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Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup: a Myriad list of Options to go with any Look

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India is a country that is all about diversity – yes, the diversity is quite visible even in brides and their bridal eye makeup looks. So, I have often heard my Bengali friends being asked some inane (and illogical) questions about their soft glam Bengali bridal eye makeup. But I am sure, just like me, you’d agree that Bengali brides are the prettiest and their weddings, quite fancy.

I have often heard the phrase ‘beauty is in simplicity. And, that is especially true for a Bengali bride. So, she is the epitome of graceful and timeless beauty. And, unlike modern brides, they try to be as free from artifice as possible.

Of course, you must be wondering what is it that makes a Bengali bride look like the perfect combination of simplicity and exquisiteness without the typical loud makeup look, the lehenga, and even the Mehendi ( see here: trending mehndi designs). Then, the answer is simple. Then, rather than conforming with the ongoing bridal fashion trends, they go for the traditional look. Even if they try celebrity eye makeup, they know ways to retain the traditional kajal and bridal bindi look. Then, it not only enhances their beauty but also makes them a bride with a unique element.

So, if you are a bong beauty or someone looking to borrow a few secrets from the bridal beauty of a Bengali bride, then here are some Bengali bridal eye makeup ideas:

1. Light Yellow Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

If you want an eye makeup look that is neutral and not color-coded, then, taking the matte yellow route is the best idea. Firstly, apply silver-white eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes and top it with a golden shade that is light and not very jarring. Then, give your eyes a 3 dimension look. And, apply some light brown on the outer crease and corners of your eyes, giving it some depth. If you are okay with eyelashes, then, choose something that suits you. But remember that they can be very heavy and you have to endure them for many hours. So, opt for lighter lashes or simply go for 2-3 layers of mascara.

light yellow bengali bridal eye makeup

2. Champagne Pink Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

This look requires a few layers to give it that picture-perfect finish. Firstly, work on your eyebrows and then start with a warm shade of pink all over the eyelids. Then, take a deep rosy-champagne eyeshadow shade on your brush and apply it to the inner and outer sides of the lids. Next, apply a brighter pink in the middle to give it that 3-D look and top it off with some glitter. And, apply a thin or thick layer of eyeliner, depending upon your liking, and quote your lashes with mascara.

champagne pink bengali bridal eye makeup

3. Dusty-Golden Eye Makeup

A little similar to the light golden makeup, this eye makeup look has a more rustic antique golden touch to it. And, it goes well with light-hued bridal outfits.

dusty gold bengali bridal eye makeup

4. Green Eye Makeup

If you are opting for a bridal outfit that is unconventional and has shades that are very different from generic bridal outfit hues of red, pink, orange, peach, and golden, then do not hold back with the makeup either. If your lehenga or saree is green ( see here: designer wedding sarees), then give your lids the green hue. Then, add some depth to the lid with a deeper blue or green. Also, add a black shade and apply oodles of mascara. Or simply opt for fake eyelashes.

5. Classic Kohled Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

Bengali brides traditionally, either opt for a light golden eye makeup look or the classic smokey eyes that look amazing with their red attires. Then, they are known for their big eyes, smokey eyes with hints of deep brown look stunning on Bengali women. So, this is one look you can opt for if your bridal outfit is vermillion-hued.

kohled eye bengali bridal eye makeup

6. Magenta Smokey Eye Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

This makeup look is a favorite. Because it is smokey enough to look sultry but has a magenta-purple, rosy hue that sets it apart. Then, wear a wine-hued bridal outfit and ask your makeup artist to try this eye makeup on you.

magenta bengali bridal eye makeup

7. Cat-Eye Makeup

A partially over-dramatic look works subtlety just as well. Then, accompany it with eye-liner, light shadow, and mascaras. Then, they enhance the look of your eyes, helping them to look larger. Also, you can pair them with subtle lips with stand-out eyes. And, this is the best look for cocktails, bachelor and reception party for a bride.

cat eyeliner look bengali bridal eye makeup

8.  Golden Shadow Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

Gold looks incredible on darker skin tones and is sure the catch the light in every photo. So, for a gilded bronzed eye look, place the shimmer in the center of the lid above your pupil. Then, it accentuates your eye shape and color, blending a deeper bronze into the crease.

golden shadow bengali bridal eye makeup

9. Smokey Winged Liner Makeup

Turn up the look of a classic winged liner by adding a bit of drama with dark eyeshadow. And, in achieving this look, go for velvety browns on the lid. Then, it accentuates your eye shape. And finish it with a big, bold wing. If you love the smokey look, then, smudge out the eyeliner with a pencil brush and black eyeshadow. And clean up any fallen eyeshadow and the bottom of the actual wing with a pointed cotton bud soaked in makeup remover.

smokey winged liner bengali bridal eye makeup

10. Earth-Toned Smokey Eye Makeup

This is a gorgeous look for a sunset outdoor ceremony. And, a stunning smokey eye feels grounded and natural. Then, it uses neutral earth tones and keeps the smoke contained in the outer corner of the eyes. And, a nude pink lip completes this natural, flawless face.

earthy toned bengali bridal eye makeup

11. Colorful Eyeliner Makeup

Bengali or not, you are still a modern-day bride. Then, don’t stop yourself from taking an undiscovered path with your eye makeup. And, a little bit of colorful eye makeup can go a long way. Then, here, a glowy, sun-kissed look gets a major boost from berry pink eyeliner. SO pretty!

berry pink eye liner bengali bridal eye makeup

12. Bronze Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

Bridal shower or experimental wedding day makeup doesn’t get sultrier than this. And, gold-flecked bronze, brown, and gunmetal shadows make for shimmery smoky eyes that are total showstoppers. Then, just add nude pink lip color and you’re ready to wow.

bronze bengali bridal eye makeup

With this Bengali bridal eye makeup looks, we are sure, you have a lot of options on your plate. Do not stop yourself from trying out different things just because you are a bong beauty or aren’t. Go ahead and carry these looks like a diva!

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