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20 Fairy Light Wedding Decorations to Give a Remarkable Look in Marriage

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeMay 19, 2021

Fairy light wedding decorations instantly uplifts your wedding decor. So, it is the best way to incorporate fairy light decoration in your marriage. Also, it will look great in pictures.

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Have a look at all the ideas of fairy light wedding decorations enlisted below:

  1. Fairy Light Wedding Decorations at Dining Area

    Fairy Light Wedding Decorations at Dining AreaDecorating your dining space of wedding with fairy lights will make your guests happy. So, they can enjoy their meal at the best place and usually, people love to have their food at a decorated place.

  2. Fairy Light Tree Backdrop

    Fairy Light Tree BackdropInstalling or decorating a tree with fairy lights can be used as a backdrop for your wedding photography. And it will be one of the best fairy light wedding decorations. So, include it in your wedding and you will get perfect wedding pictures.

  3. Hanging Fairy Lights

    Hanging Fairy LightsJust hanging fairy lights here and there for the decorative purposes at your wedding is the perfect way to give your wedding decor an awesome look. So, this will enlighten your wedding decor. Try this at your wedding too.

  4. Pink Fairy Lights

    Pink Fairy LightsDecorating your wedding mandaps or other tents with pink color fairy lights will be the best fairy light wedding decorations. So, you must try pink color fairy lights for your wedding decoration too.

  5. Star Fairy Lights

    Star Fairy LightsStar-shaped fairy lights can be hanged on the walls of your house. So, it will give a beautiful wedding look to your house. And it will be a different look from the traditional fairy lights.

  6. Blue Fairy Lights

    Blue Fairy LightsBlur fairy lights can be used to decorate the entrance and this will certainly give a different look to your wedding decor. So, choosing a blue color for your wedding is the best idea to have fairy light wedding decorations.

  7. Warm White Fairy Lights

    Warm White Fairy LightsSuch warm white fairy lights look so soothing to the eyes and it gives a beautiful and elegant look to your wedding decoration. Also, these lights can be used to decorate a different place at your wedding venue.

  8. Waterfall Fairy Lights

    Waterfall Fairy LightsThis type of waterfall fairy lights can be used to decorate your chandelier at the wedding venue. Ans this type of fairy light wedding decorations can be used to give distinct look to your wedding.

  9. Red Fairy Lights

    Red Fairy LightsAs red fairy lights can be a bold color to choose from. So, you should not add red fairy lights to all your wedding decorations. Just try to decorate some of the areas like stage or mandap or a photo backdrop.

  10. Purple Fairy Lights

    Purple Fairy LightsPurple fairy lights can be used to decorate the wedding entrance. And it can also be used for swing decoration. So, make your specials things look gorgeous with purple fairy lights.

  11. Flower Fairy Lights

    Flower Fairy LightsThis type of fairy lights can be used to decorate the centerpieces which are put on the dining table or wedding seating arrangement areas. It will beautify the look of these types of areas.

  12. Copper String Lights

    Copper String LightsCopper fairy lights can be used to decorate the wedding entrance and these entrances will look something different from the conventional. So, try adding it to your wedding decor to give a completely different look at the wedding decoration.

  13. Rainbow Fairy Lights

    Rainbow Fairy LightsA rainbow color fairy light is the best type of fairy light wedding decorations. So, this type of decoration can be done by us to decorate one of the sections of our house to celebrate a spinster party at home.

  14. Pom Poms and Fairy Lights

    Pom Poms Fairy LightsPom poms and fairy lights go perfectly well with each other. So, you can also add both of them to your wedding decorations. So, it will make your wedding decor look scintillating and unique.

  15. Orange Fairy Lights

    Orange Fairy Lights

    Orange color fairy lights can be used to decorate the mandaps. And this will look gorgeous and scintillating at your wedding.

  16. Gold Fairy Lights

    Gold Fairy Lights

    Gold fairy lights are the most beautiful fairy light wedding decorations. And you must try this for your wedding decor as well. It will make your wedding decoration look unique. SO, try gold color fairy lights at your marriage.

  17. Heart-Shaped String Lights

    Heart String LightsIf you will decorate your wedding entrances like this it will be the best idea you will choose. This type of heart-shaped strings with airy light on them will make your wedding more stylish and beautiful.

  18. Leaf Garland Fairy Lights

    Leaf Fairy LightsSuch kind of leaf garland with a decoration of fairy lights is the best way to have a photobooth. So, this type of photo booths will look gorgeous on wedding photographs.

  19. Multi-Colored Jar Fairy Lights

    Multi-Colored Jar Fairy LightsHanging a jar decoration at your wedding will be a unique idea of wedding decoration. So, you can even make it more beautiful by adding multi-color fairy lights into these jars. It will make the fairy light wedding decorations more enticing.

  20. Fairy Lights Curtain

    Fairy Lights CurtainMaking a fairy light curtain at your wedding will make it gorgeous and appealing at your wedding. So, try using such fairy light curtains at your wedding to give a different look to it.

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