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Guide To The Best Barbecue Party Ideas For The Perfect Event!

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Barbecue parties are a common trend and very popular so if you are planning a barbecue party be sure to get all the details right. This is a superb party theme for birthdays as well as social gatherings and even kitty parties. It requires very little effort and has some amazing results.  You can Barbecue parties in your backyard. Moreover, the party is great for summers and winters. These are some barbecue party classifications we will be looking into.


2. Barbecue party Decoration

3. Food and Drinks Menu

4. Safety precautions

Explore all the amazing Barbecue party ideas and have an amazing party.

1. Barbecue Party Invites

A Perfect barbecue party starts with a perfect barbecue invitation. Invite your guests in a full BBQ party Style with these ever stylish e-invites. Dont forget to mention the date, time and venue of the party. And also mention if RSVP is neccessary. These invitations will make a striking first impression.

Barbecue party

Barbecue party

2. Keep Enough Charcoal and Propane

Here is a really useful BBQ party tip for you all, keep enough charcoal and propane with you for the party. Running out of charcoal and propane in the middle of your party can be frustrating so let that happen. Keep the extras near Barbeque so that it is easily accessible.

Barbecue party

3. Decorative Lights BBQ Party Decoration

A barbecue party without proper lighting would be very bland and lack glamour. To make the party more appealing and decorative, use Fairy lights or eddison bulbs. It can be single colour or you can even have multicolor lights.These are optional but we advice you to absolutely have it for the best Barbecue party experience. 

Barbecue party

4. Drinks for Barbecue Parties

Nothing sounds better than chilly drinks on hot summer days.If you are have having a party with guests of all ages, make sure you have variety of drinks too. Alchoholic beverages for adults and non alchoholic for kids and those who are driving. Enjoy the barbecue party in full swag with amazing mocktails and cocktails.

Barbecue party

5. Lawn Games for Party

Keeping games board games at a BBQ party might sound absurd but this could be a very viable option. Jenga can be the perfect game. This will entertain and engage all your Guests. 

Barbecue party

hand painted lehenga

6. Barbecue Dessert S’mores

Dont go for traditional desserts at barbeque parties. Embrace the barbecue touch with tasty marshamollows and making smores is always a great idea. Try it out and tell us how much you loved it.

Barbecue party

7. Barbecue Seating Arragements

Seating arrangements for barbecue dont have to be very particular. Your seating arrangements could be randomly assembled lounge chairs or proper dinning tables. How you arrange stuff depends laregely upon the comfort level and the space in your backyard or at your venue.

Barbecue party


8. Barbecue Dishes and Food

Barbecue Parties are a lot about the foof they serve. Anthing that can be grilled on the barbecue are great food options. But make sure you have apppetisers and other snaks like chips and torillas and salsa too. Amog grilled foods you can have Paneer tikkas, Grilled baby corn, DIfferent veg and non-veg Kebabs, and many more.

  • Potato SaladBarbecue party
  • Corn on the Cob
  • barbecue partyTortillabarbecue party
  • Dinner Rolls and Pitabarbecue party
  • Paneer Tikkabarbecue party
  • Kebabsbarbecue party
  • Pasta Saladbarbecue party

9. Barbecue Party Safety Checklist

Barbecue parties are quite simple but they can be a little dangerous. So keep stuff like first aid kits and fire extinguishers handy. Also, if the barbecue party is in the afternon or any time before sunset everyone should wear sunscreen. Ensure you safety with some of these things.

  • First Aid Kitbarbecue party
  • Fire Extinguisherbarbecue party
  • Sunscreenbarbecue party
  • Bug Spray or Candlesbarbecue partyFor more such party themes and content check out our Facebook page.

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