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35+ Trendy Bridal Hairstyles for 2024 Brides

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeFeb 26, 2024

Enhance your bridal beauty with 35+ stunning Bridal Hairstyles. From intricate updos to flowing curls, find the perfect style for your special day.

Your wedding is one of the most auspicious and significant occasions in your life. We know that you might have not left any stone unturned in your preparations. Be it outfit, makeup, jewelry, etc, we know that you might have got everything readied. But what about your hairstyle, the only thing that has the potential to elevate your beauty tenfold? To loosen your burden, we have curated the best bridal hairstyles for you, ranging from subtle ones like open curls, simple buns, etc to stylish ones like bubbly braids, French braids, etc.

In this Blog, we’ll cover the following types of Bridal Hairstyles:

Braid Hairstyles

Bun Hairstyles

Open Hairstyles

Short Haired Hairstyles

Ponytail Hairstyle

Blazing Braids

Floral Braid Dipped in White

white floral braid - bridal hairstyles

Nothing looks as lovely as this subtle braid with white florals. You can wear this hairstyle in your pre-wedding functions like Haldi, Mehendi, etc. If you need more ideas on lehenga hairstyles then check out this blog.

Embellished Braid

embellished braid - bridal hairstyles

A braid hairstyle that is currently trending is this embellished braid, exuding its elegance everywhere. You can accessorize your hair in a lot of ways, check out these bridal hair accessories for more inspiration.

Gota Patti Braid

gota patti braid - bridal hairstyles

An interesting braid that is soothing to look at is this one. The baby breaths and the two tiny side braids make this hairstyle interesting.

French and Fishtail

french and fishtail - bridal hairstyles

If you are looking for a minimalist hairstyle then this French and Fishtail amalgamated hairstyle is something you must consider. If you want to explore french braid hairstyles then this blog is just for you.

Pearly Braid

pearl braid - bridal hairstyles

This is another braid hairstyle that you would regret not considering. A subtle floral braid that has pearls hanging at the end of it.

Curls with a Twist

dutch braid and curls - bridal hairstyles

Curl up your hair and have some brilliant Dutch braids to style your hair. This will give a never-seen-before look to your hair.

Voluminous Braid with Rosy extensions

braid with rose extensions - bridal hairstyles

Give your subtle voluminous braid a twist by adding rose-shaped extensions in between the braid. You can also add some small florals to elevate the look further. Keep up with the ongoing trends with these wedding hair trends.

Side Braid with Hair Accessories

side braid with hair extensions - bridal hairstyles

Let us introduce you to this wonderful side braid hairstyle that has gorgeous hair accessories to accentuate it. The contrast between the voluminous braid and the tiny accessories is mind-boggling. Get more inspiration for such hairstyles in these long side braid hairstyles ideas.

Thick Braid and Mini Butterflies

thick braid and mini butterflies - bridal hairstyles

This eye-catching braid hairstyle will make you look just like a mermaid. The thick braid hairstyle is accessorized with mini butterflies, making it one of a kind.

Crown Braid with Cascading Curls

crown braid and cascading curls - bridal hairstyles

Another eye-popping hairstyle is this sleek crown braid with cascading curls tumbling down like a person skiing down the mountain. 

One-sided Fishtail Braided Bun Hairstyle

one sided fishtail and bun - bridal hairstyles

This one is a combination of a fishtail braid and a bun that will leave the guests spellbound. The cutesy floral adornments add to the elegance of this hairstyle.

Bougainville Braid Hairstyle

bougainville braid - bridal hairstyles

We have seen a lot of braids but this one goes right out of the park. This Bougainville braid looks like it came right out of a garden, making the overall look stand out. Trust us and consider this hairstyle for your wedding, you won’t regret it.

A Braid Filled with Baby’s Breath

braid filled with baby breaths - bridal hairstyles

Baby’s breath is currently trending and the brides are going nuts about it. You can consider adorning your sophisticated braid with these cutesy baby breaths and make your hairstyle an ethereal beauty.

Long Braid Bathed in Gajra

long braid gajra - bridal hairstyles

If you are looking for a traditional one for your bridal hairstyles then this one is perfect for you. This long braid is overfilled with gajra and has a bun at the start. The floral adornments near the bun instantly catch the eyes.

Beau Buns

White Floral Bun

white floral bun - bridal hairstyles

The time has come to show your true elegance with this gorgeous white floral bun at your wedding. Wear a bridal lehenga or a saree with this white floral bun. If you need more ideas on hairstyles for saree then check out this blog.

Offbeat Floral Bun

off beat floral bun - bridal hairstyles

A unique floral bun that will mesmerize you to the core is this one. Keep a low bun at the back and a small puff at the front, and then arrange some unique flowers at the top of the bun. If your adore floral buns then check out these multicolored bridal flower bun ideas.

Low Bun Half Way Covered with Flowers

low bun covered halfway with flowers - bridal hairstyles

Another unique style of doing your bun is by covering halfway with flowers. 

Swirly Bun

swirly buns - bridal hairstyles

If you are looking for a unique bun styling then you have come to the right place. This bun is filled with swirls and it exudes elegance like no other. Love creativity in your hairstyle? These are some creative bridal bun hairstyles just for you.

Bun with One-sided Braid

bun with one sided braid - bridal hairstyles

If you prefer simplicity and want a sophisticated look then we have got you covered with this elegant bun that has a one-sided braid. The floral adornments around the bun make it interesting.

Pearly Bun

pearly bun - bridal hairstyles

Transform your regular bun into a shiny and elegant one by covering it with strings of pearls. This adornment looks simple yet eye-catching.

Simple Round Bun with Gajra

round bun with gajra

If you don’t want anything fancy and want to adhere to simplicity then here comes a simple round bun with gajra adornment for you.

Puff Buns and Roses

puffed bun with pink roses

Another worth-trying hairstyle is this puffed bun adorned with pink roses. The roses’ adornment elevates and results in one of the best bridal hairstyles we might have ever seen.

Floral Bun with Matha Patti

floral bun with matha patti - bridal hairstyles

This gorgeous floral bun adorned with matha patti is one of the best bridal hairstyles you will ever come across. 

Set Them Free

Sispatti Look

sispatti look - bridal hairstyles

Nothing beats this open hair that exudes a Sispatti look, best for pre-wedding functions like sangeet, haldi, and others.

Open Hair with a Small Twist

open hair with tiny rose bun

If you like both open hair and bun then this hairstyle is an amalgamation that brings the best of both worlds. This hairstyle has long open hair complemented by a tiny rose bun, guaranteed to elevate your beauty by tenfolds.

Side Braids and Tiny Embellishments

side braid with tiny embellishments - bridal hairstyles

If you desire an elegant hairstyle then this one is something you should consider. This hairstyle has side braids and long open soft curls with vibrant tiny pins that work as an eye-catcher.

Open Hairs with Floral Tiara

open hairs with floral tiara

Are you a mad lover of floral tiaras? If yes, then you will be eager to get this hairstyle done for your wedding. This pretty open hairstyle with a floral tiara is perfect for making you look like a queen.

Butterflies and Pearls

open hairs with butterflies and pearls

Open Hairstyle looks subtle but can be boring sometimes hence these butterflies and pearls will make it joyful and loving.

Half-tied Hairstyle

half tied open hairstyle

An open hairstyle with a twist is something every bride craves for. But to add more glam to it, you can consider tying it halfway with two small braids joined together.

For the Short-Haired Brides

Keep Them Open

open short hairstyle

If you have short hair then you can consider setting them free and adorn this look with a pearly hairband.

Textured Look

short hair with textures

If you want to stay away from those massive hairstyles then we have got you this one that speaks volumes by just carrying the textures. The textury curls of this bride just catches the eyes in an instant.

‘Alia Bhatt’ Look

Alia Bhatt look short hairstyle

No doubt, Alia Bhatt inspired everyone with her bridal hairstyle. Here’s an example of this bride that took inspiration from the actress.

Shiny Hair Clip

hair clip for short hair - bridal hairstyles

Your short hair can look more glamorous by adding just a small shiny hairclip at the side. Trust us, this will give you a minimal look for your wedding day.

Curly Short Bob

curly short bob hairstyle

Another quirky hairstyle for short hair is this one that has a short bob with free curls, perfect for your crazy wedding.

Pretty Ponytails

Pearly Affair

ponytail with pearls

You can choose simple bridal hairstyles for your wedding day, like this subtle ponytail with pearl embellishments elevating the overall look of the hairstyle.

Low Pony with Headband

low pony with headband

Tired of floral adornments for your hair and want to try something different? This elegant low ponytail hairstyle with a lustrous headband is something to consider for your big day.

Glittery Glam

glittery ponytail

If you wish to go all out then you can choose this ponytail hairstyle with glitter strokes to accentuate your look.

Ponytail with Mirror Details

ponytail with mirror details

Transform your regular ponytail into an uber-stylish one by adding mirror details that will accentuate your bridal look.

These are the best bridal hairstyles that we found after diving deep into the internet. Do try any of these handpicked hairstyles and flaunt your look at your wedding.

Thanks for reading the blog and we hope you found the information and ideas valuable.

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