Top 15 Most Trending Designer Blouses For Pattu Sarees!
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Top 15 Most Trending Designer Blouses For Pattu Sarees!

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Beautiful designer blouses for pattu sarees are trending nowadays and it gives a ravishing touch to designer silk sarees. Any woman who likes to wear a silk saree or pattu saree has to know the trends or which pattu blouse is suitable. Wearing a beautiful silk saree with an inappropriate blouse can lose all the appeal, so it’s important to choose good pattu blouse designs which give a dazzling look to a silk saree!

Even though we adore an ensemble that goes with everything, there is something particularly stylish about a pattu blouse with mixed prints. Therefore, any design can be made seasonal with pattu sarees, silk sarees, or simply based on the availability of beautiful printed blouses in the market. Here we shared the top 15 most trending designer blouses for pattu sarees and this will give you a sense of the idea of what you can do with your looks.

15 Designer Blouses For Pattu Sarees:-

We have compiled blouse designs that include embellished Kundan and Zari borders, contrasted work, and the Gota Patti, suitable to be worn with silk or pattu sarees and give a dapper look! 

1. Contrast Pattu Blouse Design

You can experiment with a plain silk blouse with a contrasting beautifully embroidered silk saree. Keep up with the style by wearing a high neck or 3/4 sleeves. Put on a deep pot neck blouse with your pattu saree for a contemporary look.

Contrast Pattu Blouse Design

2. Zari Work Blouse Design

The sheer blouse is an extremely popular choice for young women looking to make a style statement. In this image, you can see women wearing a stunning black and gold sheer blouse with detailed zari and zardosi embroidery. Its embroideries and gold embellishments on the sleeves and neckline make this ensemble a masterpiece. 

Zari Work Blouse Design

3. Embellished Kundan Work Blouse

Gorgeous Kundan and Resham embroidery work adorn your pattu saree blouse. You can wear this to your wedding. Consider pairing a pallu saree in a soft color with a Kundan blouse in greens or blues as a way to balance out the colors. 

Embellished Kundan Work Blouse

4. Raw Silk Blouse Designs 

Raw silk blouses with pattu sarees can make a good bet for this occasion when being stylish is essential. A blouse in magenta or amaranth with a quarter or full sleeve adds a touch of royalty to any outfit. Sarees like these are the best choice for women looking for elegant and chic clothing. 

Raw Silk Blouse Designs

5. Gotta Patti Blouse Design

The intricate design of a Gota Patti blouse is one of the standard elements of pattu sarees for keeping them trendy. The blouse is designed with a button-down style that is integral to its design. Gold embroidered detail adds to the appeal of the blouse. The Gotta Patti work extending to the sleeves is a creative way of executing this trend in the blouse.

Gotta Patti Blouse Design

6. Full Sleeved Blouse Design

Adding a long-sleeved blouse to your pattu saree can give you a more balanced look. You can also choose blouses with deep plunging necklines. Avoid wearing heavy fabrics, as they can make you look slouchy. In addition, you can experiment with embroidery-designed sleeves to enhance the beauty of your blouse. This kind of blouse will elevate the look of a saree.

Full Sleeved Blouse Design

7. Resham Work Blouse Design

I found this collection of blouse designs to be interesting. Choose one in subtle color with Resham work and asymmetrical back design. It looks elegant when paired with a soft-colored saree. 

Resham Work Blouse Design

8. Patch Work Blouse Design

Patchwork designs have evolved a lot over the years. This style of pattern is no longer just for quilting and mending jeans. A few designers have sewed it together over Indian wear without consulting the original fabric. In this image, ethnic clothing is combined with patchwork blouses. It would look very elegant on pattu sarees with these assorted blouse designs. 

Patch Work Blouse Design

9. Mirror Work Blouse Design

The mirror work design gives it an ethnic appeal, making it an ideal attire for parties and nights out. For a subtle style, opt for a minimal style with intricate mirror work on the pallu and blouse. With a stylish pattu saree and a mirror embroidered blouse, you can create a stunning combination. Due to this, Gota Patti’s work with mirrors has become popular. 

Mirror Work Blouse Design

10. High Neck Blouse Design

A high-neckline blouse has obtained a modern update and is creating its way via the Indian wear trend. However, these blouses are not stuffy, but they look stylish. Whether you wear the style in any material, it looks fabulous. You can wear it with the pattu sarees or any silk sarees and it is a perfect combination of simple yet elegant.

High Neck Blouse Design

11. Peacock Maggam Blouse Design

A saree with a peacock blouse design gives a complete look to any woman and with this, there is no need to wear accessories. You can pair your saree with this blouse and upgrade your choice, also go for polar colors to make your look more stylish.

Peacock Maggam Blouse Design

12. Tulle Sleeved Blouse Design

The elegant and minimal look can create a good impact if it’s done in the right way. This tulle sleeve blouse design can very well go with silk or pattu sarees. In addition, you can also go for embroidery designs for a different look.

Tulle Sleeved Blouse Design

13. Floral Embossed Blouse Design

If you choose a floral blouse it gives you a stunning look and styles these elements wisely, and it is suitable for any occasion and party. When you get satisfied with this look, you can upgrade it with Floral borders and Kundan embroidery work.

Floral Embossed Blouse Design

14. Threadwork Blouse Design

Bring out your graceful side by clutching pattu sarees with a thread work designer blouse. With your comfort, go for heavy or thread embroidery work. This is a perfect match for pattu sarees. Choose one with a deep neckline or opt for blouse designs that come with a ruffle for a trendy look. 

Threadwork Blouse Design For Pattu Sarees:

15. Puff Sleeves Blouse 

Pattu Sarees are elegant and always give a royal look. Be it a grand or a regular occasion, flaunting in Pattu Saree creates its charm. While many choose to wear a heavily embroidered blouse, few opt for a simple option. Puff sleeve blouse designs have been trending, be it with cotton or silk saree, women of all ages have flaunted these sleeves since time immemorial. 

Puff Sleeves Blouse

So, here we end our article on a designer blouse for pattu sarees. I hope these amazing collections will help you pick out the right blouse design. Tell us in the comment section which one is your favorite design? For more updates follow our blog!

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