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Bengali Bride Bindi Design for a Scintillating Wedding Look

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One of the main items in the Bengali bride’s trousseau is a benarasi sari. Then, along with it, you require to apply the traditional black Smokey eye look and Bengali bride bindi design. And, Bengali brides are distinguished from other Indian Brides by their intricate Chandan or Sandalwood paste designs on their foreheads. So, in order to look their best on the wedding day, even today, most brides will wear Chandan designs. 

Then, makeup artists, today resort to acrylic colors to help the designs stay longer. But, here are some Chandan designs that you can customize and try out on your wedding day.

Herein the bride wears a small red bindi decorated with intricate flower and leaf motifs in red and white. Then, the designs are only on the forehead for this design; although some also wear Chandan on the cheeks.

But, before that let us look at some tips for a perfect Bengali bride bindi design:

Tip 1: 

Always choose a design that would suit your face- go for a smaller and thinner design if you have a small forehead. If you have a large one, then, use a larger pattern and wear a larger ‘Tikli’ or maang tikka ( see here: best maang tikka hairstyles ) to help make the forehead seem smaller.

Tip 2:

 Choose acrylic colors. And, ask your makeup artist to either bring a new paintbrush or buy one for him/her just for hygiene purposes. Also, ask them for some demo of their work

Tip 3:

 Be aware that most designs will look different on different women. So, choose wisely

Tip 4:

 If you have doubts, then, use your own hands or ask a friend or relative to add red and white dots to your forehead which always looks classy.


The mixture of white and crimson represents peace with love and matrimony! So if you’re a Bengali bride searching for Chandan sketch inspiration, then, dive into this article already.


So, let’s find you some inspiration for Bengali bridal bindi designs :

1. Bengali Bride Bindi Design for the Minimalist Bride

 The bindi diagram is no longer over the top all the time! So, we cherished that Bengali brides today are taking the minimalistic route, instead.

minimalist bengali bride bindi design

2. Centre Red and White Bengali Bride Bindi Design

 If you’re choosing a Bridal Lehenga or a designer Saree, then, this choice is perfectly yours. But, if you are a Bong Bride, then ‘kalka’ is like a must-have bridal fashion accessory. Also, your makeup artist needs to incorporate that on your forehead. Then, the center-based design comprises a beautiful red bindi between the eyebrows and a beautiful range of detailings and artistry. And, it has tiny White beads, stylish pattern lines, and obviously a center circle.


center bengali bride bindi design

3. Bengali Bride Bindi Design with Diagonal Lines

The Wedding Makeup and hair are perfectly settled and organized for the wedding date. If you have chosen a Salon or a Makeup Artist, then, either of them would ask you about the choice of makeup. If your say, that you want minimalistic makeup and hair, then Diagonal lines are a sure pick.


bengali bride bindi design with diagonal  lines

4. Crescent Moon Design

 This particular idea for Kalka art and design is absolutely delectable and looks good on every Bengali Wedding Bride. The best part about this half-moon design is most moderately the eye makeup. And, with which the rest of the face stands out.


Crescent moon bengali bride bindi design

5. Blue Bengali Bride Bindi Design

The simplicity of the lines and the elaborate and curvy details around the brow is all that is happening in this particular picture. Then, the first and foremost detail about this design is that it is drawn with white. And a simple blue bindi is placed between the brows to finish the look.


blue bengali bride bindi design

6. Temple Shaped Bengali Bride Bindi Design

The reason behind calling this a temple design, is solely for the location and shape of the Kalka Design. Then, the makeup artist places the Bindi right on the forehead, below the crown area. Then, this design is drawn between the brows and is creatively embroidered like a rhombus-shaped rectangle. 


temple shaped bengali bride bindi design

7. Full Forehead Bindi Design

 This one contains intricate Kalka detailing and goes right down to the side of the eyebrows. Then, style the look with heavy gold temple jewelry. And, add Alta on your palms to make you look perfect.

full forehead bengali bride bindi design

8. Red and Golden Bengali Bride Bindi Design

 This has to be the best among them all. Then, this design blends itself within the bright colors of red and golden to give you a complete bridal look. And, style it with traditional Kundan jewelry to look effortless.

red and golden  bengali bride bindi design

9. Maroon Bindi Design

 The maroon, bright, or dark-colored bindi is the pride of any Bengali bride. And, the magic of it doubles with this exquisite mango patterned bindi design. And, this has been tried and tested to work beautifully on all face shapes. So, try it.


maroon bengali bride  bindi design

10. On the Cheeks Bengali Bride Bindi Design

 If you are a bride who has an eye for detailing, then, this might be your pick. Since this pattern is a little heavy-handed, you might want to go for a soft glam makeup look. Then, wear traditional pieces of jewelry that match the intricacy of the design. 


on the cheeks bengali bride bindi design

11. Lotus Bindi Design

 Adorn your forehead with this beautiful lotus flower. Then, it becomes a symbol of good omens, wealth, and prosperity. Finish the look with a  gorgeous gold bridal nath and choker neckpiece. Then, go for a low-slick bun with wedding gajras in it. And, with that, you will look breathtaking.


lotus bengali bride bindi design

12. Floral Pattern Bengali Bride Bindi Design

This design goes four ways from the center that is the main bindi. It narrows down to the side of the eyebrows. This is surely going to grab all the attention in the room. Then, do not forget to add all the bridal jewelry essentials. And, you are good to go.

floral pattern bengali bride  bindi design

One cannot beat a Bengali bride’s wedding look because of the traditional topor, aalta laden hands, especially the Bengali bride bindi design. Then, this is no less than artwork. This Chandan bindi is what sets a Bengali bride apart from all the other brides. So, we hope this listing might have helped. And, as usual, bookmark your favorites!

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