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Bedazzling Kalgi Design Ideas That All Grooms Can Flaunt On Their Wedding Day!

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If you think weddings are only bride-centered, then you should see all the grooms putting out statements with their dapper outfits and trendy groom accessories. Kalgis are symbols of royalty quite similar to a brooch but it sits on the groom’s pagdi or safa. Kalgi or kalangi is an ornament commonly worn by grooms of north Indian weddings. Major Kalgi design types to classify:

  1. Minimalistic Kalgi Design
  2. Extravagant Kalgi
  3. Quirky Style Kalgi ideas

To help you in your quest for the perfect kalgi design we have some amazing options that you can draw inspiration from.

  1. Feather Kalgi Design

    Kalgis with feathers adds a touch of grandeur to the groom’s attire. The white feather part stands upright over the kalgi. This kalgi is absolutely stunning. Moreover, this kalgi design particularly is adorned with very special stones and diamonds. You can be among those grooms with cute and cool feather kalgis.

    kalgi design

  2. Kundan Kalgi

    From the brides earring, mathapatti, kamarbandh, or the groom’s necklace, everything is better with Kundan. Then why not the kalgi? This amazing kalgi with red and green stones make it so irresistible. For the royal feel and classy touch, here is the most wonderful one. kalgi design

  3. Extravagant Kalgi with Green Danglings

    Planning on having a white, off-white, or a beige safa? This extravagant kalgi design is something epic. It is the perfect combination of Kundan, red, and green stones. Furthermore, the long and large kalgi pattern makes it even more appealing. You can have a matching necklace for the complete glam look. kalgi design

  4. Minimalistic Kalgi Ideas

    Not every groom has to go all maximist with their kalgi. This small, adorable kalgi is a delight for every eye. You can customize this one with diamonds for yourself if you want luxury. Additionally, the minimalistic feature keeps it trendy and simple. kalgi design

    Kalgi design

  5. Passa Style Groom Kalgi

    This kalgi is for all the hot and superb Sikh grooms. Why should brides have all the fun with head accessories? Wear a contrasting kalgi and then add a passa style head accessory properly matching your outfit. This additional accessory makes you look a hell of a lot for cool and even traditional to some extent.
    kalgi design

  6. Both Side Chain Kalgi

    A list of kalgi designs without fantastic chain kalgi? No way!! This gold and pearl kalgi with pearl danglings and pearl chains are fabulous. This kalgi would be amazing with a pearl necklace. Furthermore, it would blend well with both light and dark colour safas. kalgi design

  7. Majestic Kalgi with Pearls

    A wedding with all bright and amazing colors deserves a kalgi as opulent as this one. This one is an elaborate one. Moreover, the combination of small and large pearls adds a touch of exquisiteness. Large stones, sheeshpatti design, gorgeous beads, who wouldn’t want this for their wedding? kalgi design

  8. Large Size Kalgi

    Now comes the turn for an epic large-size kalgi. This kalgi design is smart, quirky, and off-beat. There are many colors, patterns, and styles. The turquoise stone danglings have an edge. This unique kalgi is exactly what you need for your outfit. kalgi design

  9. Multi-layer Groom Kalgi

    Here is yet another multi-layered chain kalgi. The catch being it has chains only on one side. The dark green emerald chain and the terrific classic kalgi design make for a magical accessory.
    kalgi design

  10. Multicolored Groom Kalgi

    One great way to draw attention to your pagdi and safa is to add a multicolored kalgi to the mix. This kalgi design is sure to make heads turn. You can opt for pearls, kundan chains, or colorful stones to bedazzle your safa. Don’t we love grooms who never hold back in glamourizing their wedding?

    kalgi design

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