Punjabi Wedding Dresses Ideas for an Ideal Bride and Groom!
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Punjabi Wedding Dresses Ideas for an Ideal Bride and Groom!

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Punjabi wedding traditions have grown over the ages and are a powerful expression of Punjabi culture. Punjabis are definitely considered one of the most generous and kind-hearted people. Punjabi wedding dresses are all the rage in India and abroad. A well-made groom’s sherwani would be the perfect match for a Punjabi bride wearing a beautifully embroidered Punjabi lehenga.

Many Punjabis are living outside India but still are deeply connected to their roots and follow the same outside India. Their weddings, their rituals, and their dress codes have influenced other Indian cultures to give their weddings a decent feel.

Punjabi Wedding Dresses for Groom

Punjabi males are of a warrior mindset and their turban is their biggest asset and they hold a lot of pride in the same. The groom’s dress needs to be one that oozes class and elegance that of a warrior

1. Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Printed Mint Sherwani

For a smart, decent, and spectacular groom look the groom should wear this mint color sherwani which is going quite well with this decent print. This mint color sherwani can easily contrast with any color of lehenga.

Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Printed Mint Sherwani

2. Jacket Sherwani For Punjabi Wedding

As a showstopper, the groom has to give the impression of being nothing less than Royal at his wedding. Thus, these jackets sherwanis suit him the best.

Jacket Sherwani For Punjabi Wedding

3. Floral Sherwani

This crowded floral print sherwani will give you a heavy look yet is decent and elegant. One can style this look with minimal accessories. And a green turban will complement the floral textures on the fabric beautifully.


4. Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Achkan Sherwani

Achkan designs are always in style. For a decent look, Achkan-style dresses are the best option and this pattern sherwani will make you look dapper on your D-day.

Achkan Sherwani

5. Pastel Color Sherwani For Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi weddings take place in the morning, and these pastel colors are quite soothing to the eyes. A cantaloupe color shade sherwani with a beautiful white print would be a nice option, and a turban would add brightness to the outfit. Groom can pair the sherwani with a five-layered pearl neckpiece and a long dupatta which gives a stunning look.

Pastel Color Sherwani For Punjabi Wedding

6. Anarkali Sherwani

Anarkali dresses are just not for women they can even wear by men as well. To seem well-dressed, pair this beige-colored readymade pure silk mandarin collar full-sleeved sherwani with a white-colored tissue fabric Anarkali kurta. A groom can add a safa with a designer kalgi to mark the statement.

Anarkali Sherwani

Punjabi Wedding Dress for the Bride

The Punjabi bride’s dresses are an idea of beauty and style. The wedding dress for the bride consists of good colors that tell a story of beauty and eye-catching accessories. Here are a variety of dresses for brides to slay at their wedding.

1. Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Lehenga

As we think of a wedding, the first outfit that pops up in our mind is the lehenga. There is a wide range of styles and designs in the bride’s lehenga, which has an elegant double dupatta with them. For a gorgeous look, a bride can carry these lehengas with a beautiful choker necklace and one-sided heavy mathapatti designs.

Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Lehenga

2. Pure Pastels Colour Wedding Dresses

These pastel colors are the best for the morning wedding. In daylight, these color increases the grace of the bride’s look and make people’s jaw drop. Most celebrities follow these pastel colors as well, on their D-day. If you are a trend follower you can directly go for these pastel colors.

Pure Pastels Colour Wedding Dresses

3. Multi-colored Embellished Bridal Lehenga

These multicolored lehengas are very pretty and give a stunning look to the bride on their D-day. A double dupatta can complement this outfit. Both the dupattas do have a different color but give a proper match to the bride’s lehenga.

Multi-colored Embellished Bridal Lehenga

4. Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Green Lehengas

These dark green floral lehengas are very common at Punjabi weddings nowadays. This combination of dark color and floral print lehenga is currently trending in the market. Adding heavy Kundan jewellery to this collection gives the Punjabi wedding dress a unique look.

Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Green Lehengas

5. Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is the fever for the Punjabi brides. Punjabi brides usually wear salwar kameez on their D-day. It can go well with a piece of heavy gold jewelry including maangtika.

Salwar Kameez

6.  Anarkali Suits For Punjabi Wedding

Anarkali suits have been popular for a long time and will continue to be popular. Wear this Anarkali Suit to get the attraction of the crowd. Lehariya, Bandhej, and Mothra’s work are heavy prints on anarkalis that increases the grace of the bride

Anarkali Suits For Punjabi Wedding

7. Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Saree

Sarees definitely form an integral part of all weddings and when it comes to a Punjabi wedding apart from the bhangra, dhol, a bride adorns a saree to complete her elegant and beautiful look. Rightly said that without a saree a Punjabi wedding is incomplete in its glitz and glamour. A bride can go for different shades as per the sherwani of the groom to contrast. Adding heavy jewellery with a designer mathapatti with this will give a stunning look.  This look will go well if you are planning to have a night wedding.

Punjabi Wedding Dresses: Saree

Here are the few best wedding dresses listed for the groom and a bride to slay at their wedding. If you have any specific other outfit ideas do tell us in the comment section.

FAQ Related To Punjabi Wedding Dresses

What are the trending colors for the Punjabi bride and groom to slay at their wedding?

Currently, pastel colors are in trend for both the bride and groom as well. You can choose any pastel color type to get a stunning look and it will suit you best if you are planning to have a morning wedding.

For a night Punjabi wedding, you can go for bright colors like the red one which is preferred by many Punjabi brides for their D-day, and for the Punjabi groom, it’s a golden sherwani.

What are the best contrasting color of Punjabi outfits that bride and groom can wear?

  • Maroon color lehenga will go well with the golden color printed sherwani combined with a red turban.
  • Mint color sherwani will also suit best with the red or pink color lehenga.
  • Sky blue and light yellow will also make a great contrast for the pre-wedding functions.

Can a non-Punjabi bride wear these wedding dresses?

Obviously, you can just combine your cultural accessories with these dresses to get the intercultural wedding vibe. If you want more different culture dresses just check out the link given below

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