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Divine Kundan Bridal Jewellery Designs For the Most Glam Look!

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeOct 14, 2021
4 min read

Kundan jewelry is something every bride needs in her wedding trousseau. It is traditional, classy and very elegant. Here are all the different kinds of kundan bridal jewellery we accumulated for all the brides.

a. Kamarbandh Kundan Bridal Jewellery

b. Kundan Necklace and chokes

c. Kundan Bridal naths

d. Earring Kundan bridal jewellery

Check Out All the Divine Kundan Bridal Jewellery Designs For the Most Glam Look! 

1. Kundan Latkan Kamarbandh

Every bride loves to flaunt Kundan traditional jewellery. You can embrace the unique and exclusive style of layered strands of kamarbandh in Kundan work. Moreover, the multi-tiered or double standard chains encrusted with kundans will make sure you look like a diva for your wedding day. And, It will complement your exquisite outfit like none other.

kundan bridal jewellery

2. Light Kundan Mathapatti Design

Don’t want something fancy? Try this light Kundan mathapatti design. It is designed is stylish, breezy and traditional. Additionally, the chains have small pearls that look lovely. This lightweight Mathapatti is a delight for all brides looking for something minimalistic. Additionally, the unique style chain and the pearl bindi tassel design make the design more exquisite.kundan bridal jewellery

3. Kundan Choker Necklace

The classic kundan choker set in gold is something that brides can choose for their wedding day. Also, this traditional jewellery piece is right for any kind of bridal look. Furthermore, the amazing choker not only looks traditional but is sure to make heads turn at your wedding.  Furthermore, the amazing choker not only looks traditional but is sure to make heads turn at your wedding.

kundan bridal jewellery

4. Kundan Bridal Bangles

Kundan jewelry and Churas have been a family tradition in many Indian households. These Kundan red churas portray sophistication and grace. the Kundan kadas can be added to a set of bangles of any color and look royal. It has the ancient world allure and is minimalistic.

kundan bridal jewellery

5. Polki and Kundan Bridal Necklace Designs:

Another traditional type of bridal jewelry is the combination of Polki and Kundan Necklace. So, Polki is essentially an uncut diamond. So, making it expensive. The defining features of Kundan jewelry are its precious and semi-precious polished gemstones. And they are set in layers upon layers of patterns. So, wearing this magnificent piece of the necklace will definitely make you feel like a million bucks.

kundan bridal jewellery

6. Large Kundan Stones Necklace

This elegant choker necklace design with Kundan work is really amazing. The tear-drop-shaped latkan and dangling complete the stunning look. There is nothing more regal than an Indian bride dressed in authentic royal and grand jewelry. This traditional choker necklace with kundan and pearls will be another great addition to your wedding ensemble. . It will look absolutely glorious with a shimmering lehenga.kundan bridal jewellery

7. Kundan Bridal Nath Designs

Kundan is the go-to jewelry work for every bride. This scintillating bridal nose ring has the right amount of shimmer and grace. Furthermore, this goes really well with all Indian traditional wedding ensembles. If you are going for a heavy bridal look this might be the one.

kundan bridal jewellery

8. Kundan Bridal Earrings Designs

Tracing its roots to Mughal and Rajput royalty, the ‘chandbali’ is a bejewelled interpretation of the crescent moon. The earrings are crafted in many variations by jewellers and designers, incorporating enamelling, kundan-jadau and unusual gemstones.
kundan bridal jewellery

9. Kundan Bridal Necklace 

Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry. And it involves a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount. So, it remains an integral part of the traditional bridal wedding trousseau. And create a buzz at your wedding by wearing this delicate yet gorgeous Kundan jewelry!

kundan bridal jewellery

10. Kundan and Gunghroo Nath

Kundan work is very popular among brides. If you are looking for something that is popular yet uncommon. this bridal nose ring has both Kundan and Ghunghroo work.kundan bridal jewellery

11. Golden, Kundan, and Red Bangle Set

This chura set adorned with red and golden bangles is perfect for all weddings. The pacheli bangles add glimmer to the attire. Furthermore, after the wedding too, they would look stunning. the kadas and golden bangles are a suitable amalgamation of culture and modernity.

kundan bridal jewellery

12. Large Kundan Stones

This large Kundan stone mathapatti is really pleasing. Also, Brides going for a full Kundan jewellery set should definitely go for it. And, the flower design with kundan adds a modern look to the jewellery.  Every bride looking for contemporary mathapatti designs should check this out. Moreover, the bindi tassel design serves a dual purposekundan bridal jewellery Follow us on our insta handle for more updates.

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