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11 Wedding Card Box Gift Ideas with Wedding Invitation for your D Day

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeFeb 15, 2021

Wedding card box ideas are the best way to express your feeling towards your D-day. And the message for this special day can be expressed easily through a personalized wedding invitation. So, to make it more special you should add a customized gift along with your wedding card. This will altogether make the perfect wedding invitation idea.

Given below are the top 11 wedding card box ideas for your wedding:

1) Sweets Wedding Card Box Idea

Sweets Wedding Card Box

In this idea, you can make a box of 2 to 4 big and expensive laddos or any other sweet. So, along with an invitation card, you can send a small box of gifts to the guests. And this personalized wedding invitation gift item will make your guest feel special.

2) Bouquet Wedding Card Box


Lavender, rose, lily, or orchid flowers bouquet can be the other idea to send as a wedding card gift. But you can also make a combination of flowers bouquet. And it completely depends on your choice. And this beautiful effort will certainly lift the mood of your guests.

One stop wedding requirement

3) Silver or Gold Coin Gift with Wedding Card

Silver or Gold Coin

Silver or a gold coin put in a beautiful box can also be sent with the wedding invitation. So, this wedding card with the box will give all the more personal touch to your invitation. But this can only be sent to some of your most special and close friends. It is because it might be expensive for some.

Have a look at this exciting Wedding Invitation Wording Made Simple for Casual and Formal Themes. It will help you customize your wedding card.

4) Home Décor

Home Décor

A flower vase or any other home décor stuff can also be one of the options for a gift with the wedding invitation. And this is also the best idea to show your love. So, in this category, you have an ample number of options. There are varied options available in the market in the name of decoration.

5) Nature Inspired Items

Nature Inspired Items

These days gifting plants to somebody has become a cool thing. So, you too can gift a plant or small little fish with wedding greeting cards. And you can also add instructions on how to care for them. It is because if you are gifting something then it is important to make things alive for a long time. So, it is always better to add some instructions to your such kind of gifts.

6) Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Candles are always the best thing to gift someone. So, it can also be a marvelous thing to give along with a wedding gift card. It is so because scented candles suddenly lift the mood of the sad person. So, gifting something with a good intention always pays you back.

Do not have time to send cards to your long distance friends? But it is important to invite them. Then try out 7 Awesome Digital Wedding Invitation Ideas for your Wedding.

7)  Customized Crockery Items

Customized Crockery Items

You can buy beautiful crockery items like vas, jar, bottle, plate, bowl, and cups or mugs, etc. as a gift. And you can personalize them with the names or pictures crafted on them. So, making this effort will give a more personal touch to your gift. And it will look expensive and beautiful.

8) Imported Chocolate Box

Imported Chocolate Box

You can buy imported chocolate for your guests. And it will look lavish and classy. But if you live outside India or somebody from your family lives there then buy imported chocolate as a wedding card box of your own. So, on the boxes, you can implant the names of a couple. And make some cute decorations over it.

9) Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Everybody is getting crazy over essential oils these days. So, gifting it as a wedding card box item can be one of the best ideas to present someone. And you can add a list of some of the benefits of that particular essential oil.

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10) Seeds or Dry Fruits

Seeds or Dry Fruits

To make your wedding card box rich and exciting, try to add seeds or dry fruits to it. So, gifting a box filled it dry fruits will be a good way to show your love to them. And you can also make a jar of seeds like melon, sunflower, and flax seeds, etc. Also, try to add some of the benefits to them.

11) Antique Gift Items

Antique Gift Items

Antique gifts can also beloved as a wedding card box. So, buy some unique items from the store. And put them in cute boxes to make it more exciting.

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