15 Innovative Kitty Party Themes To Have A Blast With Your Ladies!

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Being a woman is tough. What with having to balance between life at home and life on the professional front, topped by a number of complicated relationships and responsibilities while our hormones wreak havoc with our emotions, being a woman is-*sigh* tough. And when life throws lemons at you, you gather your girlfriends and make lemonade with it! Female friendships are often complex and misunderstood in the most absurd terms. But these are also relationships that sustain us. And spending time with them is therapeutic. So we bring a list of unique kitty party themes for you and your gal-pals/life coaches/therapists/sisters!

1. Red Carpet Theme Kitty Party

Doll up in your favourite celebrity red-carpet styles and have your own wild party! Make it a night of fun makeup, gorgeous clothes and endless champagne. The ladies’ party themes are meant to light up your party to the fullest. Get each of your girls to walk down the red carpet celebrity-style while the rest of you click fabulous pictures of her!

Kitty Party Themes, Red Carpet Theme

Kitty Party Themes, Red Carpet Theme

2. Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a cult classic. While we all detest Regina’s catty ways, we can’t help but love her style and influence. After all, she’s fabulous but she’s evil. And though hosting your kitty party on Wednesday might be difficult, you can definitely wear pink! These are perfect kitty theme ideas to make your party all the more delightful. 

Kitty Party Themes, Mean Girls Theme Party

Kitty Party Themes, Mean Girls Theme Party

Kitty Party Themes, Mean Girls Theme Party

Things to remember before conducting a Kitty Party –

  • Make sure that you have already finalised the venue.
  • Usually invitations are not required but if needed ensure you send kitty party invites to everyone.
  • Ensure that the theme decided is perfectly implemented.
  • Keep things entertaining at the party to keep everyone engaged.

3. Pretty Little Liars

This is one of the best kitty party themes because the Little Liars have styles to die for! Get your girls to dress like their favourite liar and? Time for the caged bird to sing. Or better yet, don’t reveal the theme for the night until the last moment! Got a secret, can you keep it?

Kitty Party Themes, Pretty Little Liars Theme Party

4. Gossip Girl

Hello, upper east siders! Channel your inner Waldorf, gather your Serenas and make it as fabulous as one of Blair’s infamous soirees! And oh, don’t forget the macaroons! 

Kitty Party Themes, Gossip Girl Theme Party

Kitty Party Themes, Gossip Girl Theme Party

5. Retro 

Gather all your friends and time travel to your favourite era! Make it a grand throwback to the golden age by gathering things that were popular back then and have a blast! 

Kitty Party Themes, Retro Theme Party

Kitty Party Themes, Retro Theme Party

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6. Bollywood Kitty Party Themes!

Are you a Bollywood buff? Then you know which one of all the kitty party themes to choose to host your grand girls’ night! Make it as filmy as you possibly can and see who does it best!

Kitty Party Themes, Bollywood Theme Party

Kitty Party Themes, Bollywood Theme Party

Kitty Party Themes

7. Hawaiian Theme 

Bring out your craziest summer clothes and decor as you chew on some pineapple slices! Relax on some beach chairs with your girls and have all the Pina Coladas you possibly can!

Kitty Party Themes, Hawaiian Theme

Kitty Party Themes, Hawaiian Theme

8. Casino Kitty Party Theme

Get out your deck of cards and have a game of blackjack with your girls. There are various kitty party game that makes the party all the more entertaining. And when you get bored, play some poker! After all, there’s no way to get bored at a casino-themed party!

Kitty Party Themes, Casino Theme Party

Kitty Party Themes, Casino Theme Party

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9. Traditional Kitty Party Theme

Gather all your girls and go desi! Have fun getting all dolled up in traditional attire and decorate your venue with all things Indian!

Kitty Party Themes, Traditional theme Party

Kitty Party Themes, Traditional theme Party

10. Masquerade Ball 

Find your pearls, get behind that mask and flaunt that gorgeous ball-gown! A masquerade ball themed kitty party is yet another excuse to glam up with your girls and dance the night away in beautiful gowns and mysterious masks! Make the whole ambience ooze of an enigma with dim lights and classy decor! All these ideas are simply outstanding kitty party ideas at home.

Kitty Party Themes, Masquerade Ball Theme

Kitty Party Themes, Masquerade Ball Theme

11. Kindergarten Kitty Theme Ideas

Disconnect yourself from your hectic daily schedule and enjoy yourself as the children do, without any tension or work. Ask everyone to dress up like a kindergartener, with two ponytails and colorful cute dresses or frocks. Arrange everything in kid-friendly ways, such as candies and muffins, and play games like making a paper boat, hide and seek, and so on.

Kindergarten Kitty Theme Ideas

12. A Unique Kitty Party Theme: Memento

The old is gold! This proverb has been repeated many times. So why not use them to make your kitty party memorable? With this one of the most unique themes, you can relive the past for your friends and take a trip down memory lane. Kitty parties are meant to be enjoyable, so in this theme, you can create a collage of all of your friends’ old photos and use that to sting the various photos on the wall, creating a beautiful impact on all of the friends present.

Things you can do to make your kitty party more memorable are:

  • Play an old song.
  • Talk about some old memories.
  • Characters that are memorable are portrayed by others.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to take out the pictures


13. Some New Kitty Themes: Unfulfilled Dreams

There are many dreams which we had thought of becoming but because of certain things like home, children, and many other responsibilities, we became overly focused on these. So this is the time where we can make our dreams to get fulfilled not forever but we can just take a feel of it and can enjoy that moment which we had dreamed of since our childhood. In this kitty theme, ask everyone to dress up as a character they aspire to be and to behave solely as that character throughout the party.

Unfulfilled Dreams

14. Trendy Colors Kitty Theme

Life is colorful then why not our outfit! It’s time to ask every member to get dresses in different colors. And they can do colorful makeup also to enhance the party fun. Decorate the area where you intend to hold the party in bright colors. Use a variety of colors for the kitty party to make the look of the party more fun.

Trendy Colors Kitty Theme 

15. Pajama Party Theme For Kitty Party

It’s summertime, and nobody wants to wear those heavy outfits for the chilling party. So for that, we have a theme of pajama party which you can use as your upcoming kitty party. This is a popular theme because, after a long day, everyone wants to unwind and relax in comfortable clothes. So, ask each member to wear pajamas to the kitty party, and they can wear some cute pajamas to have more fun.

Things you can do at this themed party are just set up a refreshment and cooling station and serve some light snacks. Play charades for fun, and as dusk falls, hang some fairy lights and listen to soulful music.

Pajama Party Theme For Kitty Party 

We hope you loved these kitty party themes as much as we do. Another type is kitty party dress theme ideas. Whatever you decide, have the time of your life with your girlfriends!  Kitty party is just one party type you can also read slumber party ideas.

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