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20 Trending Multicolored Bridal Flower Bun to Make Your D-Day Perfect!

By Vrinda Lashkary
Blog timeJun 17, 2022
7 min read

Perfect outfit, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle are what exactly the bride expects on her wedding day which she has been planning for a long time. On their wedding day, brides want everything to be perfect because they can’t afford to overlook anything that might detract from their overall look, whether it’s a dress, jewelry, or even a hair bun. Choosing a trendy and elegant bridal flower bun for any hairstyle is as important as choosing an outfit for the wedding. Here is the list of trending bridal flower bun that every bride-to-be definitely checks out.

Different Types Of Bridal Flower Bun For Different Style Hair Bun

1. Scattered Rose Bun For Bride –

This creative bridal bun hairstyle with scattered roses will undoubtedly stand out when you want to keep things simple. This will offer you a truly lovely appearance on your wedding day. These yellow roses give a more adorable look to the bride’s hair.

Scattered Bridal Flower Bun For Basic Style Hair Bun

2. Floral Bun for Messy Bun –

Looking for the perfect hair flowers to complement your messy bun? Here’s the solution: For a lovely touch to your wedding look, choose these pretty baby pink flowers. You can add some beautiful pearls to your hairstyle to make it more interesting.

Floral Bun for Messy Bun

3. Diagonally Placed Flower Bun –

It’s challenging to choose a flower bun for a side twisted hairstyle. The floral bun is positioned diagonally, starting from the side front section of your head and ending at the back of your head. This is a somewhat unique hair bun design that looks fantastic on the bride.

Diagonally Placed Bridal Flower Bun

4. Semi Floral Bun For Bride –

If you have short hair and made a small bun for your wedding then you should go for semi floral bun which is designed with baby’s breath pretty flowers. These flowers will go well with every color outfit of your wedding.

Semi Floral Bun For Bride

5. One-sided Flower Bun –

This unique bridal bun hairstyle is looking just amazing to enhance the look add a few roses to the one part of your head. It has the appearance of being both elegant and refined. The hue of the flowers can be customized to compliment your wedding lehenga.

One Sided Bridal Flower Bun

6. Bridal Bun With Gajra –

At weddings, gajras are a popular sight, and the majority of the women wear them. This gajra will add a more traditional feel to your wedding. Your wedding ensemble will be incomplete without gajra. For a heavy head impression, style your gajra exactly as shown in the image below.

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Bridal Bun With Gajra

7. Bridal Bun With Rose –

The most important thing that every bride wishes for on her wedding day is a flawless hairstyle. As a result, this wedding bun with rose is ideal for the bride who enjoys being the center of attention. Every bride can slay at her wedding with this bun adorned with red roses.

Bridal Bun With Rose

8. Lovely Pink Floral Bun –

We can’t take our gaze away from this stunning bridal hairstyle with such lovely pink flowers wrapped around her hair bun. If you are planning to wear a floral print lehenga to your wedding then this pink flower floral bun is a perfect match for you.

Lovely Pink Floral Bun

9. Velveteen Floral Bun For Bride –

Wrapping a flower braid around your hair is probably the simplest yet one of the loveliest ways to look amazing on your wedding day. You’ve probably seen a lot of brides with various styles of floral buns, but this velveteen floral bun is relatively new for brides. Choosing this velveteen floral bun is the best move you can make to complete your wedding look.

Velveteen Floral Bun For Bride

10. Anushka Sharma Styled Bun –

This Bridal flower bun is for those brides who still can’t get over Anushka’s wedding look. This is the most beautiful hairstyle, with lovely roses adding to her incredible appearance.

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Anushka Sharma Styled Bun

11. Yellow Flower Hair Bun –

To give a bride an elegant look, arrange some yellow flowers in a layer style and include some baby’s breath in the braid that is styled over the top of her head. One can adorn this hair bun in other wedding functions like Mehndi or Haldi ceremony.

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Yellow Flower Hair Bun

12. Bridal Mogra Gajra –

An elegant bun adorned with entrancing mogra strings completes the bride’s look. This is yet another glamorous look that is appropriate for a special occasion.

A Mogra Covered Bun

13. Mix Floral Bun For Bride –

If you wear this multi-color floral bun to any of your functions, you will undoubtedly stand out in a crowd. With her delicate and glamorous bridal hairstyle, this bride won our hearts. This combination of both the color flowers gives the bride an entirely minimalistic and gorgeous look!

Mix Floral Bun For Bride

14. Bridal Bun Covered With Petals –

If you’re looking for something light and lovely, you’ve come to the right place. Arrange some petals over the hair bun and wrap a mogra gajra around your hair to give the bride a beautiful look. Add some baby’s breath flower over the rose petals for a more stunning appearance.

Bridal Bun Covered With Petals

15. Colorful Bridal Flower Bun –

A lovely combination of white, yellow, and pink flowers for a stunning look! This colorful combination of hairdo and the way roses are placed is actually what makes her look more classy and elegant at the same time. To steal the show at your reception choose this colorful floral bun without any doubt.

Colorful Bridal Flower Bun

16. Baby’s breath Floral Bun –

Looking for one of the best flower buns for bridal hair? Here’s what bookeventz found for you! This lovely baby’s breath flower is currently trending on the second list of bridal floral buns. Every bride is obsessed with this look. This type of flower bun gives a bride an opulent appearance.

Baby's breath Floral Bun

17. Pastel Color Flower Bun For Bride –

Pastel colors have taken over everything these days. Whether it’s a dress, jewelry, accessories, or simply a wedding theme only pastel colors are required. Then why not include it in your wedding reception hair bun? This pastel-colored flower bun is very trendy and gives the bride a more elegant look on her wedding day. Bookeventz highly recommends this pastel color hair bun to all the beautiful brides-to-be.

Pastel Color Flower Bun For Bride

18. Floral Bun With Hair Accessories  –

Going just with flowers attached to your hair bun? No. Including some hair accessories to enhance the look for your main day reception is a fantastic idea that you should pursue without hesitation. This floral bun with additional accessories completes her adorable look and she is all set to rock at her reception.

Floral Bun With Hair Accessories

19. Tiara Style Floral Bun –

This bride tried something new, and it turned out beautifully! This is the most unique flower bun in a tiara style for brides, and it gives a bride the look of a princess. This tiara-style floral bun will go perfectly with your wedding function gowns, and you can style this hairstyle at your main reception or other wedding functions.

Tiara Style Bridal Flower Bun

20. Heavily Covered Flower Bun –

This one hairstyle with red roses around is a sure-shot show-stopper! The bride has a real royal look with this floral bun. It’s also the greatest choice for brides who want to wear a dupatta over their heads. This flower bun can be worn with any hairdo and will look great.

Heavily Covered Flower Bun

So, here are the various styles of Bridal Flower Bun, covered by bookeventz. These are the flower buns that can go with any of your hairstyles. Choose one style for your wedding and become a show stopper. If you have any additional flower bun suggestions, please leave them in the comments section so that we can include them in our next blog.

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FAQ Related To Bridal Flower Bun

How long does it take for a flower crown to fizzle?

If you take proper care of your floral crown, it should last anywhere from one to five days on average, depending on the flowers that you select.

How to choose the hair accessories for the wedding?

Your unique sense of style will almost always be a major determining factor. One needs to consider how well your hair and clothes match one another.  Before making a choice, you should give some thought to the various possibilities available to you.  The innate vitality of fresh flowers may be seen. The use of hair vines is a popular option for achieving a boho look.  Tiaras provide you with traditional elegance.

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