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80+ Mesmerising Latest lehenga designs 2021 That will Blow Your Mind!!

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeAug 20, 2021

Worried about whats in trend and whats not? Bookeventz bring for you the ultimate guide to all the Latest lehenga designs 2021. We have so many options for you and you are going to love all of them. Moreover, all of these are fresh and will win everyones hearts. Here are the categories of Latest lehenga designs 2021 we are looking into.

a. Chevron lehenga designs

b. Ombre Lehenga designs

c. Handpainted lehenga designs latest

d. Colourwise Latest lehenga designs 2021

e. Lehenga Patterns, Blouses and Dupattas

Check out the compiled goodness of all the Latest lehenga designs 2021!

 1. Light Floral Lehenga Designs

Recently, Sabyasachi became one of the few designers to share a design perfect for curvy Indian brides. And he designed this wedding dress which went viral on Instagram with lakhs of views. And the white background with the blush, sea green and red of these modern blooming designs help celebrate feminity. Also, the minimal jewelry takes attention to the eyes. So, go for this kind of design if you prefer a somber design to the over-embellished ones. plus size wedding dresses, plus size fashion, plus size lehenga, beautiful wedding dresses, princess wedding dresses, white wedding dresses

2. Embellished Chevron Latest lehenga designs 2021

The intricate embellishments on the green lehenga are ravishing. The golden designs on the blouse and skirt make it very sophisticated.

Latest lehenga designs 2021

3. Purple Silk Chevron Pattern Lehenga

This phenomenal and colourful lehenga is perfect for brides and bridesmaids. Moreover, the purple silk Chevron lehenga can be paired with a red dupatta and blouse. Latest lehenga designs 2021

4. Mild Yellow Embroidered Chevron Lehenga

This exquisite mild yellow lehenga is to die for. It would look gorgeous especially if you’re the bridesmaid. Latest lehenga designs 2021

5. Chevron Embellished Lehenga

Mint green chevron lehenga with classy sequins and embellishments are absolutely stunning. Furthermore, this could be a perfect outfit for your Haldi, Mehendi, or cocktail nights.Latest lehenga designs 2021

6. Brocade Lehenga

This kind of Sabyasachi’s brocade lehenga looks unique on brides. So, try to add this in your wedding attire. And it will make your wedding look different. Brocade Lehenga

7. Khadi Lehenga with Kedia Top

This printed and embroidered khadi lehenga is the unique way to incorporate in your wedding. And it will look great of it is paired with a matching kedia top. So, adding an embroidered tulle dupatta is also one of the most stylish way to have lehenga for your marriage ceremony.

Khadi Lehenga with Kedia Top

8. Nude with a Splash of Colour Lehenga

Nude chevron-patterned lehenga is really marvelous. Moreover, You can add a dash of colour like red or blue to create an ethereal bridal look.Latest lehenga designs 2021

9. Pretty Pink Chevron Lehenga

This pink lehenga is simple and elegant. The glimmering silver blouse and pink net dupatta make it even more worth it. Additionally, the pink lehenga has its own charm and dazzle.Latest lehenga designs 2021

10. Pastel Multicoloured Chevron Patterned Lehenga

Pastel multicoloured lehenga chevron-patterned lehenga is different and a lot more glamourous. And, the off-shoulder pastel blue blouse is a delight.

Latest lehenga designs 2021

11. Unique Pastel Wedding Lehenga

 A Sabyasachi’s unique pastel wedding lehenga is the best way to incorporate in your wedding. Additionally, it will look gorgeous too. So, try adding lehenga like this on your wedding.

Unique Pastel Wedding Lehenga

 12. Mauve Coloured Chevron patterned Lehenga

This Mauvelehenga has a very intricate chevron-patterned border. Additionally, this lehenga is the right blend of chevron and classic embroidery.Latest lehenga designs 2021

13. Pink & Orange Palette Chevron Latest lehenga designs 2021

The pink and orange chevron lehenga is exquisite. Also, the golden lace used between the patterns gives it style. In short, this is the perfect mehendi outfit and you can add floral jewellery. Chevron lehenga

14. Broad Border Lehenga

A unique red bridal lehenga like this is also look gorgeous. And it has a broad border at the bottom of the lehenga. Moreover, this is giving an exciting look to the lehenga.

Latest lehenga designs 2021

 15. Georgette Bridal Lehenga Unique

 Sabyasachi’s georgette lehenga will look unique on brides. So, try adding subtle color and designs to your wedding dress. Furthermore, it will give a unique style statement to your marriage.

Latest lehenga designs 2021

 16. Silk Lehenga with Kashmiri Thread Work

Silk is the most loved bridal dress material for lehenga . And adding a Kashmiri thread work will give unique style to your lehenga. Hence, wear this Sabyasachi’s stylish and different looking lehenga on your wedding day.

Latest lehenga designs 2021

 17. Golden Red Chevron Patterned Lehenga

Red and Golden are the colours of royalty. The golden chevron pattern on the lehenga skirt is sophisticated. Moreover, you can more golden elements to the attire to add shine and bling. Latest lehenga designs 2021

 18. Black With Bright Colours Lehenga

Black is almost every brides favourite colour. But, if you are one of those people who don’t wanna go for something completely black? Here is something for you. Furthermore, the bright multicoloured lehenga is exquisite.Latest lehenga designs 2021

19. Dreamy Blue Lehenga

The dreamy blue chevron lehenga skirt is remarkable. The turquoise blue blouse is perfect and doesn’t need a dupatta.Latest lehenga designs 2021

20. Silver Pastel Colours Chevron Lehenga 

This silver three-quarter blouse with designs is spectacular. Additionally, the silver chevron pastel lehenga skirt makes it even more exclusive.Latest lehenga designs 2021

21. Metallic Chevron Latest lehenga designs 2021

Metallic Lehengas has been on our list for a long time. How can we refuse the perfect blend of metallic and chevron? Above all the blouse makes the lehenga even more striking.Latest lehenga designs 2021

22. Pink Peach Hues Lehenga

Pink-peach lehengas are on every girl’s wishlist. But, when they come with the added benefit of being trendy with chevron. Furthermore, the peach hues are very calming.
Latest lehenga designs 2021

23. Maroon Chevron Lehenga With Jacket

Maroon Lehengas have been all brides favourite. The maroon jacket blouse is traditional and modish at the same time. Besides, the intricate prints of the lehenga are gorgeous.chevron lehenga

24. Muted Grey Black Chevron Pattern Lehenga

This grey-black lehenga worn by Sonam Kapoor can be an inspiration for all the brides. Moreover, this lehenga is glam.Latest lehenga designs 2021

25. Bandhni Magenta Laehenga

This chevron patterned bandhni magenta lehenga is the right blend of magenta and pink colours. Certainly, this lehenga will set the tone for all your pre-wedding functions.

Latest lehenga designs 2021

25. Printed Multicoloured Chevron Lehenga

White is a colour that everybody loves, and when we have multicoloured chevron prints. What could be better? And, this is a perfect pool party outfit.Chevron lehenga

 26. Black, Pink and White Latest lehenga designs 2021

This is a classic black and white chevron lehenga with a pink belt is the perfect ghagra skirt. Furthermore, it can be paired with a vibrant pink blouse and a dupatta.

Latest lehenga designs 2021

27. Dreamy Lavender Patterned Lehenga

This lavender coloured chevron lehenga is magical! The lavender design on the skirt has a dreamy feel to it.  Additionally, it will make for the best pool party and mehendi outfit.

Latest lehenga designs 2021

28. Sky Blue Chevron Lehenga

Sky blue is a colour that This sky blue Chevron patterned silver lehenga is absolutely stunning. Also. it is simple and has a very dreamy look.Latest lehenga designs 2021

29. Monochromatic Yellow Chevron Lehenga

Don’t want the usual pink chevron lehenga? Then this Monochromatic Yellow Chevron Lehenga will win all your hearts! Moreover, the one-shoulder blouse further enhance the look by multiple folds! Latest lehenga designs 2021

30. Baby Pink Chevron Lehenga

This baby pink chevron lehenga is a classic and the silver chevron design is gorgeous. The added latkan definitely makes it more classy. Undoubtedly, you can reuse this lehenga with a classic white shirt too! Latest lehenga designs 2021

31. Mirror Work Lehenga

Mirror work designs on the outfits will look amazing on everyone. This lehenga is a shining example of the latest chevron lehenga for brides. Apart from this you can add nice oversized earrings.Latest lehenga designs 2021


32. Pastel Colour Lehengas 

No bride can say no to pastel lehengas. But, when they come with the added benefit of ombre finish it becomes even more captivating. ombre lehenga designs

33. Turquoise Green Lehenga

This turquoise green lehenga is perfect for your sangeet or haldi ceremonies. Moreover, the transition of turquoise to white is detailed and fantastic. Latest lehenga designs 2021

34. Pink and Red Ombre Lehenga

Stuck between choosing red or pink? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. It is a perfect combination of pink and red colors. You can get matching bridal chura and probably chura coversLatest lehenga designs 2021

35. Sequinned Ombre Lehenga

Looking for a lehenga that has bling and shine? Plunge neckline blouses would fit the outfit spectacularly. You can add or skip the dupatta if you want.  Ombre Lehenga designs


36. Pink and Yellow Ombre Lehenga Designs

Here is a unique and charismatic lehenga for you. The ombre pattern of the lehenga compliments the design of the lehenga very well.  Ombre Lehenga designs

36. Grey Ombre Lehenga

The color combination and ombre finish in this lehenga make it perfect for your sangeet. Additionally, the net skirt makes it even more ravishing. ombre lehenga designs

37. Playful Purple Latest lehenga designs 2021

Purple, mauve, violet, and lavender have become the new yellow and pink. Experiment with your Mehendi and sangeet look with this lehenga. Furthermore, the sleeveless blouse and net dupatta are the added luxuries. Latest lehenga designs 2021

38. Black Embroidered Long Cape Lehenga

The simple white lehenga skirt complements the embroidered cap top seemlessly. Moreover, the intricate designs and the slit sleeves on the blouse is fantastic.   Cape Lehenga designs

39. Peach Lehenga with Cape

Peach colour has been on our radar for quite a while now. The layered short cape with floral design is gorgeous. Your hairstyle can be a major part of this attire. cape lehenga designs

40. Shrug Cape Lehenga Design

This sweetheart neckline blouse with shrug cape is ravishing. it trendy, classy and even glamourous. The silver cape goes perfect with the broze skirt. Latest lehenga designs 2021

41. Jacket Cape Lehenga Designs

Wanna feel like royalty? This jacket cape lehenga is perfect for a regal look. The embroidery and style definitely remind us of the begums in movies. cape lehenga designs

42. Teal Blue Cape Lehenga

Teal blue lehenga, looking at the colour would be enough!! The off-shoulder and the golden prints are just the added benefits. Wear it with long earrings you are good to go. cape lehenga designs

43. Green Lemon Yellow Lehenga Design

The green and lemon yellow lehenga design is becoming very popular. Wanna follow the trend? Check out this lehenga and try it in your own “special andaaz”. Latest lehenga designs 2021

44. Classic Red Ombre Lehenga Designs

Who said you can’t be both subtle and still be the prettiest one in the room? We think anyone who said that had definitely not seen this lehenga. Moreover, the red-pink combo and then the frill dupatta makes you crave this lehenga even more.
Latest lehenga designs 2021

45. Yellow White Lehenga Ombre Design 

Yellow colour alone makes us swoon, imagine it being combined together with white and mirror work. here is a lehenga design that even beats your imagination. Also, what could be better for your Haldi ceremony? ombre lehenga designs

46. Multicolored Ombre Designer Lehenga

Can’t decide which trend to go after floral, pastel, or ombre? As always, we have just the right solution. If you haven’t considered this lehenga for any of your wedding functions. You surely should check this out. Multicolored Ombre Designer Lehenga

47. Off-White and Pink Ombre Latest lehenga designs 2021

This lehenga has a touch of ivory and pink. The color transition is enchanting. MOreoevr, you can a dupatta and some classic jewelry that go with it.Multicolored Ombre Designer Lehenga

48. Hand-Painted Lehenga with Sun Flowers

Talking about flowers and floral designs, sunflowers are not that common. Looking at this beautiful sunflower patterned lehenga we sure want to add at least one of them to our wedding trousseau. Moreover, the peplum blouse is sure to leave a lasting impression. hand painted lehenga

49. Peach Floral Net Hand Painted Lehenga

A tad bit sceptical about peach shades? Then to brush your doubts aside Look at the fine prints and check out all the trendy brides. We know you’re gonna adore this peach floral lehenga. Furthermore, the multicolour lehenga print and shrug blouse make it glam. hand painted lehenga

50. Pink Colour Hand Painted Lehenga

Hand Painted lehengas are simple and glamourous. This pastel pink lehenga is cool and breezy. Additionally, the minimalistic and classic lehenga design makes it famishing. hand painted lehenga

51. Ombre Personalised Latest lehenga designs 2021

Everyone loves ombre lehengas. Specifically, when it comes to mixing it with some personalized design and prints we love it even more. The scintillating material and texture of the lehenga bring excitement to the whole outfit. This blue lehenga is the perfect sangeet outfit. hand painted lehenga

52. Golden Painted Sea Green Latest lehenga designs 2021

This amazing lehenga is seamless for a mehendi function or a cocktail party outfit. You should definitely try this green hand-painted lehenga. Green is formal as well as off-beat colour, there’s the golden little hand painting to go with this lehenga. 
hand painted lehenga


53. Minimalistic White Hand Painted Lehenga

Every millennial bride is opting for a white lehenga for any of the wedding functions. Mostly the brides go with an eggshell white shade, off white or white with a hint of peach. You would be smashing the monotony and will be wearing something unique! The blue floral hand printing and the blouse makes it enchanting.

hand painted lehenga54. Hand Painted Turquoise Lehenga 

This hand-painted lehenga skirt has a very unique design. The personalized printing to the lehenga skirt is mind-boggling. Furthermore, the turquoise colour is just a cherry on top. And we think everyone would agree that the choker necklace on this brides neck makes it superb. hand painted lehenga

55. Hand Painted Chevron Lehenga

Chevron lehengas have been on our radar for a while now. And this touches base with the handprint and chevron design trends of every bride’s checklist. Moreover, this one is a perfect haldi and mehendi outfit. hand painted lehenga56. Yellow Hand Painted Divinity Lehenga

Yellow happens to be the trendiest colour this wedding season. Additionally, it is the one colour that looks really good because all embroidery, thread work and every colour are magical with this colour. This lehenga will make your outfit simply pop and will help you achieve that divine wedding look you have been fantasising about. This yellow lehenga is just mesmerizing.

hand painted lehenga

57. Sap Green Hand Painted Bridal Lehenga

Wouldnt you agree that this lehenga is breathtaking? This lehenga is full OTT but obviously, the lehenga is striking. The borders and designs of the lehenga are luxurious and detailed. Sap green colour of the lehenga sure makes it appealing.

hand painted lehenga

58. Red Raw Silk Zardosi Latest lehenga designs 2021

A red lehenga is always an amazing pick for your wedding. The Zardosi embroidery in raw silk lehenga makes it even more irresistible. Additionally, this lehenga is perfect for a royal wedding ceremony that you have in mind. The intricate embroidery pattern throughout the lehenga makes it even more alluring for millennial brides.

zardosi lehenga


59. Turquoise Green Lehenga with Silver Embroidery

This lehenga in turquoise color is one of the best Zardosi lehenga designs. Your to-be-husband won’t be able to take his eyes off you in this lehenga. Pick this bridal lehenga would be a choice that you never regret. The beautiful silver work is done extensively all over the zardosi lehenga. Also, if you are planning a day wedding or an outdoor event, this outfit would totally rock. In addition, the cheerful colour contrasts and a heavy blouse work is all you need.

zardosi lehenga


60. Zardosi Maroon Latest lehenga designs 2021

What can be a better time and occasion to wear a velvet lehenga than winter weddings? This dark maroon lehenga with intricate Zardosi patterns is marvellous. The flower and bird motifs of the lehenga give it a very queenly look. Looking forward to flaunting a twirl? This heavy lehenga is the one for your D-day!
zardosi lehenga ideas


61. French Pink Zardosi Style Lehenga

Take your flamboyance to the next level with this dreamy french pink lehenga with some exclusive Zardosi designs. The patch embroidery gives the design more depth. Carry your dupatta on one shoulder for this gorgeous bridal attire. Pair up this French pink lehenga with an exquisite plunge neckline blouse.

zardosi lehenga ideas


62. Teal Zardosi Lehenga with Flower Motif

Fine Moroccan and floral motifs add so much charm to this teal coloured lehenga. This is one of the finest Zardosi lehenga ideas, you can wear this one for your special Sangeet night. The beauty and appeal of this lehenga lies in the complexity and the craftsmanship.

zardosi lehenga ideas


63. Zardosi Emerald Green Lehenga in Raw Silk

This perfect emerald green Zardosi lehenga exudes radiance and glamour! The ethereal heavy embroidery on every inch makes this outfit an epitome of beauty. This outfit would look glamourous with a mathapatti.

zardosi lehenga ideas


64. Rani Pink Zardosi Latest lehenga designs 2021

Yes, we have another pink lehenga for guys. Who doesn’t love pink lehengas? And when they come in colours as good as rani pink they are even more attractive. The blouse design adds extravagance to the lehenga. Furthermore, a stylish kambandh would go a long way with this lehenga. zardosi lehenga ideas

65. Zardosi White Lehenga Design

A list of scintillating lehengas without a white one? No way!! So here is the ultimate white lehenga.  The golden intricately embroidered zardosi lehenga ideas are fit for all the brides. Pair it with bright red chura and gold kaleerazardosi lehenga ideas

66. Peach Zardosi Lehenga

Don’t want to go with bold red, pink or golden colours? Here is a peach zardosi lehenga design. Wear this one with a full sleeve blouse and add a gorgeous bridal passa. zardosi lehenga ideas

67. Azure Lehenga with Zardosi and Mirror Work

We have all seen azure lehengas and have been fascinated by it for quite a while now. How about combining the azure lehenga with zardosi embroidery ideas? Also, this lehenga would be a seamless sangeet outfit. zardosi lehenga ideas

68. Golden Zardosi Embroidery Lehenga

When you enter the wedding venue in a gorgeous golden bridal lehenga, every heart is going to skip a beat!This one is among those can’t miss zardosi lehenga ideas. This Zardosi lehenga design is subtle yet extraordinary. This is outfit is the one for making an impeccable style statement. And, you can pair up your golden lehenga with large earrings and bold make up. zardosi lehenga ideas

69. Zardosi Purple and Peach Latest lehenga designs 2021

Let’s go new and bold with this peach and purple combo. This purple lehenga would be a memorable addition to your weddding troussea. Add a heavy bridal choker necklace to your jewellery set that goes with this lehenga. zardosi lehenga ideas

70. Bright Yellow Zardosi Latest lehenga designs 2021

Bright yellow is the new pink!! So lets go with an epic summer bright yellow lehenga this wedding season. This lehenga gives you the full liberty to play with blouse back design. Furthermore, if you want you can even skip the net dupatta. zardosi lehenga ideas


71. Chikankari Skirt and Kurta

You should consider this chikankari lehenga for your special day if somber is your style.  This dress is not too dandy or simple. Moreover, it is perfect for making a statement on your sangeet night. And, wear it with a high top knot bun and statement jewelry for an ideal look.
Chikankari Lehenga Designs


72. Peplum Chikankari Lehenga

Peplum tops look gorgeous with skirts and net dupattas. They look even more gorgeous in chikankari work. This ornate dress is graceful and elegant. The colour of the lehenga gives it a simple and yet elegant look.

Chikankari Lehenga Designs



73. Olive Green Chikankari Lehenga

This olive green lehenga is stunning. Also, the delicate and detailed hand embroidery is nothing less than perfection. Also, if you are looking for something quirky and appealing, you have found just the right one. Chikankari lehenga designs


74. Lemon Yellow Lehenga

The lemon yellow colour lehenga is a treat for all brides who want something trendy and somber. Furthermore, the shimmery and eye-catching nature of this lehenga is spectacular. Chikankari lehenga designs


75. Dusty Chikankari Lehenga designs

The subtle hues paired with hand embroidery chikankari and mukaish work sets it apart from the others. Additionally, you can create a scintillating attire for yourself with minimal accessories and dewy makeup.
Chikankari lehenga designs


76. Red Chikankari Lehenga

Red and maroon bridal lehengas have been the favorite of brides all over India. The skirt and the dupatta are adorned with chikankari work. Furthermore, the glittering sleeveless blouse is a cherry on top.Chikankari lehenga designs


77. Blush pink Lehenga

This alluring blush pink lehenga, all detailed with chikankari embroidery and pretty embellishments is intriguing. Moreover, the sleeveless high-neck blouse and the fascinating border of the skirt make it even more irresistible.

Chikankari lehenga designs

78. Light Grey Latest lehenga designs 2021

This light grey lehenga with a sleeveless blouse is perfect for all wedding occasions. the intricate chikankari work on the skirt and the blouse is mesmerizing. Addirionally, you can put the attire together with diamond and silver jewelry. Chikankari lehenga designs


79. Sage Green Latest lehenga designs 2021

Wanna ditch the usual reds and pinks over a more impressive colour? Sage green chikankari lehenga with sequins and pearls is just the one for you. Besides, the blouse pattern adds mystique to the attire.

Chikankari lehenga designs


80. Sequined Chinkankari Lehenga 

Sequin lehenga has always been on the radar of every bride. The blush pink colour with sequin beautifications is minimalistic and yet it has a classic sense of fashion. Furthermore, it is the best choice for your daytime functions.

Chikankari lehenga designs


81. Light Pink Lehenga

This chikankari lehenga is in a cutesy light pink shade and is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Furthermore, this lehenga shows us how pretty one can look in pink. Finally, it is every bit stylish and has a traditional touch.
Chikankari lehenga designs


82. Lavender Chikankari Lehenga 

Detailed with elaborate motifs, patterns, and flowers, this lavender chikankari lehenga has our hearts. Also, teamed up with a sequinned blouse and sheer dupatta, this lehenga is flawless.Chikankari lehenga Designs


83. Champagne Chikankari Lehenga designs

This chikankari lehenga in a structured silhouette paired with the subtle tone hand-embroidered blouse is exquisite. Moreover, with the sheer dupatta, this lehenga by Tarun Tahiliani is a stylish choice for your reception.

Chikankari lehenga designs

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