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Bridal Pantsuits and Jumpsuits for all the Modern Brides

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If you are wondering what you can wear as an unconventional wedding outfit, then these bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits are your answer. And, bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits aren’t just trending for weddings. So, some brides are wearing one-piece bridal outfits for their wedding shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and bachelorette party. 

 A jumpsuit is an all-in-one outfit: it’s like wearing a romper. But, a jumpsuit is designed for the bride to wear — some formal, other jumpsuits are more casual — for weddings. And, we love the idea of wearing a jumpsuit as your morning-after brunch outfit or en route to your honeymoon. If your wedding has turned into a more intimate wedding or a small backyard wedding, courthouse wedding, or you’re eloping, then, these non-traditional wedding dresses are a great alternative.

 If you’re a bride who doesn’t like to wear dresses, then a jumpsuit or a pantsuit will fit the occasion perfectly.

Then, take a look at these stylish bridal jumpsuits and pantsuits to flatter yourself on your wedding day: 

1. Sheer Lace Crisscross Bodice Pantsuit 

 The most popular bridal pantsuits combine simple, clean lines and a high degree of embellishment. Then, this particular pantsuit example features detailed lace, sheer fabric, and delicate beadwork that simply can’t be ignored. Then, this style is ideal during warmer months in an outdoor setting. And, your stylish look should be completed with a beautiful hairstyle! 


sheer lace pantsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

2. Sweetheart Neckline Jumpsuit as Bridal Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

 This wedding jumpsuit features a sweetheart neckline, adding a healthy dose of romance and sexiness into the big event. And, we adore the contrast of strength and resilience that comes with the pants. Also, the delicate femininity that comes with the strapless exposed shoulders is unparalleled. Also, heels tie the entire look together.


sweetheart neckline jumpsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

3. Sheer Floral Trail Pantsuit as Bridal Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

 Just because you are opting for a pantsuit as opposed to a formal gown doesn’t mean you have to break from tradition entirely. Then, you can easily retain the look of a ‘bride’ by sticking with a white pallet. And, there is something about a clean, stark white fabric that screams ‘wedding’. And, it portrays the innocence and purity associated with brides.


floral trail pantsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

4. Cape Style Jumpsuit

 The jumpsuit with an overskirt look is the ideal option for brides who are on the fence about which style to choose. And, you get the best of both worlds with this trendsetting jumpsuit. Also, the flowing fabric and luxurious bridal train add to the beauty of the look.


cape jumpsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

5. Embellished Long Sleeve Jumpsuit as Bridal Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

 Brave brides will appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the trending tattoo effect and wear full or partial sleeves. Usually, sleeves are reserved for cooler months. But, this look gives you enough reason to opt for sleeves even in the middle of a sweltering summer. (see here: long sleeve wedding dresses)

embellished long sleeve jumpsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

6. Sequin Top and Flared White Pantsuit

The two-piece wedding pantsuit is a great chance to blend styles. Then, this works by wearing a heavily embellished bodice on top balanced with simple minimalist pants on the bottom. And, you can complement this look with an open back. Also, you can wear a smart blazer to dress your look up or down depending on how formal your style is.

sequin top white pantsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

7. Halter Neck Pantsuit as Bridal Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

Rather than an elaborate wedding gown that steals the show, this allows you to let your natural beauty shine. Then, this one features a halter neck top that goes around the back of the neck. It is backless. So, if you are a daring bride, then, go for this. Also, it features flared pants with side slits to give it the extra oomph.


halter neck pantsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

8. Lace Jumpsuit

Lace and weddings go hand in hand. Then, this lace wedding jumpsuit captures every element of a traditional wedding gown. And it comes with elevated levels of comfort and fashion. Then, lace details can be modestly used in strategic locations to generate a little interest. Also, they can be used throughout the entire design for a wholesome yet sexy look.

lace jumpsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

9. Bow-Style Jumpsuit as Bridal Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

 This one is an alluring modern jumpsuit bridal style. Then, the contemporary styled back features intricate bow detailing, a signature square train, and cropped ankle-length pants.


bow style jumpsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

10. Peplum Style Pantsuit

 This one is a delicate, feminine two-piece pantsuit bridal style. Then, this look has subtle detailing on the top, and along the side of the pants that look a touch of chic elegance. Then, wear a bold red lip and suave nude pumps to finish the look.


peplum pantsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

11. Pearl Collar Pantsuit as Bridal Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

This one is a unique bridal pantsuit style with a stunning peplum top that features an illusion neckline and pearl accented collar. Then, wear pastel or soft glam makeup with clear heels, to finish the look.

pearl collar pantsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

12. Metallic Jumpsuit 

This one is a metallic-looking jumpsuit with 70’s inspiration. So, pair it with chunky jewelry. Also, you can wear layered neckpieces. And, do not miss out on the bridal crown to make it look perfect.

metallic jumpsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

13. Wide-legged Jumpsuit with Feather Sleeves

 This wide-legged lace jumpsuit style is modern-day grace and elegance at its finest. Then, wear smokey eye makeup and a braided bun hairstyle to ramp up the look.


feather sleeve jumpsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

14. Embroidered Jumpsuit with a Veil 

 Head-to-toe embroidered jumpsuit bridal style says elegance like nothing else. And, this training skirt adds some dramatic volume to the look.


embroidered jumpsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

15. Classic Powder Blue Pantsuit as Bridal Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

 Take inspiration from this Indian- American bride who ditched the lehenga altogether, but, not totally. She retained accents of Indian bridal wear in her look. And, she paired it with a gorgeous dupatta and maang tikka (see here: maang tikka hairstyles). She wore it with juttis but you can opt for a pair of heels too. Then, style it with open slick back hair and minimal makeup. And, you are good to go.


powder blue pantsuit as bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits

If you are a bride-to-be and want to ditch the traditional outfits, then, try these bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits. These are all things beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Let’s beat the stereotypes. And, as always, bookmark your favorites!




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