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Resplendent Cruise Wedding Ideas for Your Fantasy Dream Wedding

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Cruise weddings are a fantasy for most couples. Whether you decide to host your wedding on board or at an exotic beach, cruises help you make your story stunning. Your love for each other can be immortalized in beautiful settings. If you are looking for leisurely travel and a beautiful destination wedding, we have some spectacular cruise wedding ideas. Cruise weddings can be the most hassle-free wedding or can be very chaotic. To help you achieve that hassle-free, amazing, dream wedding goals we have the perfect set of cruise wedding ideas. Get all the details right and create memories that last a lifetime.

  1. How Cruise Weddings Work

    Cruise Weddings are like a fantasy for brides and grooms who love to travel. This might be hard to accept but the big fat traditional destination weddings are costlier than a cruise wedding. Land gives you a lot more options and more security but cruise weddings have a super fun element to them.

    cruise wedding ideas

  2. Duration Of Cruise Weddings

    While picking your dream cruise line be sure to confirm the cruise itinerary before that. The itinerary should be long enough that it doesn’t rush your wedding celebrations. At the same time, the cruise shouldn’t be too long or expensive. Five- to seven-day cruises are enough for all the ceremonies. But if you want a longer vacation time you plan an intimate and small 9-10 days cruise wedding.

  3. Cruise Ship Wedding Bookings

    Holidays and the family vacation season, especially summer can be quite expensive and over-crowded and might not be the best for planning a cruise wedding. In most cases, you won’t even have to arrange wedding transportation.

  4. The legality of Cruise Weddings

    Before you plan your wedding on a cruise ship, it is crucial for you to get a marriage license wherever your ceremony is held. Research and plan all the requirements on the cruise ship. Some countries have residency requirements, in those cases, you can legally marry in your home country and then have an elaborate, traditional and symbolic wedding at the port/sea. You have to follow the laws of the country where the cruise ship is registered.

    cruise wedding ideas

  5. Best Wedding Cruise Season

    It is essential that you see the best time for a cruise wedding. For starters, the Caribbean’s hurricane season starts from June 1 and ends by November 30. You should avoid booking during this time period. Crete and Santorini are most appealing in April and November. On the other hand, Athens is most appealing between March to June. Alaska cruises have a particular set of dates, hence make sure that you pick summer dates. Timing is pivotal when it comes to cruise weddings, these were just a few examples. Please make sure that you do your research and planning beforehand.

  6. Wedding Registry Ideas

    Setting up a wedding website and honeymoon registry makes it easier for you to share information with your wedding guests. Especially for complicated schedules, that follow superb cruise weddings.

  7. Dressing for Cruise Wedding Ideas

    Cruise ship weddings are pretty casual, but brides still have to dress up according to the ceremony. Brides and bridesmaids should have dresses that are beautiful and yet easy to get into. If the wedding ceremony has to take place in the home port you should pay extra attention to your dress. Moreover, you can pick breezy gowns and lehengas for your cruise wedding. The beach theme too could be among the best wedding cruise ideas.

    cruise wedding ideas

  8. Cruise Wedding Photography

    Cruise wedding packages usually include wedding photographers as well. They supply a professional photographer to take photos and videos and create beautiful wedding albums. The best part is that the prints will be ready before you head home. You won’t have to wait long for the final albums.

    cruise wedding ideas

  9. Popular Cruise Lines

    We have selected are few best cruise lines for you to consider. Once you select your cruise ship, we have cruise wedding ideas according to your taste. Some of the cruise ships are Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, P&O Cruises, Holland America Line, MSC Cruises, Cunard Line, etc.

  10. Cost of Cruise Weddings

    The cost of cruise wedding packages differs with the number of days, wedding venue, etc. Many companies offer à la carte options too. And, you will have to pay license fees. Cruise wedding packages even have flat surcharges. Mostly, the base packages are affordable, which includes accommodation, venue hire, a legal ceremony, meals, travel, and much more.

    If you are planning to get married on land, you will have to arrange everything. You might also need to hire a wedding planner at your wedding location. However, cruise ships have event management experts, who will take care of all your wedding needs. This blog might have helped you get closer to deciding. You can also continue your honeymoon from your cruise wedding.

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