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Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends to make their Eyes Tear up

By Sulagna Chakraborty
Blog timeOct 15, 2021
11 min read

When the wedding season is at its peak, then, you should start picking out gifts for your friends. It can get confusing, which is why we have an array of wedding gift ideas for friends. Are you wondering what gift will touch them the most? If yes, then, this is the one-stop shop. We have put together categories of the most amazing gifts for both bride and groom. You will find everything from basic utility items to gifts with sentimental value.

Before you decide what, it is important to ask, how much to spend on a wedding gift. We have that covered here too. You do not have to have a big pocket for this.

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Groom gifts would cost you up to Rs. 5000 and up to Rs 10,000 for personalized gifts. Whereas, a gift for a bride, would cost around Rs. 12,000. To help you decide on the budget, here are 3 important tips:

  • Follow tradition
  • Consider the destination
  • Think about how close you are to the couple

Without further ado, let’s look at the best wedding gift ideas for friends:


1. Perfume Kits as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Who does not like the scent? Then, a perfume set is also a great option for gifting a couple. If the brand and fragrance are of their choice, then, they will love it even more. For this, you can gift a couple of perfume sets to them. They are available in different fragrances, brands, and prices.

perfume set wedding gift ideas for friends

 2. Watches

couple’s watch is one of the best choices for a wedding gift. When compared to other monumental gifts, this one stands out!. Pick stonework for your girl and a customized men’s watch for her man! If you can’t decide choose from a range of square or oval or round dials. This will highlight your love for your friends.

watch set wedding gift ideas for friends

3. Wallets as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

For the happy couple with traditional taste, a leather wedding present is an ideal choice. Mostly, it is important to choose a truly classic design such as a men’s wallet and ladies’ purse. If you are thinking if they will like it or not, then, don’t. This is the perfect gift.

wallet set wedding gift ideas for friends

4. Cufflinks/Ties as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Look for something bold or something for a minimalist wedding feel. Also, keep your friend’s tastes in mind. From personalized and engraved to high-end brands, browse for that perfect match for their shirt. Surprise him by giving this amazing gift to the groom.

cufflinks tie set wedding gift ideas for friends


 1. Speakers as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

If you want your gift to be useful and trendy, then, a wireless speaker is a smart gift option. The couple can use it to listen to music, podcast, audiobooks, or put it into any other purpose. The couple will be happy to have received it.

speakers wedding gift ideas for friends

2. Headphones

If your friend is a music buff and has dreamt of owning a pair of high-quality headphones, the wedding is the right time to gift it. Then, mark it as a top choice when it comes to ideas for a wedding gift for a friend.

headphones wedding gift ideas for friends

3.  Google Home as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Google’s Google Home hub has a ton of easy-to-use features packed into a stylish exterior. Also, it comes with an accessible price point. Prompt it by saying “Ok Google” and then request it manages your calendar or to-do list, control your smart devices, or answer everyday questions. This is a perfect addition to your friends who want to have a smart home after the wedding.

google home wedding gift ideas for friends

4. Video Doorbell as Wedding Gift for Friend

At this point, safety should take precedence over any other consideration. There is a possibility that after getting married, your friend will move into a new home. You might consider giving them a video doorbell as a present for their protection. This particular doorbell has a function that displays an image of the individual who is standing on the opposite side of the door. In addition to this, it is a video doorbell that has the capability of being connected to a wifi network and can be controlled from any location in your home simply by using your mobile phone.

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Video Doorbell as Wedding Gift for Friend

5. Instant Camera as Wedding Gift for Friend

Is your friend one of those people who relishes the opportunity to store each and every memory in a diary? Then allow us to tell you that this instant camera is the best option for them to take into consideration. This is the kind of camera that, as soon as you press the shutter button, spits out a printed copy of the photograph. Therefore, regardless of where your friend goes, they will always have the opportunity to get an instant print of the images they take at that specific location only. Therefore, by giving your friend a present that is critically important for them, you can make them feel like they’d have the best friend in the world.

Instant Camera as Wedding Gift for Friend



 1. Bathrobes as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Help the happy couple fill their home with items that are not only functional and beautiful but personal as well. Customize embroidered wedding robes for them. Then, this is going to be the most romantic and memorable gift option. This can be given as a wedding favor too.

Bathrobe wedding gift ideas for friends

2. Wine Glasses

Toast to the happy couple with these elegant personalized stemless wine glasses! Simply select a color, and enter your name, date, or a special message. And, get customized glasses as wedding gift ideas for friends.

personalized photo wedding gift ideas for friends

3. Turn Their Favorite Photo Into a Canvas Painting

Transform your friends’ favorite memories into timeless works of art with a picture to canvas painting service. Imagine the joy on their faces as they receive a beautifully hand-painted rendition of their photo on canvas. This is a gift that will truly stand out. Show your friends how much you care by giving them a wedding gift to adorn their home with love and nostalgia for years.


4. Personalized Photo Frames as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Photos on the wedding day are essential and to be cherished for a lifetime, so make sure they’re kept in grace and protection with our personalized wedding photo frames. With a selection of crystal and glass wedding picture frames in various designs, something is fitting for any couple. Customization is essential to make the date memorable for the bride and groom. Then, find your pick today.

personalized photo wedding gift ideas for friends

5. Custom Pen Drive

Gift your friends a personalized pen drive with a sizzling collection of songs. You can also go for a playlist of your choice. Then, add in songs that have memories attached to them. And, you are good to go. Your friends can take them anywhere they go. These personalized USB pen drives are easy to carry, fast, secured, stylish, and handy, and that’s what makes them an excellent gift option.

custom pen drive wedding gift ideas for friends

6. Customized Wooden Alphabets

Are you looking for something that is not only stunning but will also stick out in your mind? If this is the case, then this showpiece would be an excellent present to give to a friend on the day of their wedding. These are the wooden alphabet showpiece that has initials of the couple’s name. You have the option to edit this wooden masterpiece with their complete name as an additional choice. Make your friend feel the most special by giving them this customized showpiece

Customized Wooden Alphabets 

7. Bed sheets as Wedding Gift Ideas for Ideas

Couples today are looking for a twist on the traditional wedding gift. Why not help them create an amazing experience every morning when they wake up and every evening when they go to bed. A nice set of sheets contributes to them getting a good night’s sleep 365 nights a year! So, your search is over, if you want to gift something different.

bedsheet wedding gift ideas for friends


 1. Rum Chocolate Boxes as Wedding Gift Ideas for Ideas

Rum & Whiskey filled bottle chocolate gift boxes are a special wedding gift. These are filled with premium Rum and Whiskey. The couple can experience the high from alcohol with the perfect compliment from the premium chocolate. With exquisite packing, the chocolates become more appealing.

rum chocolate box wedding gift ideas for friends

 2. Wine Bottle Set

There is no better way to give the gift of wine than in a wooden wine box. Even better, have the box engraved with their last initials for a sentimental touch. (Also see: know your wine)

wine bottle set wedding gift ideas for friends

 3. Whiskey Bottle Set

Send something that is not on the gift list at their wedding but will be cherished forever. Buy a bottle of Scotch or Premium Whiskey. This is perfect to celebrate their love.

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whiskey bottle set wedding gift ideas for friends


1. Makeup Kit as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

If you’re the bride’s BFF this festive season, then, a makeup kit will have her back, on her D-day. A glittering pouch containing four lips colors will do the trick. Also, it should have shades like nude, pink, red, and peach. Then, add an eyebrow pencil, liquid liner and Kajal, and four nail enamels, to complete the kit.

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makeup kit wedding gift ideas for friends

 2. Artificial Wedding Jewellery

Today imitation jewelry is a great option for weddings. These come with pocket-friendly prices and great designs. If you are looking for some stunning pieces to style up with your friend, then this is a great pick.

artificial jewelry wedding gift ideas for friends

3. Personalized Bracelet as Marriage Gift for Friend

There are a lot of accessories your friend will going to buy for her wedding. But giving them a bracelet which has their name printed on it can be a wonderful idea. This is the most beautiful bracelet we’ve ever seen with a pearl set into it. Your friend will undoubtedly end up becoming fascinated with a bracelet of this kind.

Personalized Bracelet as Marriage Gift for Friend


 1. Spa Vouchers as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

What’s better than getting a relaxing experience at home. After all the tiring wedding functions, give your friends a chance to rejuvenate. Then, gift them a special discount spa voucher. This may include a mani-pedi session or even a facial massage.

spa voucher wedding gift ideas for friends

 2. Romantic Dinner Voucher

Want to give something special to the foodie pal of yours? You know that they can’t connect with themselves if not for some lip-smacking delicacies. A dining gift card! Yes, that is your best bet. A gift is more memorable and cool if it is an experience. Also, these restaurant gift cards give the couple a chance to, finally, spend some private time. Give them this chance and they will love you even more!

dinner voucher wedding gift ideas for friends

 3. Shopping Voucher as Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Shopping vouchers are one of the most common gift vouchers available. Super easy to find, you can get vouchers in the denominations of Rs. 100, 250, 500, and so on. Everyone loves to shop, just because the wedding is now over, doesn’t mean the celebrations need to end. This is the perfect gift idea. And, both the bride and the groom are going to enjoy it.

shopping voucher wedding gift ideas for friends

4. Travel Voucher as Marriage Gift for Friend

Is your friend a travel enthusiast? Or do they have an unquenchable desire for new experiences? Then let us suggest the present that would be ideal for them. Therefore, these vouchers for travel could make them quite thrilled. The gift of a trip voucher is an excellent and thoughtful option. In addition, weddings tend to be very chaotic, which is why a vacation with plenty of downtimes is essential. You have the potential to become their primary love interest if you present them with these vouchers for free travel.

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Travel Voucher as Marriage Gift for Friend


1. Dinner Set as Best Wedding Gifts For Friends

Do you want to give a gift that gives the feel of royalty? Then you should choose a dining set like this one for the gift. The newlyweds are going to absolutely adore this dinner set, and for an excellent purpose. And currently having good dinner set are in vogue. This dining set will unquestionably be the main focal point when guests come over.

Dinner Set as Best Wedding Gifts For Friends

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant In Designer Turtle

Is your friend someone who enjoys looking for plants? If this is the case, you ought to present them with the lucky bamboo plant. This is the most delightful present among them all. This is the ideal present for the couple that is getting married. You can make this plant look even more beautiful by placing it in a turtle-shaped designer container. Even turtles are believed to bring their owners a good fortune. So, without any second thought just go for this one-of-a-kind gift.

Lucky Bamboo Plant In Designer Turtle

3. Scented Candles as Best Wedding Gifts For Friends

The giving of scented candles as presents can be a truly wonderful idea. There is a wide selection of aromatic candles to choose from. Therefore, choose appropriately, and if you are aware of the fragrance that your friend adores, select that one and nothing else. Your gift will be much more memorable if you select a fragrance that is already a favorite of the receiver. In addition, if you are unsure as to which aroma is best suited for a wedding couple, you should select a candle that has a perfume of lavender. It is ideal for the couple who has recently been married.

Scented Candles as Best Wedding Gifts For Friends

Items with Customized Photo

1. Photo Lamp as Marriage Gift for Friend

On the happy couple’s wedding day, you should give them a present that will live on in their memories for the rest of their lives. After all, it is undoubtedly going to be remembered as one of the most important days of their lives. There are quite a few lamps to choose from, but this one is undoubtedly the most creative. This is the lamp that has a picture of a couple printed on a transparent glass plate.  On it, you can even put the names of both of the couples as well as the date of the wedding. This lamp will most certainly be the central focus of the display.

Photo Lamp as Marriage Gift for Friend

2. Couple Statue as Best Wedding Gifts For Friends

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind present to give to a close friend on the special day of their wedding? Then this is the loveliest gift you can give to your friend as a wedding gift. Personalized presents are the stuff of dreams for every couple. Therefore, you should get them a one-of-a-kind present that is a pair statue. It’s a statue that was made to appear precisely like the couple. If you want to make the stand even more gorgeous, you may engrave a lovely quote on it.

Couple Statue as Best Wedding Gifts For Friends

3. Cushion with Couple Photo

Love is in the air, then why not show it off! Your gift of this cushion to your buddy, which features their photo printed on it, is sure to leave them speechless. This is the kindest and most thoughtful present that one could give to a friend. You can add two photographs to make it look even more incredible if you want to. Because this is the cushion, switching which side is facing up will result in a different picture being displayed.


Cushion with Couple Photo

These wedding gift ideas for friends are so adorable. If you want to surprise them, then these should do the trick. We hope that this list is diverse enough to help everyone. Mark your favorites.

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