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Party Cup Games Ideas for all your Major Events- Birthday, Cocktail etc.

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Party cup games can be played on any major events like birthdays, cocktails, and even kitty parties. And these party cup games can be played by people of any age group. So, it will be fun to play. And at the same time, it will be challenging.

Have a look at all the Party Cup Games below:

  1. Red Solo Cup Games

    In this, you can arrange a line of red solo cups. Then the competition will start like that participants first of all have to blow the balloons. And then they have to blow away those red solo cups with the help of blown balloons. So, they will be exciting cup party games.

    party cup games

  2. ‘Stack Attack’ Plastic Party Cup Games

    In this game, the players have to stack the plastic cups in the form of a pyramid. And to make it more difficult, you can tell them to pile the cups vertically line-by-line. So, the game will have more fun and excitement to enjoy at your birthday or even at cocktail parties.

    party cup games

  3. Ping Pong Cup Game

    A ping pong ball can be used to play this game. So, you have made a single line of plastic cups. And you have to fill the cups with water. Now, the players have to put a ball on a first cup and he or she has to blow that ping pong ball with the air of their mouth. So, the one who will reach the ball to the last cup will win. This game will make everybody cheer for their favorites and all will enjoy this party cup games.

    party cup games

  4. Tap n Fill Bouncing Game

    In the tap n fill game, the player has to tap the ball on a table. And this ball must go inside a cup placed at the table. So, the one who will tap and fill the maximum number of balls in one go will win this cup games

  5.  Throw Ball Game

    In a throw ball game, the player has to throw the ball in a cup from a distance. For this, you have to arrange balls in one horizontal line on a table and you also have to mark the place from where a participant will throw the ball. And likewise, arrange 3 to 4 tables and let all the 3 or 4 players play at one whistle. So, this will make the party environment more fun and everybody can cheer each other. party cup games

  6. Puddle Jumper Game

    The puddle jumper game acts like a frog jump. And here you have to use your breathe to jump the water-filled balls from one cup to another. But the distance of the cups will increase by 3, 6, and finally 9 inches. The one who will fail to make two balls successfully reach a cup will lose the cup games

  7. Tilt a Cup

    Tilt a cup game is really amazing and a fun game. So, all you have to do is have a pile of 6 or 8 cups. And your partner will start throwing a ping pong ball at you. You have to catch it in that stack of balls. Then you will keep that ball in a cup and place it below the stack. And then again catch the ball. So, this will continue until you will have a ball at the top of the stack. This will of course be moving and it will be a challenging game to play. The one who will complete the game first will win cup games

  8. Tic-Tac-Toe Game

    In this, we will basically play a tic-tac-toe game but with a twist. As we are having all party cup games then here also we will use cups to play tic-tac-toe games. But for this, you have to put your ball at the side of a table and tap from below to turn around. Once it is upward down you can place your ball at the position of tic-tac-toe place. The one who wins makes it to the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line will win the cup games

  9. Flip the Bottle and Land the Cups

    For this game, you will need two players. So, one player will flip the one-fourth filled water bottle. And then the other teammate will land the cup at the top of a bottle like a lid. So, it will be a difficult game to play. But it will be fun and exciting. And it will be the best birthday party game for all of cup games

  10. ‘Movin’ On Up’ the Cups

    You will have a huge stack of balls with one different color cup in between them. So, all you need to do is to move that different color cup at the bottom of the stack. So, the one who will succeed in doing it first will win the cup games

  11. ‘Cup Collection’ Challenge

    Cups will be arranged for all the opponents at the table. And the one who will collect all the cups will win this cup games

  12. ‘Yank Me’ Cup n Paper Game

    ‘Yank me’ game is very different. But it will be a distinct birthday party idea to enjoy even at your cocktails. So, all you need to do in this game is, first of all, you have to pile 4 or 6 cups. And there will be paper in between each cup. Then you have to take away that paper and make the first cup come over the top of the second cup. Likewise, it will continue like cup games

  13. Flip Cup Game

    Each ball will have some beverage. So, each participant will come and drink that beverage. And after that player has to flip the cup upside down. So, whoever team will complete the task first will win this cup games

  14. Sidewinder Cup Game

    Sidewinder will be a very difficult game to play. But this will be of course fun to play. So, all you have to do in this game is turn your cup from the side. And after rolling, it has to stand upside down. party cup games

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  15. Cup Jump Challenge

    In this game, you have to jump the ball or any other thing from one cup to another.

    party cup games

  16. ‘Fall into Place’ Cup Game

    This game will allow you to have a maximum number of balls in your opponent’s place as well. So, there will be a place from where you have to throw a ball to be fit on a ball placed below. The one who will have more balls in place will win this cup games

  17. ‘Field Goal’ Cup Game

    This is one of the most difficult games. ere you have to balance a rod on one cup. And then on both ends, you have to pile the cups. The team who will first make that pile will win this cup games

  18. Bowling Pins Cup Party Games

Here, you can make fun with plastic cups in the form of bowling pins. So, you have to stack 10 cups just like we do in bowling pin games. And then you will challenge the player to destroy those cups in one go. So, the one which will destroy it in one go will win the game.

party cup games

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