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Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas That Are Trending!

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What is a party without drinks?  But while hosting a party with children around or hosting a kid’s birthday party, mocktails can turn those old boring sodas and juices into something fun and delicious! Here we bring you a few easy mocktail recipe ideas that you should definitely offer your guests next time you’re throwing a party, check them out! For easy cocktail recipes click here!

Here are a few easy mocktail recipe ideas for your party:

1. Sunrise Delight- Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas:

Sunrise Delight, Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas
Sunrise Delight

This is such a fun drink which is super easy to prepare and tastes so fruity and delicious! Everyone at your party from kids to adults will absolutely love this drink! All you need for this drink is half a cup of pineapple juice and half a cup of 7-up, this makes one cup of drink. Mix them well and serve it chilled with ice cubes. You can make a slushie out of it by blending the ingredients with ice in a blender. You can also prepare a large serving of this drink and pour it in a punch bowl if you’re having a lot of guests at your party. In this way, you don’t have to prepare individual drinks.

2. Mango Pina Colada- Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas:

Mango Pina Colada, Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas
Mango Pina Colada

A pina colada is a cool refreshing summer drink that will give you tropical island feels. This drink when paired with the king of fruits which is mango will make an ultimate summer drink! All you need is 1-2 cup of mango puree, one medium-sized pineapple diced, 2-3 cups of coconut milk, and 2 cups of ice. Put 2 cups ice, diced pineapple, and coconut milk into a blender. Blend until smooth. Put a spoonful of mango puree in the bottom of the glass. Swirl around the bottom of the glass. Fill 1/3 of glass with a piña colada and swirl in another spoonful of mango puree. Fill the glass to 2/3 with a piña colada and add another spoonful of mango and swirl in. Add just a bit more piña colada then top it off with diced mango garnish and serve.

3. Apple Cider Slushie- Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas:

Apple Cider Slushie, Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas
Apple Cider Slushie

This fall drink is perfect for anyone from a child to an adult. So it makes a perfect drink for your party! All you need to make this drink is 4 cups of apple cider, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ground cloves and cinnamon stick for garnish (optional). Blend everything together until smooth. Add sugar is needed and serve chilled!

4. Strawberry Daiquiri- Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas:

Strawberry Daiquiri, Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas
Strawberry Daiquiri

This sweet and tangy drink is a must-have for your party. It is so quick and easy to prepare with the least amount of ingredients. All you need is strawberries, and lemonade, and of course some ice. Blend it all together and garnish it with diced strawberries.

5. Watermelon Lemonade- Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas:

Watermelon Lemonade, Easy Mocktail Recipe Ideas
Watermelon Lemonade

The most refreshing fruit of summer is watermelon, and the most refreshing drink of summer is lemonade. What will be a better combination than that of watermelon and lemonade to make a cool and refreshing drink! The ingredients for this drink is too simple, slice watermelon into small pieces and blend to make a puree, strain off the pulp to get just the juice. Now blend this juice with equal parts of lemonade and ice and serve chilled, garnished with watermelon pieces!

We hope you try these easy mocktail recipes next time you’re holding a birthday party! If you did, let us know which one was your favourite!

Thanks for reading!

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