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Top 12 Maharashtrian Nath Designs Ideas For Bride

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Nath is a traditional nose ring that is a vital part of every bride’s jewelry. While in some regions brides can wear Nath for centuries on their wedding day, it makes brides more beautiful than ever. Today, we are talking about Maharashtrian Nath Designs. A Marathi bridal look is complete when she wears a nose pin and these Maharashtrian Naths are eye-catchy that give a glamorous look to a bride and it is heavenly beautiful. 

The perfect ornament that gives a finishing touch to a bride’s make-up and completes a traditional look or can help in heightening a contemporary–fusion bridal style! We show you an attractive Maharashtrian Nath Designs type that will get your wedding apparel to a complete hoop. 

Scroll Down For Some Maharashtrian Nath Designs that Steal the Show:

You can steal the show by wearing these beautiful naths on your D-day. In these 12 designs, we’ve included Traditional nath, Stone- studded naths, Ruby Nath, Gold Nath, Silver nath, and many more. And we are sure you will gonna love all of them!

1. Traditional Maharashtrian Nath Design for Weddings

A Maharashtrian bride with a traditional nath is simply stunning without a doubt. The bride’s face is given a special charisma when she is wearing the traditional nath. So, if you are getting married, you should try this classic look, and check out our design for more ideas.

Traditional Maharashtrian Nath Design for Weddings

2. Maharashtrian Nose Pin Designs

We are enchanted by this stylish nose ring, which adds to her simple Marathi look. The Maharashtrian touches are on point, and the unique supplements are shining brightly. The minimalist yet elegant look is everyone’s favorite, and it creates an impression that cannot be ignored.

Maharashtrian Nose Pin Designs

3. Diamond Nath for an Elegant Wedding Look

Diamond naths with emeralds give brides a dapper and refined look. Wearing this diamond nath is the perfect way to achieve an extraordinary look. And, we bet your entire bridal look will be revamped by this nath design. 

Diamond Nath for an Elegant Wedding Look

4. Gold Nath for Weddings

In Indian weddings, a bridal Nath is extremely meaningful. Explore this gold-studded nath from the collection of naths. It could highlight your entire look and look fabulous on the bride’s face. Since it is lightweight, you can easily carry it.

Gold Nath for Weddings

5. Stone Embellished Nath Design for a Stunning Look

A traditional Maharashtrian saree and an embellished Maharashtrian nath look stunning together. Here is a beautiful nose pin with stones adorned with a beautiful design. I’m sure you’ll love this latest nath design.

Stone Embellished Nath Design for a Stunning Look

6. Pearl Maharashtrian Nath Design

This nath design is perfect for brides who love pearls. An intricately designed pearl-shaped nath is pretty and gives the bride a stunning appearance. Try this nose pin on your wedding day and make your look a stunning one. 

Pearl Maharashtrian Nath Design

7. Regal Peshwai Nath Design for a Royal Look

In Maharashtrian culture, Peshwai Nath is a stylish nose pin made of pearls and colored stones. Peshwai naths impart a certain charm to the face of the bride-to-be. Therefore, if you’re looking for the traditional look, do have a look at this peshwai nath.

Regal Peshwai Nath Design for a Royal Look

8. Brahmani Nath for Brides

Brahmani Nath is another traditional Nath worn by most Maharashtrian brides. Many of them are fond of wearing these classic Brahmi nose rings on their wedding day as they are completed with drips. It is usually made of gold and studded with rubies and emeralds.

Brahmani Nath for Brides

9. Matsya Ruby Nath for Good Luck

Matsya (fish) is a sign of prosperity and wealth. It also symbolizes good luck. In Hindu mythology, the most significant association is with Matsyavatar (Lord Vishnu). Tribal jewelry is a beautiful, raw space. There is an inspiration in each and every tribe. 

Matsya Ruby Nath for Good Luck

10. Karwari Nath Design 

This is another famous Maharashtrian nath that is chosen by many brides. The Karwari Nath is an artistic symbol found in Maharashtra, a state located near Karnataka. Because of this, it has elements of South Indian design as well. 

Karwari Nath Design

11. Silver Nath for a Fusion Look

This nath was widely popular among Muslim women and gained popularity among Hindus when the Mughals started marrying Rajputs. Now, popularly known as Marathi Nath was created as a fusion of cultures and is popular at Maharashtrian weddings as it was worn by Marathas.
Silver Nath for a Fusion Look

12. Statement Nath for an Evergreen Look

Maharashtrian ladies are known for, and that is their bold personality, which will appear in their makeup and clothing. With statement nath make it more bold and clear. We recommend a statement-making nath to help you look and feel like these real Marathi brides on your big day.

Statement Nath for an Evergreen Look

So, that’s all from us! All eyes are on these royal Marathi bridal looks, and we can’t get over how they style themselves. Therefore, these Maharashtrian nath designs are really worth a look and have inspired us to incorporate them in our bridal attire as well. All the trendy brides who always want to make a statement in their bridal look will love these wedding jewelry pieces.

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