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Haldi Hairstyle Ideas for the Best Haldi Ceremony Look.

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeSep 20, 2021
5 min read

Confused about which hairstyle should you pick for your haldi? We have some really amazing options for you. Every bride deserves the perfect haldi hairstyle after the amount of effort you put into it. Here are the various Haldi hairstyle ideas you can look into.

a. Long Bridal hairstyles

b. Wavy Haldi Hairstyle

c. Bun Hairstyle for Haldi Ideas

Haldi Hairstyle Ideas for the best Haldi Ceremony Look. 

1. Loose Waves Haldi Hairstyle

When you prefer a natural look for your wedding, why go for an expensive hairdo? So, let your hair down. And add a beautiful natural headdress crown or maang tikka to your hair to make the look complete. So, you can also curl or opt for a natural bridal hairstyle as per your choice.

haldi hairstyle

 2. Pearly Hairstyles for Haldi

A pearl-chain around the head makes a glorious look for a bride. So, have this “Pearl look” as your wedding hairstyle to look beauteous on your wedding day.

haldi hairstyle

3. Bollywood Curls Hairstyles for Haldi

Look like a movie star at your wedding with this style of bridal hairstyles. Incorporating waves in your curled hair gives you a natural but ravishing look. Opt for this “Bollywood curls” hairstyle for long as well as short hair, and stun everyone with this appealing look.

Bollywood Curls Hairstyles for Haldi


4. Jasmine from Aladdin Haldi Hairstyle

Jasmine character from the film Aladdin was the most loved character of its time. And every girl wants to have a hairstyle like her. So, if a bride can go with this kind of hairstyle then it will look awesome.

Jasmine from Aladdin Type Hairstyle

5. Twisted Waterfall Easy Wedding Hairstyles:

If you’re looking for an easy yet elegant hairstyle for weddings then you would love this one! This beautiful hairstyle is very versatile and looks gorgeous on hairs of any length! It doesn’t even require too many accessories, just 2-3 rubber bands should do the work. If you’ve straight hair then curl the ends for a more dramatic and fuller look!

Easy Wedding Hairstyles

 6. Lower haldi hairstyle bun

A bridal bun hairstyle has different options to opt for. But low bun for bridal look will never go out of fashion. So, opting a look like this will never disappoint you. 

Lower Bridal Bun

7. Young Ponytail

A bridal saree doesn’t have to be a gold border banarasi. Young brides like to experiment and love wearing modern designs. With young designs come young bridal hairstyle for saree. A high ponytail with a modern saree is something that only a 21st century bride can carry.

8. Low Style Ponytail Reception Hairstyle for Saree

Dressing up as a bride is nothing less than perfection. Perfect outfit, perfect jewelry, perfect body, and most importantly perfect hair. What better way to flaunt your perfect hair than a loose wavy ponytail. Low ponytails look outstanding with bright sarees. If your bridal saree is bright and young then this bridal hairstyle is for you.

Low Style Ponytail Reception Hairstyle for Saree

9. Wavy Open haldi hairstyle

Brides there days don’t just sit on the stage, they are out there on their own wedding. This wavy open hair will suit carefree brides the best. This hairstyle is comfortable and effortlessly the best. You can stand out as a bride by going extra with hair accessories.

wavy open hair with flowers image

10. Braid and Twirls Combo

Braid and twirl both at the same hairstyle is a perfect way to look unique on your wedding day. So, go for this type of look and be gorgeous on your wedding day. And in fact a bride will slay this look.

Braid and Twirls Combo

11. Multiple French Bun Hairstyle for Wedding

This type of hairstyle with multiple French will look awesome on brides. And a bride can go with this look at any occasion. So, be ready to have a beautiful look like this. And give your wedding look a punch of beauty.

Multiple French Bun Hairstyle for Wedding

12. Bubble Braid

Bubble braid hairstyles look beautiful on brides. So, brides should try this look for their wedding. And it will enhance the face of a bride. So, a bride with small face should try to hairstyle. haldi hairstyle

13. Half-Tied Braided Hairstyle for Wedding Party

This kind of half-tied hairstyle looks great on a bride with a comparatively big face. So, basically, this hairstyle will go well with square, oval, and rectangle-shaped face. And even a small-faced bride can also go with this haldi hairstyle.

Half-Tied Braided Hairstyle for Wedding Party

14. Outward Curls


If you are looking for something romantic with subtlety with regards to soft curls, then this is the hairstyle you should opt for. This gorgeous hairstyle will surely leave you feeling like a princess.

Outward curls

15. Bun hairstyle

haldi hairstyle - bun

The bun hairstyle is a classic look that is timeless and versatile. It can be styled in a variety of ways, such as a low, messy bun or a high, sleek bun. The bun is also a great way to spruce up a basic hairstyle, making it look more elegant and polished.

16. Senorita Bun

19 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyle | magicpin blog

A Senorita bun is a unique hairstyle which is a combination of Indian and French culture giving you a simple sleek bun.

17. Gajra Hairstyle

gajra bun - haldi hairstyle

Gajra is a classical hairstyle for weddings which is often found on south Indian brides. In this hairstyle, the edges of the bun are covered with gajra to give an aesthetic Indian bridal look.

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