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Bridal Hairstyle for Saree for Wedding Reception

By Taqdees Javed
Blog timeOct 26, 2020

Bridal Hairstyle for Saree

Bridal hairstyle is the most important part of the wedding outfit. bridal hairstyle can either enhance or spoil the look altogether. bridal hairstyles can be tricky when it comes to hairstyle on saree for the wedding. These days sarees are surpassing lehengas in popularity and fashion. styling sarees can still be a complication job for the bride. To take the load off your shoulders and to calm down all the bridezillas out there, we have the best bridal hairstyles for saree. Check out these bridal hairstyles for more.

Floral Bridal Hairstyle

Flowers on hair is a must-have this day. Elaborate flower bun on a saree can never go wrong. It’s traditional, elegant, and timeless. This style is versatile because you can play with different flowers and colors. This a perfect reception hairstyle for saree. If you are that bride who wants to play safe but still looks fabulous, this hairstyle on saree for marriage is for you.

Image credit: ZoWed
Image credit: Pinterest

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Crown/Braided Bun

Every bride is different and so is their style. If you are not a typical bride and are looking to try something offbeat yet traditional, this is the hairstyle for you. This braided bun hairstyle has the elegance and trend at the same time. You can always experiment with accessories and that is what makes it more fun.

Image credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Rishab Agarwal

Sleek Low Bun Bridal Hairstyle

A sleek low bun is on top of the reception hairstyle for saree list. All actresses in their weddings have chosen a sleep low bun bridal hairstyle. You can, without a second thought go for this hairstyle if you are wearing a subtle classy saree. Add white flowers around you bun and you are all set for your big day.

Image credit: HairstyleCamp
bridal hairstyle bun with red and white flowers
Image credit: Pinterest

Young Ponytail

A bridal saree doesn’t have to be a gold border banarasi. Young brides like to experiment and love wearing modern designs. With young designs come young bridal hairstyle for saree. A high ponytail with a a modern saree is something that only a 21st century bride can carry.

Image credit: Behairs
Image credit: LoveHairstyles

Low Style Ponytail Reception Hairstyle for Saree

Dressing up as a bride is nothing less than perfection. Perfect outfit, perfect jewelery, perfect body, and most importantly perfect hair. What better way to flaunt your perfect hair than a loose wavy ponytail. Low ponytails look outstanding with bright sarees. If your bridal saree is bright and young then this bridal hairstyle is for you.

Image credit: ShaadiSaga

Braid Hairstyle on Saree for Wedding

If there is anything more elegant after a sleep bun, it is a typical braid. Long embellished braids with flowers are jewelry is a perfect way to start you new life. You can never go wrong with braids specially if you have a gajra. Braid is a perfect bridal hairstyle for saree if your saree is a gold border silk saree or even a kanjivaram!

Image credit: Dulhaniya
Image credit: SouthAsianBrideMagazine

French Braid

Wedding does not mean just one reception, it includes mehendi, sangeet, reception, cocktail party, after party and so on. French braid is perfect for a cocktail wedding party or even a modern reception. It goes perfectly with metallic tones of saree and sheer sarees. French braid hairstyle on saree for wedding is a must try for one of your functions atleast.

Image credit: MakeupbyVejetha

Wavy Open Hair

Brides there days don’t just sit on the stage, they are out there on their own wedding. This wavy open hair will suit carefree brides the best. This hairstyle is comfortable and effortlessly the best. You can stand out as a bride by going extra with hair accessories.

wavy open hair with flowers image

image credit: Pinterest

bridal hairstyle is just one part of the bridal outfit, here are a few other things you need to read to look absolutely perfect on your big day

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