wedding etiquette that one should follow, and it is also the most significant guideline. According to this guideline, one is required to answer the invitation within the allotted amount of time. Responding to wedding invitations within the allotted time frame is an essential part of the social protocol surrounding weddings. Because the host is responsible for managing all of the activities taking place during the wedding, it is important to respond to the invitation in a timely manner. In order for them to be able to effectively handle everything and make appropriate plans.

Return Your RSVP On Time: Wedding Etiquette Rules

2. Honor Your RSVP

Keep your word on the RSVP. It indicates that you are required to follow through with the reply that you choose in response to the invitation that you get. If the answer is no, then it must be a clear rejection. One should not make an instant plan of attending a wedding after giving a response as No prior.  Since the couple getting married will need to rearrange everything and organize everything from the ground up only for you. Because the day is so significant for them, you should avoid making them feel obligated by making last-minute changes to your plans. One must remember these wedding etiquette rules.

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Honor Your RSVP : Wedding Etiquette Rules

3. Maintain The Proper Dress Code

Have you received a wedding invitation? And, if the dress code is specified in the invitation, then it is essential that you stick to it. Because breaking the dress code can give the couple the impression that they are being disrespected. Additionally, in order to avoid attracting unwarranted attention to oneself, it is crucial to find a middle ground between the two different tones. Dress appropriately for the wedding, taking into account both the theme of the event and the location where it will take place. For example, if the event is a beach wedding, guests should dress appropriately for the occasion and wear footwear that is suitable for their level of comfort. Just make sure that you stick to the dress code that has been provided to you by the couple.


Maintain The Proper Dress Code: Wedding Etiquette Rules

4. Limit Your Drinks

If you are someone who enjoys drinking, you should be aware of how much alcohol you can consume at the wedding. If you drink to excess, you will give other people the impression that you have no self-control. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol during the wedding can result in unwanted interruptions as well as make the other guests feel awkward. Because after a heavy drinking session, you are unable to know how you would behave. Therefore, it is best to keep your drinking to a minimum. Before attending a wedding, each guest should remember these wedding etiquette rules at all times.

Limit Your Drinks: Wedding Etiquette Rules

5. Maintain The Decency – Wedding Etiquette Rules

There is a lot of laughter and happiness to be had at a wedding. But it is important to remember to maintain the wedding’s decorum when you are having fun. It is necessary that you do not deviate from the instructions that were provided to you prior to the wedding. Also, make an effort to abstain from doing or bringing anything spare to the wedding haul. Simply show up wherever the ceremony is taking place and enjoy it in an appropriate manner.

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6. Don’t Complain About The Things – Important Wedding Etiquette Rules

It is inappropriate to complain about anything during a wedding you are attending. It is a day that is dedicated to the couple, not to you. You are obligated to be there since you are a guest, and you are expected to have fun and enjoy. Therefore, do not complain about anything, and refrain from basing your judgment on weddings. One thing you can do is show appreciation for the things that are being done at the wedding, it will make the happy couple feel even happier.

7. Respect The Seating Chart

The majority of weddings include a setting for the guests to sit in. The bride and groom have given each guest a designated location to sit throughout the wedding. Therefore, show that you respect their judgment by settling yourself on the given seats and avoiding confrontations with other people over available seats. These are the most important wedding etiquette rules one should definitely follow.

8. Don’t Take Pictures Of The Ceremony With Your Phone Until Asked

It’s possible that taking images of the couple during the ceremony will make the couple feel self-conscious and awkward. They have contracted with a professional photographer to take their photos. Therefore, you should refrain from using your phones to take images and instead give the photographer the opportunity to perform their job.

Don't Take Pictures Of The Ceremony With Your Phone Until Asked

9. Give An Appropriate Gift

Bring a gift for the happy couple whenever you go to a wedding you’re invited to. It is no longer necessary for the present to be the item that causes you to go over your financial limit. There are a variety of presents available to purchase that won’t break the bank. Or even if you come from a group that enjoys making their own gifts or having them personalized, you should go for it. All of the recipients adore the thoughtfully crafted items because of their one-of-a-kind quality.

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Give An Appropriate Gift :Wedding Etiquette Rules

10. Mute And Put Away Your Phone

At the wedding, you should make every effort to keep your phone hidden so as not to make the newlyweds feel disrespected. Your absence at the wedding may be the result of you attending calls or remaining busy with calls. Your importance to the couple will be demonstrated by anything you do at the wedding, including talking on the phone.

Mute And Put Away Your Phone : Wedding Etiquette Rules

11. Limit Special Request – Major Wedding Etiquette Rules

If you are planning to attend a wedding, you should make an effort to refrain from making any specific requests. Since it is a day dedicated to the couple, you should honor any specific demands that they have. You need to put a limit on all of the requests that are made at the wedding because it could make the couple feel rude. Until such time as you have compiled a list of songs for the pair or anything else that is pertinent to the couple, you may request that the host play music from the aforementioned list.

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12. Follow All Health Guidelines

As we are now in the year 2022, we are all aware of the virus name Corona, which has placed the entire planet in a precarious position. Therefore, if you plan on attending any wedding in 2022 or later, you should ensure that you adhere to all of the recommended health precautions. Attending a wedding requires you to wear a mask. Sanitize your hands frequently and wash them repeatedly throughout the process. If you are not feeling well, it is best not to attend a wedding because your illness could spread to other guests.

Follow All Health Guidelines: Wedding Etiquette Rules

13. Don’t Get Late – Be On Time

If you are going to be late for any of the ceremonies during the wedding, you should try to avoid doing so. Therefore, take some time away from the things that are keeping you so preoccupied and get yourself ready for the wedding so that you may pay a timely visit. This wedding etiquette is a must and should be followed by each and every one. This shows how much you care for them by making a visit on time.

14. Follow Social Media Rule – Main Wedding Etiquette Rules

This is one of the most fundamental yet critically significant wedding etiquette rules. At each and every wedding, there are specific rules and regulations that must be followed. As a guest at the wedding, one is expected to comply with the following etiquette. It is best to wait to be asked before posting any images of the wedding ceremony online. Additionally, the wedding ceremonies should not be streamed live on any social media platform. At certain weddings, guests are not permitted to broadcast or live stream any of the ceremony’s events on social media. So it is best to avoid such activities while attending a wedding.

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Follow Social Media Rule - Main Wedding Etiquette Rules

15. Don’t Steal The Spotlight

This is one of the most important rules of wedding etiquette. If you are going to be a guest at a wedding, you should avoid drawing attention to yourself by announcing anything else during the ceremony. It is their day, so give them the spotlight and wait to make your announcement until after they have had their moment in the spotlight. In the meantime, you are free to organize any other kind of celebration after the wedding. Let them have their moment; it is their turn.

Don't Steal The Spotlight


The purpose of weddings is to have a good time and make memories, but in a proper manner and without breaking the norms. Follow these wedding etiquette rules to participate in weddings and show your gratitude for being invited as a guest. Before attending any wedding, it is imperative that you keep in mind all of these important rules that we have outlined for you. Please let us know in the comments area if you think there is anything missed out from this list that should have been included. In addition, please let us know what topic you’d like us to cover in our upcoming articles.

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FAQ Related To Wedding Etiquette Rules

What behaviors should not be expected of guests at a wedding?

When planning to attend a wedding, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind, such as returning your RSVP on time, honoring the RSVP, not showing up late, not stealing the spotlight, and many other things. But the most important thing that wedding guests are not at all expected to do is get extremely drunk and engage in other activities that are not necessary at the time of the wedding. While drinking at the wedding, is the single worst thing that a guest can do. So just keep an eye on how much you’re drinking at the wedding.

Which colour should you absolutely avoid wearing to a wedding?

The primary colour that you should avoid wearing to a wedding is still white. Eighty percent of brides choose to wear white to their wedding, and it is important for a bride to stand out when she walks down the aisle. Even if it wasn’t the intention, a guest wearing white at a wedding can be interpreted as an attempt to steal the spotlight away from the bride, which is unacceptable behaviour.




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