Latest Sheeshpatti Designs For Every Elegant Bride- Breathtaking Choices
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15 Latest Sheeshpatti Designs For Every Elegant Bride- Breathtaking Choices

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Before discussing the latest sheeshpatti designs let’s get to know what sheeshpatti is and the little bit of history behind it. We have seen Indian brides slaying with different types of jewelry. Every piece of the jewel has its own elegance and reason. We know every bride is beautiful but the jewelry really elaborates on her beauty.  And recently we have got to know sispatti has become the new favorite jewel of our brides.

These days brides are focusing on every piece of jewel. It’s not only limited to heavy necklaces anymore. Also, the latest sheeshpatti designs truly elaborate your wedding look. There are wide range from the minimal to royal, it all depends on your taste.

Anyways, we have promised to make every wedding-related task easier for you. Hence, we are again back with our new blog post. We are aware that you have many questions in mind. Let’s dive deep and get to know more about the sispatti.

What exactly is Sispatti?

Sispatti is also known as Sheeshpatti. So, Sheesh means head and Patti is a Hindi term for the headband. Those days no longer exist when the bridal choker necklace and heavy bridal earrings were the only jewels to make a statement. The brides today are setting a new trend with their sheeshpatti designs.


1. The minimal design sheeshpatti with pearl details

An impeccable choice for minimalist brides who like to keep it simple and elegant. The circular bridal mathapatti over the forehead with floral details looks adorable. And the Patti with the details of pearls is eye-catching. Moreover, whether you plan heavy jewelry or light designs it goes well with both. We will surely recommend you this dazzling latest sheeshpatti designs.
The minimal design sheeshpatti with pearl details

2. Need the one which makes you feel like a royal Queen? We’ve got it covered for you

Look at this breathtaking sheeshpatti design! Deepika Padukone showed up as a royal Queen we this sheeshpatti design. Hence, we can’t deny how jaw-dropping it would look with the perfect outfit and jewelry. We can’t take our eyes off it!
Need the one which makes you feel like a royal Queen? We've got it covered for you

3. Looking for a heavy sheeshpatti with pearly details?

We have got the one for you. If there existed something minimal yet heavy designer jewelry it’s this sheeshpatti. It’s the perfect blend of culture with modernism. Multiple pearl bands show minimalism. But meanwhile, the design with the big diamonds steals our attention too. It’s one of the best latest sheeshpatti designs.
Looking for a heavy sheeshpatti with pearly details?

4. Want something a bit different and trendy? Then here you go

These days it’s not only about necklaces or earring jewelry pieces to make a statement. Look at this ethereal sheeshpatti design. We are sure if you showed up in this, you will be the talk of the town. It’s really one of the stunning and latest sheeshpatti designs.
Want something a bit different and trendy? Then here you go

5. Kundan Beauty

We can’t get over this Kundan beauty. It looks absolutely beautiful. We will recommend this to every bride who loves Kundan jewels. Hence, it’s a synonym for the latest sispatti designs which don’t break the banks.
Kundan Beauty

6. Lean Borla – Latest Sheeshpatti designs

The Borla sheeshpatti symbolizes Srinagar in Rajasthani culture. Borla sheeshpatti is a traditional Rajasthani jewelry piece. It represents the glory of culture and looks dazzling. Therefore, get the one for you and you are ready to awestruck everyone. We have almost every Rajasthani bride rocking her bridal look with this latest sheeshpatti design.
Lean Borla - Latest Sheeshpatti designsLean Borla - Latest Sheeshpatti designs

7. The double-layered stunner

Want something other than normal sheeshpatti go for the double-layer stunner. See the ethereal design and floral details. You will love the attractive details. The design makes it one of the most elegant and latest sheeshpatti designs.
The double-layered stunner

8. Floral Elegance

We got that you too are in awe of this floral sheeshpatti. It looks unique and trendy.
Floral Elegance

9. Breathtaking Creation

Look how eye-appealing this sheeshpatti is. We are sure everyone will go gaga over your sispatti. You will be the talk of the town. So if you showed up in this please be ready for the crazy attention. We are in love with the peacock design.
Breathtaking Creation

10. Exquisite Sheeshpatti

The royalness is reflected in the design of this Kundan sheeshpatti. We know you are also adoring its mesmerizing look. Also, the different type of pattern on the side makes it look unique. Hence, we surely recommend it to you.
Exquisite Sheeshpatti

11. Unique Beauty

Firstly, this sheeshpatti design will be cheery on the top for your bridal look. Secondly, it is versatile and therefore can go well with all types of lehenga. The small details make it more beautiful and attractive. Make your bridal look stand out.
Unique Beauty

12. Heavy and designer sheeshpatti

Are you a bride who still loves heavy jewelry? Then this one is for you. It’s an absolute stunner and looks pretty. You will be rocking the day with this sheeshpatti!
Heavy and designer sheeshpatti

13. One more stunner with a traditional blend

Looking for the sheeshpatti which brings the transitional twist to your look? We have got you covered. This design looks absolutely gorgeous. Hence, we believe it’s really a fantastic choice for every bride.
One more stunner with a traditional blend

14. Dazzling Multi-layered Sheeshpatti

Multilayered sheeshpattis have become massively popular. We can’t stop adoring how fabulous they appear. These sheeshpatti designs are available in many varieties. Hence, we find it one of the most reliable latest sheeshpatti designs

Dazzling Multi-layered Sheeshpatti


Make a new fashion statement with the best sheeshpatti design. You can choose the relevant and best one depending on your look and outfit. Some designs can go well with any type of bridal outfit you decide on. Now, you are all set to rock your special day once you decide on the best sheeshpatti design for you.  Bookeventz always works to make weddings an easy task for you. We cover all wedding-related topics through our blogs.

Hence, we hope you loved these latest sheeshpatti designs. We have curated the best options in a single place for you. We hope this blog has helped you to make a choice. Therefore, comment below with your thoughts. Also, you can tell us what you would love to read next.

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