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Non-traditional Stylish Ombre Wedding Dresses for all Brides

By Sulagna Chakraborty
Blog timeOct 29, 2021
6 min read

Colors keep getting reinvented all the time. Mixing and matching colors for different outfits is a common practice. Today, ombre wedding dresses have something so new to offer that no bride can refuse it. For brides looking for alternative wedding ideas, the ombre wedding dress is the perfect solution. Then, brides can have fun with this look while still keeping the traditional white wedding dress at the core.

Also, darker ombré colors such as purple, black and blue can give a gothic vibe for a more unconventional wedding. Then, this is a great twist for brides that want a nontraditional wedding dress. For a softer look, you might love the paler pastel ombré colors which add a feminine modern twist to a traditional wedding.

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What do Ombre Wedding Dresses look like?

An ombre wedding dress has a gradual color fading, down to the rest of the dress. And, it can be deep colors, one color, a mix of colors, or pale colors –just like a watercolor effect. Typically this is an effect applied to the dress once it has been bought. Also, you can find the finished wedding dress usually on handmade websites.

Then, let us get down to the most trending and stylish ombre wedding dresses:

1. Air Brushed Ombre Wedding Dresses

The air-brushed wedding dress is the vibrant bridal trend we’ve been waiting for. If you are a bride who wants to move away from the boring whites, then this is ideal. Its rainbow color will be a treat for the eyes. Wear a red or dark lip and perfectly knotted hair for an effortless look.

air brushed ombre wedding dresses

2. Spring Inspired Green Ombre Wedding Dresses

Inspired by spring, this dress features soft English netting. Then it has a teal blue ombre color pouring over green leaves like rainfall. The lace leaves are covered in sequins and fade from lime green to forest green. Then it is decorated with a bold white floral lace around the hem. And, this one-of-a-kind gown is perfect for a spring wedding.

spring inspired ombre wedding dresses

3. Rose Gold Hand Painted Dress

This one is Hand Painted carefully, with Gold Leaf patterns. Then, the lace just glows on top of a Satin Dress. And, it is dyed Blue, Purple, and Red. This one is unique and artistic for a Bridal Gown. Laden with Classy Deep Jewel Tones, it will make you feel like a princess bride.

hand painted ombre wedding dresses

4. V-Neck Tulle Ombre Wedding Dresses

This one is an A-line V-neck Chiffon Ombre Dress. If you have a themed cocktail (see here: cocktail dresses for a wedding) or reception party, then, you may want to consider this. Ideally, this is a formal gown, but with the right kind of makeup and bridal shoes, you will look nothing short of regal.

v neck tulle ombre wedding dresses

5. Cold-Shoulder Silk Ombre Wedding Dresses

Its dreamy and flattering fit, in silk chiffon, make this wedding gown a show stopper. A stunning, fiery gold/burnt orange/burgundy ombre glows across the skirt. And, it is finished with a buttery, silk Charmeuse hem. This gown features billowy silk chiffon sleeves with a perfectly placed attractive cut out at the shoulder.

burnt orange cold shoulder ombre wedding dresses

6. Purple Ombre Wedding Dresses

This one is an Ombre Mermaid-cut gown. It is made in Chiffon. If you are having a Beach Wedding, then, this is ideal. Also, this comes with Ruched Lace Accents. So, pair it with a low messy bun and a classy bridal crown.

purple ombre wedding dresses

7. Dark Yellow Ombre Wedding Dresses

This one has a fitted v-cut bodice and a flared skirt. Unlike the other gowns in this list, the colors fade outgoing from top to bottom. This one is extremely comfortable. Then, this is a great option if you want to slip on an easy dress for your first dance. Leave your hair open or create beach waves. And, you are good to go.

dark yellow ombre wedding dresses

8. Black and Blue Ombre Dress

This one has an intense mix of black and blue ombre colors. They almost fade into each other. Then, it has a horsehair skirt which gives you an ocean-like feel. If you have a destination wedding, ( see here: destination wedding themes) then, this is a must-try. Then, wear soft glam makeup to finish the look.

black and blue ombre wedding dresses

9. A-line Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

This again is a beach wedding dress. It has an A-line structure. And, it is made in chiffon. Also, this Burgundy Bridal gown with a sheer long sleeve lace bodice is ideal for all brides.

burgundy long sleeve ombre wedding dresses

10. Black Beaded Ombre Wedding Dresses

Its rhinestone embellishment on tulle fabric makes this gown extremely elegant and chic. Then, it comes with a sweep train and a high neck hemline. Also, this one is for brides who like to experiment. And, pair it with swept-up hair and luscious locks in front.

black and beaded ombre wedding dresses

11. Black and White Ombre Wedding Dresses

Although black is not the go-to color for a wedding dress, you can always try something new. Black makes you feel strong and in control. That’s what you want to do especially when you’re starting a life with your partner. Also, this has become a favorite for spring-summer brides. And, it comes with a cotton crop top and black net sleeves. Also, the skirt has an ombre at the hemline. And, wear this with peachy or pastel makeup to ramp up the look.

black and white ombre wedding dresses

12. Red and White Ombre Wedding Dresses

Brides everywhere are falling in love with ombre details. And, it is guaranteed to wow guests and leave a lasting impression long after the “I dos” are done. And, this one has been marked runway-ready by many fashion designers. Then, you can trust this to be tried and tested. Wear it with smokey eye makeup and you will look gorgeous in this one.

red and white ombre wedding dresses

13. Rouge Glitter Dress

This one comes with a Pleated Bodice and a Glitter Tulle Finish. And, wear glitter or a sequined belt to cinch the waist. Then, it will form a perfect hourglass shape. This is extremely figure-flattering. If you want to take everyone by surprise, then, pick this.

rouge glitter ombre wedding dresses

14. Silk Indigo Ombre Wedding Dresses

This one has a transparent sparkle blouse for brides. Then, its thick wide silk bustier perfectly keeps bust shape, avoids transparency of lace top, and is perfectly suited for all sizes. A mix of indigo, navy blue, and dusty blue tulle colors mixed with navy blue lining. Then, this makes it an ideal pick for an outdoor bohemian wedding.

indigo ombre wedding dresses

15. Pink Ombre Dress

This one comes in a delicate blush pink ombre. Then, you can keep the styling simple since the gown does the job for you. Also, it is a perfect mix of power and femininity. And, you will look breathtaking in this number.

pink ombre wedding dresses

Try these unconventional ombre wedding dresses to leave a mark on all your guests. Also, do not think about what people say if you are confident in yourself and can carry these well. Then, as always, pick your favs!

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