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The Perfect Hunger Games Theme Party for Teenagers

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Teenagers might not agree on their favorite among Peeta, Katniss, and Gale, but you will have to admit every teenager has read hunger games or seen the movies and some are even obsessed with it. So if you are one of them, it’s time for a hunger games theme party.

  1. Hunger Games Party Decorations
  2. Invitations of The Hunger Games Party
  3. Hunger Games Food and Drink Ideas
  4. Hunger Game Party Favours

Here is everything you need to throw a killer party.

  1. Banners for hunger games theme party 

    The first step to decorating the space is covering the prominent walls with black fabric and golden drapes. Red and orange hunger game party decorations too will work well as the color scheme for your hunger games party. If you intend on making it even more interesting and a tad bit dramatic you can take a hunger games birthday poster and burn it from the ends. This will give it a more realistic look inspired by the battles in the Capitol.

    hunger games theme party

  2. Welcome Posters 

    Welcome your guest in full hunger games style with this “Welcome to hunger games” board at the entrance. You can hang big cutouts of the different hunger game symbols like the Mockingjay, fire, and bows and arrows near the door. These will bring some jazz to hunger games party decorations. 

    hunger games theme party

  3. Other Decorations

    For every theme party, quotes and symbols are must-haves, and lucky for us hunger games have a lot of them. You can print and frame some iconic lines and quotes from the hunger games on one wall. You can also use lanterns and silver parachute-shaped balloons for a festive look. Hunger game party decorations are incomplete without the best and most popular quotes.

    hunger games theme party

  4. The Hunger Games Inspired Cake

    This amazing party deserves an amazing cake. A two-layer cake with the quote ”May the odds ever be in your favor” Sounds exciting right? This cake will definitely remind your guests of the lavish feast held in the capitol for all the tributes and the fun incidents that happened shortly after.

  5. hunger games theme party


    When everything around is hunger games related then why not the food? Not much can be done with the food because teenagers can be really picky but the name tags give a wide leeway to experiment. These are some dishes that your guest would enjoy and will give you a chance to make the table more related to hunger games.

    hunger games theme party

  6.  Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt

    What’s a party without games? Our hunger games theme party is perfect for a scavenger hunt in the arena. This scavenger hunt will be your version of hunger games. Everyone will start in a circle near the cornucopia which will contain weapons.

    Every tribute will have three flags and the flags represent life. A tribute must have a weapon to take the flag from other tributes. To keep the game going longer, there could be a rule where one tribute cannot take three flags from the same person at once. To add a twist you can also hide one-time use tracker Jacker nets that would make the game more interesting.

    hunger games theme party


  7. Games Prize Ideas for Hunger Games Theme Party

    Giving the victors huge houses and lots of food like in the book and movies seem a little out of reach. But you can give them a victory tour where they get to address all the other participants and do the hunger game’s signature three-finger salute while saying the catchphrase. But gifts are still necessary, so these are the ideal and affordable prices for your hunger games theme party.

    hunger game theme party ideas


    hunger games theme party

  8. Snack Table

    If there is something all of us like about Coriolanus Snow it is either those beautiful white roses or the tasty snacks he can be seen eating. You can decorate the table with red, orange, or golden food stands. For an extra touch, you can also assemble white roses to give them a more significant meaning. The snack table is the most attractive place for teenagers at a party. You can make it even more attractive with girl-on-fire popcorn tubs, hunger games labeled water bottles, and cookie boxes.hunger games theme party

  9. Small Cupcakes with Golden Arrows 

    Everyone loves cupcakes and they are the simplest thing to customize according to your party theme. Arrows were a huge part of Katniss’s journey of becoming a victor and then the face of the rebellion and they deserve to be represented. You can have cupcakes with white or chocolate frosting and little golden arrows for your hunger games theme party.

    hunger games theme party

  10. Return Gifts for the Tributes

    Finding the ideal return gift for the Birthday party might just be the most intimidating task. Maybe because return gifts are the last and final impression of your party that the guests get. The return gifts will remind them of the party. It can be too much pressure. For your hunger games theme party you can go for these classy and affordable gifts that will prompt the best memories of the party.

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