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Corporate Events Section by McDonald’s: An Upcoming Trend!

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McDonald’s India started its incredible two and a half decade journey back in 1996. Since then, we have always associated it with a congenial, celebratory atmosphere. It has relentlessly introduced a multitude of new-age reforms as a part of its brand revolution over the years. Without a doubt, McDonald’s is a global brand fine-tuned for the Indian taste palette. It has been organizing mind-blowing birthday parties for children of all ages and now, it is venturing into a new territory. Introducing the McDonald’s Corporate Events Section: a place to talk shop over an array of sumptuous food and drinks!

Here’s why McDonald’s India is the next big corporate events hotspot:

McDonald’s Corporate Events Section offers privacy without being too formal

The venues are closed rooms set aside for events complete with seamless hospitality services giving the clients a wholesome experience. It provides an apt setting to those who don’t want disruptions from other people at a coffee shop. Though there are venues that offer this much-needed privacy, they make the event seem very uptight and formal. Hosting an event at McDonald’s is a sure-shot way to have privacy without making the event seem too repressed. Just the kind of venue these events need!

McDonald’s India can replace existing coffee houses for corporate discussions

Be it a business lunch/dinner, dealers’ meet or a conference, organizing a corporate event is no cakewalk. And while coffee houses can be nice for a respite from your office, a latte or for dates, corporate venues are now building off the need for a more private yet informal setting. McDonald’s India now offers a modern space that can accommodate an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, exec boards and corporate teams with amenities like modular furniture and a range of lip-smacking food and drinks.

Corporate Events at McDonald's

Meetings at the Mcdonald’s Corporate Events Section is an upcoming trend among startups

More and more start-ups are seeking informality and simplicity in their transactions without being too spontaneous. The Corporate Events Section is providing these start-ups with a casual setting to hold business meetings while indulging in appetizing food that everybody loves!

McDonald’s India has impeccable corporate social responsibility

Over the years, McDonald’s has introduced new-age modifications in their customer services with their EOTF. This includes self-ordering kiosks, table service, and wholesome, healthy options on the menu. It has also taken measures to be more environmentally responsible as a leading fast-food chain. A part of their logistics fleet runs on fuel made from remaining cooking oil from restaurants. They have also eliminated the use of single-use plastic. 

These sustainable measures endorsed by the brand are all the more reasons for both start-ups and established corporates to resort to the McDonald’s Corporate Events Section. It is only when one environmentally-conscious brand will support another that we can together lead the fight to a cleaner, greener world.

Corporate Events at McDonald's

Booking a corporate event venue at McDonald’s has never been easier!

Booking a venue in advance can make the process of managing a corporate event simpler and hassle-free. You do not have to worry about the arrangements or food. And when it’s McDonald’s, you can anticipate an exciting time owing to their amazing menu! You can now book your corporate event at McDonald’s with BookEventz, sit back and let the rest take care of itself!

Have a corporate event coming up? Book your venue at the McDonald’s Corporate Events Section here. We invite you to converse over a selection of delectable food and drinks because let’s face it: what can possibly go wrong when you have your favourite McDonald’s burger with a side of their incomparable fries in hand?

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