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Wedding Dress Code Themes Idea For The Best Pictures!

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If you are planning an intimate, very exclusive, and classy wedding you can allot dress code themes to one or more of your wedding functions. Allotting wedding dress code theme ideas would guarantee amazing photos and make your party even more exciting. But, picking the right theme for the right occasion can be hard so here are a few ideas for you. We have categorized wedding dress code themes in the following categories.

1.Formal Dress Codes

2. Dress Codes on the Basis of color

3. Beach-style Tropical Wedding Dress code theme ideas.

Look at all the Wedding Dress code theme ideas and tell us your favorite.

1. All Formal Dress Code

All formal dress codes for weddings make the event and the place looks classier. The formal look will make the dress code theme perfect for the wedding. Guys can opt for suits and tuxedos while the girls wear dresses and pantsuits. If you are a formal lover, this dress code theme for guests provides you with the perfect opportunity.

wedding dress code themes

2. Yellow Dress Code

Yellow is the most common and the most sought-after theme but it works wonders. Be it haldi or mehendi this theme is flawless for both. Everyone in your dresses, kurtas, and sunglasses, the scene is just spectacular. Additionally, all the brights colours come out really well with yellow. The yellow theme is better with morning functions. 

wedding dress code themes

3. Semi Formal Wedding Dress Code

Don’t wanna make it a compulsion to wear formal but still wanna embrace the formal look? Here is a Wedding dress code theme for you. make it semi-formal. Your guests can wear shirts, suits, and ties or whatever they like if it’s a little formal and still casual. This a theme that you might not have to specify in the invitations because its quite obvious and popular.

wedding dress code themes

wedding dress code themes

4. Metallic Dress Code

This dress code is more of a theme for Bachelorette and cocktail parties. Everyone in the room can wear super shiny and scintillating dresses and outfits. This is sure to make your party more fabulous with guaranteed gorgeous pictures. This is unique and very trendy. If you are looking to have something different, offbeat, and amazing as your theme you should definitely check this out. This theme would go very well with any ceremony that has a dance party.
wedding dress code themes

5. Retro Wedding Dress Code Themes

This one is an epic one too. You can keep it just retro where the people follow old trends or you can specify it. You can make it like a 90’s theme or 70’s or 80’s whatever you like better. This theme is perfect for cocktail parties. The party is going to be a blast and the memories are going to be cherished forever. Furthermore, in this retro theme, you can also keep themes like golden and black or black and red.

wedding dress code themes

6. Cocktail Attire

The name might suggest that the theme is just for cocktail nights, but this theme would work well with receptions too. All men with tuxedos or suits with bow ties and women in gorgeous cocktail attires. This is very similar to the formal theme with slight changes, this is a little more stylish and a bit quirky if you are into that. It is going to give the the whole celebrity wedding feel.

wedding dress code themes

7. Tropical Theme Dresscode

This dress code is a super fun one. You can have it for Haldi, Mehendi, or even pool parties. The multicolored outfits with amazing tropical style jewelry and hair accessory are going to make quite an impression. Guys can wear Hawaiian shirts and tee shirts with shorts and capris. If you are having a summer wedding or a beach wedding, then you should surely check out the details of this theme. You are absolutely going to love it.

wedding dress code themes

8. Black Tie Theme

Black tie themes are very common in western countries. It is like a formal attire thing but a lot for more specific. This theme requires a tuxedo for men and gowns for the ladies. This is a perfect theme to have in an intimate and small wedding. These Wedding dress code themes just screams elegance and class. Be careful the name of the theme might confuse some of your guests. 

wedding dress code themes

9. Beach Wedding Dress Code Themes

Beach weddings demand a whole different setting. Your beach wedding dress codes can range from semi-formal to tropical theme dress codes. Florals and printed though would be a perfect fit for beach weddings. They have a popular, soothing, and interesting feel to them just like your wedding.

Beach Wedding Dress Code Themes

10. White Party

White parties are quite common in western societies but the subtlety is the glamour in these parties. You can provide all your guests with colorful floral tiaras for girls and colorful brooches or lapel pins for guys to make the party lively. This theme is perfect for pool parties and even haldi ceremonies.

wedding dress code themes

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