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Memorable Birthday Decorations for Boys to Make Every Party Fun

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Picking the right birthday decorations for boys is very challenging since it’s difficult to know what they might like. But as usual, Bookeventz has the best birthday decorations for boys. Here are the categories you can look into:-

a. Boys Birthday Themes

b. Birthday Decorations for Boys

Check out the best birthday decorations for boys listed below;-

1. Dinosaur Theme Party

Dinosaurs existed before us but no one has seen them so why not bring them into your birthday party and fly back in times humans didn’t exist! This surely will add into the birthday themes for boys list. Check our full detailed idea on Dinosaur birthday party theme in our blog.

3. Aladdin Birthday Themes for Boys

We all want to believe in the idea of Aladdin but it’s unrealistic. Though, it is unrealistic to have an Aladdin in life but we can still bring him in reality through an Aladdin themed birthday party. So, here are the ideas for an Aladdin themed birthday party.

Aladdin Theme Party

4. Pub G Birthday Themes for Boys

A pub g themed birthday party has become a new trend amongst the youth due to the game’s vast popularity. Let us bring you the best ideas for your most loved game Pubg ! To get more ideas for your pub g themed birthday party, read our blog!

irthday Party Themes for Boys Pub g

 5. Avengers Birthday Party Theme

All the avengers fan, get ready to bring your favourite super heroes to your birthday party through an Avengers themed birthday party.We have got the best ideas covered for a perfect Avengers theme birthday party. Check out our blog! 

Birthday Party Themes For Boys Avengers

6. Minions Birthday Theme

Though kids today watch less cartoon due to the ever increasing boom in technology but minions have managed to catch the eye balls of kids. A minion’s birthday party theme will be just perfect to keep the kids still attached to cartoons. Read our blog on a cute minions themed birthday party!

Birthday Party Theme for Boys Minion Theme

8. Space Birthday Decorations for Boys

If your child is a space fan and dreams of becoming an astronaut or exploring the universe. You can host this this amazing space-themed party on his birthday.  The outer space theme throws up so many ideas and you can really apply your creativity wih this theme. Furthermore, this theme is good for kids and even tweens. Here are the classification of ideas for space themed birthday partyThis space theme birthday decoration set containing different colour balloons, cake toppers and foil ballons can be combined with some other decorations too. You can also use balloon arch strip roll , happy birthday bunting banner for girls or boys, bday girl crown, confetti ballons combo, metallic ballons, caps, candle, party props, led string lights and space cap. This birthday decoration is perfect for your space theme.

space themed birthday party

9. Treasure Hunt Theme Party

The smiles on everyone’s faces, be it kids teenagers or adults when a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt is announced is well worth the time and energy you put into organising it. Your guests are going to love getting out and about, exploring and discovering new things. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to planning the greatest birthday treasure hunt party.
birthday treasure hunt

10. Nostalgic Circus Theme birthday decorations for boys

A circus is so much fun to watch but it becomes more exciting when we bring it to our celebration and hence we bring you few unique yet beautiful circus themed birthday party ideas to make your birthday special. Balloons are always a part of the celebration but how about a balloon man? No, right? So, this one’s for you to include a unique decoration to your circus themed party. This idea might not excite you but it will surely excite kids for the birthday party!
birthday decorations for boys

11. Doraemon Theme Birthday Decorations for Boys

A fun and exciting way to add more life to any birthday party is by customizing it according to a theme. One of the most loved cartoons in a kids world is Doraemon. Throwing a birthday party taking a theme of your kids favourite cartoon would be a dream for every kid! If your kid loves Doraemon, throwing a Doraemon theme birthday party will be a very memorable experience for them and would be a dream come true! Here, we bring you some ideas through which you can customize your kids birthday party according to Doraemon theme!

12. Stranger Things Theme Decoration

Celebrate your birthday with these awesome Stranger Things themed party ideas! Stranger Things have become one of the favourite Netflix series amongst the kids and the teens. This fictional show is based in early-to-mid 80s and revolves around the disappearance of Will Byers in season 1, while the 2nd season explores the repercussions of the mysterious events of season 1. The recent season, season 3, focuses on new evil forces.  With this new season, turn the world upside down for your kid’s birthday party! Let you kid’s birthday be an Eleven in a world full of Tens with this Stranger Things Themed Party!
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13. Game Of Thrones Themed Birthday Party Decoration

Your next birthday should definitely be a Game of Thrones Themed birthday party because if not now, then when? The last season has started streaming already and the excitement levels are shooting further than fire from a dragon’s nostrils. All the character arcs and storylines are expected to merge and reach a conclusion. Or, will they? Nobody knows and you definitely need to get all your GOT friends together and enjoy your big day in its world complete with themed decorations and food.
game of thrones birthday party, game of thrones party decorations, game of thrones birthday card, game of thrones party ideas, game of thrones themed party, game of thrones birthday decorations

14. Avengers Theme Birthday Decorations for Boys

All the Avenger fans can assemble here as we are going to look at awesome ideas for an Avengers Themed Party. You may ask, why? As the Avengers Endgame sequel is going to come this month and the hype is at its peak, fans of all ages are feeling ‘Hulkian’ levels of anticipation. Will it be Thor’s new hammer which will get Thanos? Or will Captain Marvel perform some ultra-powerful move to fight him? Whatever may happen, let’s look at some great Avengers Theme Birthday party ideas to get another slice of the MCU in our lives. 
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15. PUBG Birthday Decorations for Boys

If one of your loved ones keeps murmuring “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” or “Revive Me, revive me” while he or she is glued to the phone screen, then you can be sure that the PUBG bug has bitten them. The Battle Royale game genre which was popularised by another addictive multiplayer group game called Counter-Strike is a global phenomenon. A concerned parent even asked the Prime Minister for the advice! So to help you with the best theme party ideas here are Pubg themed birthday party ideas. As we should encourage an economical use of technology and discourage addiction, we should try to inculcate a sense of positivism in our loved ones so they can play these addictive games in moderation. This thought begs the question, “What can be a better way to celebrate the birthday of a PUBG lover than with a Pubg themed birthday party ideas?”

Pubg birthday invites, pubg birthday theme, player unknowns battleground, battle royale

All of these rocking  space themed birthday party are fantastic. For more Wedding ideas, Birthday party ideas and corporate eventz do check out our Facebook page.


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