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Birthday Party

Surprise Birthday Party for Your Brother or Sister!

By Andrea Pereira
Blog timeSep 11, 2018

From being your first enemy to be your first best friend, your siblings have taught you how to be a good kid. And also ways to climb up the cupboard to steal some cookies. So, this year as a birthday idea for your brother or sister, throw them a surprise birthday party to celebrate their special day. But if you’re confused about how to organize it, use this 8 step guide to plan your brother’s or sister’s surprise birthday party.

Here’s a list of 8 steps to plan your brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party…

1. Make a List of their Likes and Dislikes for the Surprise Birthday Party


The one thing that you’ve got to jot down for the surprise birthday party is your brother or sister’s likes and dislikes. So, this will help you decide the theme of the party and plan some activities for the celebration. And you can get in touch with their friends if you want some more ideas for the party planning.

brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party plan
Surprise Ideas

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2. Plan Surprise Birthday Party Location

A location for a surprise birthday idea for your brother or sister can be your home or their favorite restaurant. Their likes and dislikes will give you an idea of the decorations and theme you can set. If you plan the surprise party at home you have the liberty to decorate as much as you want. And also decorate according to the theme you’ve chosen.

For example, if your sibling likes superheroes you can use decorations that represent the color of their favorite superhero. And also put an eye mask on all the balloons for that comic book vibe. But if your sibling has been craving a beach vacation, bring the beach home by giving the décor a Hawaiian touch by decorating the place with leaves and tropical fruits. 

If the birthday surprise ideas for your sister or brother do not include any specific decorations, you can always opt for some balloons and ribbons or DIY décor.

P.S. Make sure you occupy your sibling for the duration before the party to get time to decorate. You can also take the help of their friends.

brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party decor
Birthday Surprise Ideas


3. Invite the family and Friends to the Surprise Birthday Party

The key to a surprise party is the people who are present at the celebration. So, you can invite your family and friends by calling them or also sending them a WhatsApp invitation card. Just make sure to remind them that it’s a surprise birthday party and they have to keep their lips sealed. You can choose to make the surprise birthday party card according to the theme you’ve selected. Or select any one of these Ideas for a WhatsApp birthday Invitation.

brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party card

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4. Arrange a Surprise Birthday Party Cake

Your surprise birthday ideas for your brother or sister won’t be complete without a birthday cake. So, you can get a cake that relates to the theme of the surprise birthday party. Or just get a cake with their favorite frosting. So, you can use a funny picture from their childhood, to embarrass them a little or write a name that they are called by people when they tease.

brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party cake
Birthday cake

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5. Plan a Lunch or Dinner Surprise Birthday Party

What’s a surprise birthday idea for your brother or sister without some of their favorite food. You can place an order at their favorite restaurant or cook a fancy meal just for them. If you’re planning a theme party you can be creative by naming all the dishes on the basis of the theme like Kung-POW Chicken or DARE-DEVILED Eggs. You can also plan a pot lunch where you ask everyone to bring one item to the surprise birthday party that they love to eat with their brother or sister.

brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party food

6. Plan Games for the Surprise Birthday Event

To add that element of fun to your surprise birthday party here are a couple of birthday party game ideas you can play at your siblings surprise birthday party.

1. Family Lineup

Here’s a surprise birthday party game for house parties that will show how well your family works as a team. In this game, you have to get all your family members to line up according to the condition placed in that round. The group game starts with having all the family members standing or dancing in a circle with music playing. Once the music stops the conductor has to scream a condition like 3 members in ascending age or 5 members in height. The family members have to then scramble and find those amount of contestants and arrange themselves in that condition. The last two members standing, win this surprise birthday party game for families.

brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party game

2. The Hinglish Song Game

This is one of our favorite surprise birthday party games. This game starts with preparing a list of fifteen Hindi songs with their first lines translated into English. For example, The rain of the weather, the water of the rain (Yeh mausam ki baarish, yeh baarish ka paani). Distribute this list to each of the players. So, the one who is able to identify a maximum number of songs correctly is the winner.

3. Improvisation

Here’s another fun surprise birthday party game that involves a lot of acting and some items from around the house. So, it’s now time to use your imagination by improvising the use of the item you pick out of the bag. In this surprise birthday party game, everyone gets two mins to improvise as many uses as they can to the item. And each improvisation gains them one point. For example, if you get a plate, you can pretend it to be a steering wheel, a hat or a frisbee. You can also play this house party game in pairs if you have a lot of players.

brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party games

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7. Gifts Ideas for the Surprise Birthday Party

Finding a surprise birthday gift idea for your sister or brother can be tricky. So, you can either get them an item that they’ve always desired of having or customize a surprise birthday gift for your sibling. And you can ask your siblings friends and cousins to chip in for a gift idea that your brother has always desired, like a PS4 or the Nike shoes he’s always had his eyes on. Or a gift idea for your sister like a Polaroid camera or the latest Kylie Jenner makeup set.

You can also give them a customized gift like a surprise birthday card or frame with photos and messages from everyone or a sequins pillow where the work is customizable with your photographs, images and text.

brother’s or sister’s birthday surprise party gift
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8. Plan Activity they Like for the Birthday Surprise

For the finale to their awesome surprise birthday party you can select an activity your brother or sister likes to do. And either take everyone or give the birthday boy or girl a gift card for later. So, if your brother or sister loves to play a particular sport like football, cricket or bowling, you can book a turf ground or the bowling alley for a couple of hours and treat all their friends. And you can also give them gift cards of the brands they like if they love to go shopping. Or book an appointment at the spa for a relaxing end to their day.

brother’s or sister’s surprise birthday party activity

So here it is, your 8 step guide to plan your brother or sister’s birthday surprise party. Drop-in comments with ideas you implemented in any of your sibling’s birthday party which was a great success.

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