Bridal Jewellery Designs Every Bride Must See To Be The Show Stopper!
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Bridal Jewellery Designs: Every Bride Must See To Be The Show Stopper!

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Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s the day when everyone will be looking at you, and you want to make the most of it. So, you must present yourself flawlessly, and for that, everything you wear on your wedding day must be flawless, including your jewellery, which is the most important piece of your entire ensemble. Here is a list of the most recent bridal jewellery designs to assist you in selecting the appropriate jewellery pieces for your wedding functions.

Different Types And Most Trending Bridal Jewellery Designs:


There are a number of styles when it comes to bridal jewellery designs. The most important section of the bridal jewellery is the neckpiece of their main wedding day. The neckpiece is the one which makes you win the eyes of every guest present at the wedding.

1. Choker:

For the most traditional look, the bride should wear this choker which has a work of Kundan and stone. The grace of the choker is increased by the greenstone embedded in it, which is actually in demand by brides these days.

Chokar bridal jwellery designs

2. Rani Haar:

Rani haar is the symbol of royalty. From the name itself, it deciphers the value of this necklace in the bride’s life. It is worn along with the other neckpieces. And it enhances the look of your whole wedding outfit.

Rani haar bridal jewellery design

3. Meenakari Polki Jewellery:

The Meena necklace is one of the most popular bridal jewellery designs in India. This jewellery is the representation of purity, love, and loyalty. It is best suited for those brides who are looking for something more traditional.

Meenakari Polki Bridal Jewellery Designs

4. Kundan Necklace:

Kundan is a type of traditional jewellery that has been around for a long time. It refers to a type of massive, elaborate gold and diamond necklace. This set is ideal for those brides who want to wear a single huge set on their D-day.

Kundan Necklace


The bride can accessorise her wedding with one-of-a-kind headbands that come in a variety of styles. To give additional grace to the ceremony choose any of the headpieces from the given list.

1. Mathapatti Designs:

For a stunning look, brides must check out these beautiful mathapatti designs for their D-day. These mathapatti assist in giving your head a heavier and medieval appearance.

Mathapatti bridal jewellery designs

2. Sheeshpatti Designs:

Sheeshpatti is similar to mathapatti. These sheeshpatti are a part of Rajasthani jewellery which gives the bride a more traditional look.

Sheeshpatti bridal jewellery designs

3. Maangtikka:

When you love to keep the jewellery minimal then this maangtikka is an ideal suit for you. The positive part of this jewellery is that brides can make any type of hairstyle with these maangtikka according to their preferences.

Maangtikka bridal jewellery designs


It is a very difficult task to choose hair accessories for the brides. Here, we listed some of the best hair jewellery which you can select for any hairstyle you adorn.

1. Floral Hairbun Jewellery:

Every bride wants to get a little floral touch in her wedding attire. Pastel colours are in trend these days so why not adorn them in hair accessories to get an elegant look. These floral buns surely make you win the crowd’s attention.

Floral hairbun bridal jewellery designs

2. Minimal jewellery for layered hair bun:

Decorate your messy bun with these small hair accessories and get a beautiful touch on your head on your wedding day. Sometimes keeping accessories minimal gives a more enchanting look. Make any creative bun hairstyle and these accessories will surely go well with them.

minimal hairbun bridal jewellery designs


The nose ring is an important part of the bridal ensemble. The traditional bride’s most stunning facial accent is a nose ring. There are various variations available for the nath designs.

1. Classic Nath:

The classic and elegant look is what you get when you wear these nose rings on your wedding day! This simple nose ring is the perfect match for any jewellery you wear on your D- day and this is the must-have jewellery piece for your bridal closet.

Classic nath bridal jewellery designs

2.  Kundan Nath:

A nath design that includes a Kundan gold work and a delicately encrusted string is a sure pick for brides. This dazzling bridal nose ring offers just the right amount of glitz and opulence. This Kundan work jewellery is the most chosen jewellery by today’s bride to get a traditional look.

Kundan Nath bridal jewellery designs

3. Emerald Nose Ring:

Emeralds complement any piece of jewellery. On your wedding day, this bridal nath adorned with emeralds and diamonds will give you a royal look and feel.

Emerald Nose Ring


When it comes to hand jewellery, brides can choose from a variety of styles. It is extremely difficult to choose a design that complements both your bridal gown and necklace. We’ve compiled a list of handpieces for brides-to-be to wear on their wedding day.

1. Bangles & Kadas:

Bangles are not required to be recalled in order to be included on any list. Every woman’s wardrobe contains a plethora of bangle collections. This one design in bangles is the best fit for your hand for the wedding day and will undoubtedly give you an attractive appearance. This is a design that will go well with any outfit but especially with a cream or white colour lehenga.

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Bangles & Kadas

2. Designer Ring:

If you are a bride who loves to seek attention from everyone. Then this is the designer and classy traditional ring with multichain you should wear on your wedding day to catch everyone’s attention. This is the ring that will stand out against all of your other jewellery and outfits.

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3. Haath Phool:

We’ve seen every bride wearing Hath phool as floral jewellery, but here’s one with no floral design. Combining this hath phool design with your bangles and Kada on your wedding day will give your hand a more traditional look.



If you think several times before owning any jewellery, why not for foot jewellery? This is the jewellery that completes a bridal ensemble. Take a look at these lovely Payal designs and wear them on your wedding day.

1. Classic Payal Design:

It is an ornament that is worn around the ankle. This piece of jewellery has been in use for many years and represents that the woman is married. If you are a bride who prefers to keep things simple, this is the classic design in Payal for you. This design gives your foot an elegant appearance.

Classic Payal Design

2. Unique Detailing Payal:

This one detailing the unique Payal design is for brides who love everything heavy and unique for their wedding day. This design depicts the wedding procession (the groom’s baarat). This design is highly in trend these days.

Unique Detailing Payal

3. Stunning Toe Ring Payal:

If you are a traditionalist and want to look more traditional on your wedding day, these toe rings Payal are the way to go. This payal is what gives you a more royal Rajasthani look.

Stunning Toe Ring Payal

We hope you liked these bridal jewellery designs as much as we did. These are the jewellery that goes from head to toe and completes your look for the big day. Choose any design for your special day and be the show stopper with these incredible jewellery designs.

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