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12 Trendy and Absolutely Amazing Cocktail Ring Designs for your D-day

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Cocktail ring designs should be something different and unique. So, brides should opt for the ring that lifts up the whole cocktail party look. And the cocktail ring is something which everybody has an eye on. So, you have to choose it wisely. But don’t worry, we have a solution to this problem. Listed below are some of the amazing cocktail ring designs.

  1. Marquise Granular Ring

    Marquise Granular RingMarquise Basically means a ring that is usually pointed or oval in shape. And they are made of clusters of gems. So, as the name suggests it has gold granules which are surrounding the diamond at the center. Moreover, it is usually big in size. And this ring is perfect for cocktail ring designs.Cocktail Party

  2. Platinum and Zirconia Ring

    Platinum and Zirconia RingThis pure platinum ring will be the ring that a bride can go on for their cocktail party day. And this ring looks all the more beautiful with a studded zirconia stone. So, this makes the ring twirls on your finger elegantly. But eventually, it depends on the girl’s choice of which kind of cocktail ring they want to wear.

  3. Ornate Cocktail Gold Ring

    Ornate Cocktail Gold RingThis gold ring with Filigree in the bottom looks so-awesome. So, this Tanishq cocktail ring available at an affordable price has some wire-like texture. And it looks beautiful for the cocktail ring designs in gold. So, I think girls should catch this ring soon for their D-day.

  4. Disordered Diamond Ring

    Disordered Diamond RingThis kind of ring design looks something unique. So, brides should opt for some unique cocktail ring designs. And this off-beat ring design is a combination of gold and diamond. So, it contains swirls of gold. And the diamonds are studded at the top of the swirl.  And this diamond cocktail ring design looks beautiful

  5. Trillium Cocktail Ring Designs

    Trillium Cocktail Ring DesignsTrillium is a plant which has three-petalled flower above a whorl of three leaves. So, as the name suggests this ring exactly looks the same. And this latest cocktail ring design looks gorgeous and big in appearance that it will be one of the best ring for the bride.

  6. Pearl and Diamond Ring

    Pearl and Diamond Ring The single pearl at the center looks magnificent. And this ring is enclosed by diamond which is enhancing the overall look of the ring. So, this pearl and diamond ring can be paired with any type of dress. So, buy this amazing ring from Caratlane and look good on D-day.

  7. Traditional Mirror Cocktail Ring

    Cocktail Ring DesignsThis cocktail ring has mirrorwork in the center and is surrounded by gold decorations. Also, the size of the ring makes it even more appealing. The last layer of connected golden beads and the internal intricate design is glamourous.

  8. Disbuds Diamond Gap Ring

    Disbuds Diamond Gap RingA ring with a distance between two buds looks unique. So, a bride looking for something quirky, you should go for this type of unique ring design. And this ring will give the perfect aura for the cocktail party.

  9. Square Diamond Ring

    Cocktail Ring DesignsWant a ring that is different as well as classic? We have the perfect one for you. This square diamond ring is gorgeous. The blue stone in the middle adds extravagance to the ring. Moreover, the double-layer square framework set is apart from other ring designs.

  10. Minimal Diamond and Pearl Ring

    Cocktail Ring DesignsIf you are one of those brides who are looking for something stylish and minimal, this one is for you, The dainty diamonds and the mini beads make it classy and chic. Furthermore, the pattern they are arranged in makes it alluring.

  11. Contemporary Oversized Cocktail Ring Designs

    Cocktail Ring DesignsThis Ring is classy and very chic. The marble textured rings with a dent in the middle are super cool and super chic. Moreover, the extra added designs on the three circular rings make the ring even more marvelous. This ring will go this all western cocktail party dresses. 

  12. Traditional Kundan and Polki ring design

    Cocktail ring designsHow can a list of cocktail ring designs be complete without this Kundan and polki design ring. The Kundan work in the center inspires grace and elegance. Also, the random and messy placement of beads adds exactly the needed charm.                                                    Follow us on our insta handle for more updates.

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