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Jewelry Trends 2022 Every Bride Must Know- Elegant Choices

By Rutuja Ghodekar
Blog timeOct 6, 2022

Weddings are incomplete without impeccable, delicious cuisine, and elegant jewelry! But choosing the right and trendy jewelry can be a tiring task. You must be confused with what are the jewelry trends 2022 you must know for your big day. Worry not, Because we have solved your problem. We have curated elegant jewelry designs for every bride.

Choosing the right jewelry that goes well with the time and trend is important. But we know the wedding is not just about the jewelry and you have a list of tasks. You must be worrying about the decor and the delicious menu. Hence, we thought of making things easier for you. We have brought the trending bridal jewelry right here for you.

However. with time definition of style has changed. Today’s brides don’t believe just the traditional is beautiful. They love to experiment and choose what comforts them. We have seen the trend for bridal jewelry changing over the years.

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Every bride is beautiful and jewelry has to be good enough for her. Hence, we have a complete guide from heavy to elegant bridal jewelry options.

Jewelry Trends 2022 For Brides

1. Mesmerizing Temple Coin Necklace

Are you a south Indian bride who adores her jewelry? Or want to go for a south Indian bridal look on your wedding day? In any of these cases, your bridal jewelry is incomplete without a temple coin Necklace. This choker is a perfect combination of elegance and traditional vibes.

This is one of the most followed jewelry trends 2022 than in the past years. Especially after movie 2 states, every girl is dreaming of looking like an authentic south Indian bride.

Mesmerizing Temple Coin Necklace


2. Pastel Colored Diamond Necklace

Earlier, the pastel colors weren’t getting much attention. But recently they have gained massive popularity. From the wedding decor theme to the jewelry we can see it everywhere. And, moreover, the pastel-colored necklace looks absolutely stunning.

Such necklaces go along well with the neutral-colored lehenga. Jewelry trends 2022 definitely has this pastel-colored necklace on the list.

Pastel Colored Diamond Necklace

3. Multi-layered Necklace

The multi-layered necklace has become a trend in the modern generation. Because it’s lightweight and won’t hurt the neck much. Today’s brides prefer it over wearing four pieces and it saves time too. The multi-layered necklace is available in various designs and colors.

It has become the must-have choice amongst new generation brides.

Pastel Colored Diamond Necklace

4. Heavy Choker

These days the bridal looks seem incomplete without the piece of the heavy choker. It looks beautiful with all types of lehengas you choose. And after all, it’s not just beautiful but also looks minimalistic in nature. In 2022 every bride has preferred to have it in the jewelry collection.

If you are looking for bridal jewelry trends 2022 that don’t out of trend this is a perfect one. We are sure the choker will elaborate your look for your special day.

Pastel Colored Diamond Necklace

5. Floral Jewelry

The floral jewelry adds a totally different touch to your look. It looks refreshing and feels like a vibe of fresh air. If you want to do something different than typical just for it. It’s best for the pre-wedding rituals. The floral jewelry makes every bride look more special.

It makes the bride feel like a fairy. You can surely try it out as it will surely look amazing. We would recommend trying the bright colors. And moreover, if you have planned any of your events in a fairytale theme it’s a go-to option.

Floral Jewelry

6. Chandelier Earrings- Bridal Jewelry Trends 2022

The chandelier earrings will make you feel like no less than a Hollywood star. They look absolutely glamorous and dazzling. It’s perfect for all our modern brides who always break the norms. They are stunning and look adorable.

Chandelier Earrings- Bridal Jewelry Trends 2022

7. The Bridal Ear Climbers

You don’t have to follow the traditional jewelry type to look like an elegant bride. In fact, we feel that these ear climbers are amazing replacements for diamond studs. If you are looking to try out something different than the typical studs the ear climbers will be better.

There are multiple ways you can wear ear climbers on your wedding day. Pick up the right way that compliments your look and you are all set to rock the stage.

The Bridal Ear Climbers

8. The Dazzling Pearl Jewelry

If you want to ditch the typical diamond and gold jewelry then pearl jewelry is fantastic. We have seen many brides these days opt for pearl jewelry. It looks really breathtaking and stunning. No one can take their eyes off when you show up in this jewelry.

You will be the talk of the town for being the bride who stole everyone’s heart. We are sure pearl jewelry will add to your beauty and elegance. It will make your day more special. It has become one of the most followed jewelry trends in 2022.

The Dazzling Pearl Jewelry

9. Wide Choker

Heavy jewelry is still in demand among brides. Many brides choose to show up in the heavy jewelry that compliments their wedding attire. The outstanding wide choker will make everyone go gaga over your look. Everyone will always remember how you stunned them with your breathtaking look.

Wide Choker

These were the bridal jewelry trends 2022 every bride can try. We hope reading this blog post has made things easier for you. Hence, don’t forget to comment below and we are always open to suggestions. You can check out other blogs on our website. We are really sure it will make your wedding planning a lot easier and also hassle-free.

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