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Best Affordable Diwali Gift Ideas!

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The festival of lights, Diwali is indeed everyone’s favourite! And why would it not be? From beautiful diyas and rangoli decorations, wearing new traditional outfits, playing games, seeking blessings from goddess Lakshmi, watching the fireworks, making delicious sweets and snacks to the exchange of gifts, Diwali has it all! Did you know that the tradition of giving gifts on Diwali is not only a mere gesture but is known to strengthen the bond of the two individuals between whom the gifts are exchanged? It is also known to improve companionship and fellowship among family members, friends, colleagues etc. Have you decided on what gifts you should gift this coming Diwali? If no, then scroll ahead because we have brought you a list of best Diwali gift ideas, so check them out!

Here are some best and affordable Diwali gift ideas:

1. Chocolate/Mithai Hamper for Diwali Gift Ideas:

Chocolate/Mithai Hamper for Diwali Gift Ideas
Chocolate/Mithai Hamper

Sweets such as mithai or chocolates mark the occasion of Diwali very well as Diwali is all about receiving as well as spreading happiness! Mithai and chocolates come in various different forms and what could be better than gifting your loved ones a hamper full of different types of chocolates or mithais. They are delicious and will surely bring a smile on the face of the person you will gift this hamper. You can either create a hamper yourself at home and customise it accordingly or buy it readymade from shops!

2. Ganesh Statue for Diwali Gift Ideas:

Ganesh Statue for Diwali Gift Ideas
Ganesh Statue

As Lord Ganesh is known to remove all obstacles from one’s life and paves the way to move forward in life, it makes a perfect gift for someone as they will think of you as a well-wisher! This statue is an epitome of positivity and gifting it to someone will mean you want them to have just positivity in their life! This statue comes in all different shape, size and well as material. Depending upon on your budget you could pick a statue made of silver, copper, clay or plastic.

3. Handmade Candles for Diwali Gift Ideas:

Handmade Candles for Diwali Gift Ideas
Handmade Candles

Candles symbolises bringing light in the darkness of life of an individual! Hence, it makes one of the best gifts to gift someone on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. This gift will convey all the good intentions you have for the person you are gifting it to. You can either make candles at home and personalise it accordingly or get it from the market. There are various types of candles you could choose from, such as scented or aromatic candles, votive candles, pillar candles and decorative candles.

4. Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards for Diwali Gift Ideas:

Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards for Diwali Gift Ideas:
Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards

If you’re having trouble deciding what gifts to choose from then gift vouchers/gift cards are here as your saviour! If the person you are gifting vouchers to loves shopping then you can gift them a shopping or any brand voucher, if they like watching movies then movie gift card would be perfect! Other types of gift vouchers are gaming vouchers, travel vouchers etc. Find out what kind of gift voucher would be ideal for the person you are gifting, and see the smile on their faces after receiving it!

5. Perfumes and Body Sprays for Diwali Gift Ideas:


Perfumes and Body Sprays for Diwali Gift Ideas
Perfumes and Body Sprays

Perfumes are one of the best gifts ever because there is a wide range to choose from and you can easily find one in your budget! You can select from various brands, packaging, and scents and gift the one which you think best suits the receiver’s personality. It is usually a personal gift which is gifted to people you are close with and know them well like family members, spouses, and friends!

6. Wrist Watches for Diwali Gift Ideas:


Wrist Watches for Diwali Gift Ideas
Wrist Watches

Since watches are something which is very useful and most people prefer wearing it, it makes watches a great gift! Also watches last a long time and are very durable. It is probably the only gift which can be used on a daily basis! These also come in various different brands, shapes, sizes, colours, designs and you can easily fit one in your budget! So, choose from the wide range of watches and gift your family member, friend or colleague a beautiful and stylish watch this Diwali which we are sure they’ll love!

7. Good Luck Desk Plants for Diwali Gift Ideas:

Good Luck Desk Plants for Diwali Gift Ideas
Good Luck Desk Plants

Good luck plants also make a great gift specially for your colleagues as it symbolises good luck and prosperity for the person you are gifting it to! The lucky bamboo plant, which is one of the good luck plants is known to attract luck and peace and bring wealth and fame. Other good luck plant includes money plant which is known to bring in money and Jade plant is known to attract wealth and success!

8. Calendar, Photo frames, Mugs, Pen for Diwali Gift Ideas:

Calendar, Photo frames, Mugs, Pen for Diwali Gift Ideas
Calendar, Photo frames, Mugs, Pen

These items make another great gift for your office colleagues! You can even personalise the items which will add more value to them along with a personal touch! These gifts will be very useful for your colleagues as they can use them at home or office on a daily basis! These gifts will easily come under your budget and your colleagues will love it!

These were all the best and affordable Diwali gifts to gift your family, friends and colleagues. We hope this list of Diwali gift ideas was helpful to you!

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