McDonald's birthday party themes
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McDonald’s Introduces Birthday Party Themes and We’re Lovin’ It!

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McDonald’s has ruled the global fast-food domain for decades. It has taken endless fine-tuned initiatives to be that perfect cross-section of a global and Indian brand. And for this reason, we have generations of kids and grown-ups who associate this fast-food giant with nothing but happiness and great food. In addition to offering scrumptious food and a wide selection of drinks, McDonald’s also offers a private party section to make birthdays extra special! And what’s more? They’re going out of their way to make your child’s birthday exciting by introducing unique birthday party themes!

Organizing a child’s birthday party is no cakewalk. It is a tedious task that demands a lot of time and efforts. And planning is just the beginning of it. What follows is the tremendous responsibility of managing a bunch of kids and making sure they have fun. That, along with other obvious reasons is why a McDonald’s birthday party is the safest bet to make your child happy. They organize enjoyable birthday parties for a minimum of 20 kids– a promise of two hours of non-stop fun. To top it all, they now offer birthday party themes for you to choose from to make sure that the kids don’t have a single dull moment.

Keep reading to know more about these fun and unique birthday party themes!

Space Themed Birthday Party for an Out of The World Experience!

Remember when we all wanted to be astronauts as kids? We’re pretty sure that the kids nowadays have very similar aspirations! For children who love to think of the world beyond our planet, we bring to you the Space themed birthday party!

McDonald's birthday party themes

Safari Themed Birthday Party: In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle…

The Safari birthday party theme is for the kids to grab the chance to experience the wild without really having to go to a jungle. Thanks to beloved movies like Jumanji, The Lion King and of course, the classic Jungle Book, the safari theme is certainly going to be a hit!

McDonald's birthday party themes

Here’s what these Birthday Party Themes include:

1. Welcome Boards Based on the Birthday Party Themes:

McDonald’s offers a welcome board that prominently displays the theme of the party. With your child’s name on it, it welcomes each guest to the birthday party in the most cordial and fun fashion!

McDonald's birthday party themes
2. Hand Props:

Part of these fun birthday party themes is amusing hand props! The kids can use these hand-props to experience the theme thoroughly and take amazing pictures with them.

McDonald's birthday party themes


McDonald's birthday party themes
3. Happy, Happy Meals For One and All!

What makes for a perfect party? If you ask us, food is the decisive factor by which most people, including children, remember your event. And when it’s McDonald’s, you know you can sit back and stop worrying about food that everybody will enjoy! After all, their fries are a blessing to our taste-buds! Check out all the packages ranging from Rs. 274/- to Rs. 366/-  that they offer and choose the one that you think will work best for the kids.

Regular: McAloo Tikki/McEgg + Regular fries + Coke + Regular Soft serve + 1 toy with every meal

Regular McCafe: McAloo Tikki/McEgg + Regular fries + Milkshake + Regular Soft serve + 1 toy with every meal  

Premium: McVeggie/McChicken + Regular Fries + Coke + Regular Soft serve + 1 toy with every happy meal

Premium McCafe: McVeggie/McChicken + Regular Fries + Milkshake + Regular Soft serve + 1 toy with every happy meal  

McDonald's birthday party themes

4. Appealing Decor and Funky Music!

Along with appealing decor that will drag your kids into a different world, McDonald’s also offers party music for two whole hours of the birthday party. 

You can take your pick from the fun, quirky birthday party themes of Space and Safari for the children to enjoy. Whatever you choose, brace yourselves to witness a group of really happy children thoroughly enjoying themselves!

McDonald's birthday party themes

McDonald's birthday party themes
5. Games:

Add to the amazing food and appealing decor some enjoyable games, and you have the formula for the perfect birthday party! Along with really amusing birthday party themes, McDonald’s also offers to organize two games for the children to play during the party. These games are fun, engaging and bound to keep the kids from ever getting bored!

birthday party themes

There’s nothing that a perfect burger and some fries can’t fix. And when you have lip-smacking drinks to wash it all down with, you know your birthday boy/girl is going to be the happiest kid ever! Let the children channel their inner Simba or Buzz Lightyear! Book your child a happening McDonald’s birthday party here!

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