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Groomsmen Gift Ideas that are Totally Trending this Year

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It is a common tradition to gift something to your best buds. Those who have never failed to be by your side deserve to feel special too. Finding groomsmen gift ideas might feel challenging if you lack experience. But, don’t worry we have good news for you hereGroomsmen gifts can be pretty much anything. There is a variety of options that will bring a smile to their face. And, you can be sure that they won’t pass it up to others, no matter what.

But, before we get to the actual list here are two important questions answered:

  • How much should you spend on Groomsmen Gift Ideas?

The answer is not confusing. It is important to set a budget between 2k and 15k. Do not forget that your boys will appreciate something with a deeper emotional meaning. Get thoughtful while picking the gifts. Then, spoil them with a lot of love. Before you head out, consider how much the groom’s people are spending just to be at your wedding.

  • Should all the Groomsmen receive the same gift?

It is likely that all your friends have different tastes. Consider the items that will be the most useful. For example; gift a keychain tracking device or a  digital wallet to the one who is always losing his keys. Looking for different groomsmen gift ideas might be a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Because, the smile you see on their faces seeing you marrying the love of your life, is invaluable.

Now, here are the categories for Groomsmen gift ideas, read on:

1. Popular Gifts/ Staples

Finding groomsmen gift ideas for the wedding party is a chore, so a lot of grooms turn to the same three gift options. If these staples are right for your guys, then, choose an elevated version of the classic.

Flasks as Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Make sure the container you give your groomsmen are resistant to wear and tear. It also comes with a tiny funnel to prevent the contents from spilling. These will not cost you more than Rs. 1300.

flasks groomsmen gift ideas

Pocket Knives

Most of us need a small, reliable, sharp blade for practical tasks. These include cutting into heavy packaging. Then, this pocket knife gives you both form and function. And you get a high-quality item for a minimal price.

pocket knives groomsmen gift ideas

Thermos Bottle as Groomsmen Gift Ideas

This multi-function take on the koozie keeps your drink cold. And, the glass attachment creates a heavy-duty travel tumbler for a cocktail.

koozies groomsmen gift ideas

2. Alcohol

This one is for all the connoisseurs. It contains an elaborate listing of bar tools, wine/ whiskey bottles, and a lot more. Take notes, grooms!

Bar Tools as Groomsmen Gift Ideas

  • Cocktail Book

This contains over 100 interesting recipes for making cocktails. Also, it contains a few tried and tested stories for your help. If your boys love to hold parties at home, then this one is for them.

cocktail book groomsmen gift ideas

  • Citrus Squeezer

If you want to add fresh lime juice to your chilled margarita, then this one makes your job easy. Finish your drink with a beautiful orange peel.

citrus squeezer groomsmen gift ideas

  • Wine Purifier and Filter

Every bottle of wine is packed with sulfites, a bitter preservative that can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. This filter removes sulfites. Then, it makes your drink taste way better and pure. (also see: bar décor ideas)

wine filter groomsmen gift ideas


Bottles as Groomsmen Gift Ideas

  • Bourbon

Get your buds a smooth-tasting bourbon bottle to enjoy over the holidays. Also, this one is in the higher price range but it is easily available.

  • Rye

This one tastes Sweeter than many others. But, it comes at a relatively low price. And, it is especially good in a cocktail.

bottle of rye groomsmen gift ideas

  • Scotch

Another award-winner, this is a super smooth scotch. And, has a very reasonable price point. Buy one from Johnnie Walker, then, it should last you a long time.

3. Gear/ Wearable’s for Groomsmen

The best groomsmen gifts ideas are items that are perfectly tailored to your friends’ lifestyles. Then, they’ll wonder how to ever function without them.

Denim Hat as Groomsmen Gift Ideas

This one is like the baseball cap they already own, but better. Just be sure to order the right sizes.

denim hat for groomsmen gift ideas


This one is for all the athletic groomsmen. They come in a variety of bright colors. However, this can be worn to a beach holiday or a destination wedding. ( also see: destination wedding location ideas)

bandana groomsmen gift ideas

Wayfarer Sunglasses Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Buy ones with trendy frames. Also, you can take inspiration from classic Hollywood movies. Allow your groomsmen to arrive in style.

wayfarer sunglasses groomsmen gift ideas

4. Music Items

Record Player and CDs as Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Choose from jazz, blues, and soul, rap and hip-hop, or the best of all genres. If music is your guys’ getaway, then this is ideal for them. They can bring it along on your boys’ trip or a long drive. This is an amazing wedding gift idea.


These come with in-built speakers or Bluetooth. Also, these are portable and easy to carry.

turntable groomsmen gift ideas


Monogrammed Leather Passport Wallet

Losing a passport is very troublesome. Save your friends from it. And, gift them a personalized passport wallet. Also, this is weather-resistant.

Monogrammed Leather Passport Wallet groomsmen gift ideas

Travel Pillow

This one folds up neatly. Then, you can carry it in your travel kit. And, it provides better support than the donut-shaped pillows.

Skincare Kit as Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Good for the groomsmen on the go. And, this comes with an SPF face moisturizer, to protect the skin from the heat. This is great as grooming products.

skincare kit groomsmen gift ideas

6. For Gamers

Play station Plus 1-year Membership as Groomsmen Gift Ideas

If you and your friends live in different cities and love video games, then, this is perfect. You get a chance to catch up on gossip. You can play all you want.

Xbox Live 1 year Membership

While Play station is the superior gaming console Xbox you should have fun with your buds from a distance, too.

xbox live 12 month membership groomsmen gift ideas

7. Tuxedos/Suits

Although these have become age-old, you can still gift them. If you want to buy on a budget, then, get them tailored to fit. These will have a personal touch with a special bow tie. And, it is important to come from you to your friends. You can also have your friends’ initials stitched to the suits.

tuxedos groomsmen gift ideas

We hope these unconventional groomsmen gift ideas will help you. Try them for yourself. Recommend them to others, if you like them. As always, bookmark your favs!

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