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Rustic Wedding Invitations for Soon to-be Married Couples

By Sulagna Chakraborty
Blog timeNov 2, 2021

With a wedding date set, you might want to tick one last thing off your ultimate wedding checklist. Then, get deciding. Select templates and pick out ideas for modern rustic wedding invitations. Keep the number of guests in mind and pick the designs that will draw them, even more, to come to give you their best wishes.

These are just fresh. You will be amazed at the number of options you can look at, to get you started. These rustic wedding invitations are so easy to create at home all by yourself. Also, they go well with the boho wedding theme.

Further, they have a mix of everything from rustic to playful to modern- everything you could need for a classic yet relaxed day.

So, let’s look at the top 15 rustic wedding invitations to prepare you better for all that’s coming:

1. Vellum Jacket Rustic Wedding Invitations

These translucent vellum jackets are a beautiful accompaniment to your wedding invitations. They are a perfect way to hold the invitation set. It is just a beautiful alternative to tissue paper but more translucent. You can also opt to design your vellum with florals,  ropes, and prints.

Vellum Jacket Rustic Wedding Invitations

2. Garden Laser Rustic Wedding Invitations

These DIY laser-cut frame wedding invitations are all about the details. A simple, modern invitation design is paired with a “Garden” laser cut invitation frame featuring intricate greenery. We brought in a vibrant green color that will make your guests feel closer to nature.

garden laser rustic wedding invitations

3. Burgundy Blush Floral

As we all know burgundy is a rich and royal color and what is more adorable when you get to know you can print this as your wedding invitation. Also with a floral print on it is the cherry on the cake.

Burgundy Blush Floral

4. Nature Inspired Invitation Suites

The nature, greenery look is always in! Whether you want a rustic style or a more refined style, greenery can add a special touch to your invitations that your guests will love! You can keep your invites simple or add layers and these ideas are easy and budget-friendly.

nature inspired rustic wedding invitations

5. Lace Rustic Wedding Invitations

A laser gate card is a sweet choice for wedding invitations. It carries the vintage vibes of an old cloth doily but is more sophisticated than a paper doily. Also, this suite has fine laser-cut details, a unique presentation, and is so easy to assemble.

 lace doily rustic wedding invitations

6. Deer Head with Vector Flowers

Another way to show your creativity is, to paint your normal wedding card invitation in the shape of a Deer’s head with some watercolor vector on his horn. This looks so rustic and cute. Invite your guest and let them sense the warmth of the winter wedding in the invitation card.

Deer Head with Vector Flowers

7. Paper Scroll Rustic Wedding Invitations

Give a royally ever to your fairytale wedding by opting for a paper scroll invitation. Remember back in the times of kings and queens when important messages used to be sent through the paper scroll. Bring back the charm of the royal era as you opt for a paper scroll invitation. If you’re looking for a rustic wedding invitations template, then a paper scroll serves the purpose. And, add oomph to the invite by opting for an invite in velvet casing.

paper scroll rustic wedding invitations

8. Burlap String Invites

If you loved the vintage era for its simplistic charm then you can opt for the burlap string invite. The burlap string with burlap border invite looks simple, sophisticated, and appealing to the eyes. If simplicity is your thing then the burlap string invite is the apt choice for you.

burlap string rustic wedding invitations

9. Bold Navy Blue with Floral Bow

Nothing more soothing yet bold than navy blue. I feel it’s a very unique and beautiful color you can opt for for your wedding invitation card. And to add more creativity you can add vellum with a bow.

Bold Navy Blue with Floral Bow

10. Vintage Artsy Invites

The vintage art had something about them which made them look appealing. Loved the vintage art that derived inspiration from daily life? A rustic wedding invites with a vintage envelope engraved with paisleys and creative wedding invitation wording. And, the insides have elaborate vintage art. You can have modern rustic wedding invitations with the card embellished with modern rustic designs like that of the bride and groom quirky artwork.

vintage rustic wedding invitations

11. Winter Barnwood With Pine Trees

If you are having a winter wedding then your wedding invitation must give that vibe to your guests, right? So to do that winter Barnwood with pine trees is the option.

Winter Barnwood With Pine Trees

12. Floral Rustic Wedding Invitations

The timeless beauty and sheer elegance of the flowers never seem to fade away. Flowers remain an all-time favorite décor element (see here: wedding flower decoration ideas). Nothing expresses the beauty of Indian traditions better than flowers. Floral wedding invitations look stunning and opulent with their simplicity. You can have gorgeous paper flowers adorning the top of the card or the card envelope or box. The vibrant hues of the floral cards surely make it a true work of art.

 floral rustic wedding invitations

13. Wooden Rustic Wedding Invitations

Wooden works are a true representation of rustic décor. A wedding invite engraved on a wooden frame and hand-painted with vibrant hues gives a homey feeling to the invitation. If you are looking for intimate, post-lockdown wedding ideas, then you might want to consider this. The rustic wooden invite looks elegant and is durable enough to serve as a memoir that lasts for a long time. The wooden invite surely adds oomph to your vintage wedding.

wooden disc rustic wedding invitations

14. Country Style Invites

What is the first thing that clicks your mind when we say vintage or rustic? Well, probably a countryside image is synonymous with the words rustic and vintage. That’s how movie flicks, books, daily soap operas portray it. You can consider having a country-style themed wedding invite which gives an impression of both a rustic and vintage theme. The country-style invites are made on brown background that resembles the wooden planks and you can consider adding elements such as a beer mug, fairy lights to give a rustic vibe.

country rustic wedding invitations

15. Kraft Paper Rustic Wedding Invitations

This wedding invite with dark or black ink creates a striking rustic look no matter what time of year. These paper invitations and envelopes feel earthy. And, they are warm and, they go with any wedding color scheme. Kraft paper is a popular choice because the organic brown color and earthy feel complement a natural wedding theme. Plus, they are made from 100% recycled paper, making them the most environmentally friendly option too.

craft paper rustic wedding invitations

16. Teal Heart with Arrow Wedding Invites

This unique rustic wedding invitation features a pretty aqua teal heart with the couple’s initials and an arrow going thru the heart. Then, the background is a distressed brown linen burlap printed design. If you are looking to go old school, then this has gotta be your pick.

teal heart rustic wedding invitations

17. Sunflowers in Mason Jar Rustic Wedding Invitation

If you are planning on having sunflowers in your rustic country wedding, then these Sunflower in Mason Jars or wooden box Wedding Invites are perfect for you! This design features a barn wood background with three mason jars filled with sunflowers. The jars are sitting on a lace doily and have a twine bow tied in the front. You can mix and match the items you need for your custom wedding suite.

sunflower in mason jar rustic wedding invitations

18. Country Field Wedding Invites

Country Field Fence Post Wedding Invitation Set with a beautiful rural landscape scene of a field with grasses and trees with the sunset highlighting the sky in a golden yellow color. If you are someone who loves the outdoors and nature, then this is a great option.

 country fence rustic wedding invitations

19. Wagon Wheel Rustic Wedding Invitations

This features a distressed leather look background with an old wagon wheel in the lower corner and a longhorn skull in the upper corner. Also, these are great for any country western wedding, cowboy-themed wedding, or rustic wedding taking place in a barn or ranch.

wagon wheel rustic wedding invitations

20. Cut-Out Vellum Overlay Rustic Wedding Invitations

The words printed on a paper that pop-up affection of two soul mates is embossed on cheap wedding invitations. Cut-out Overlay wedding invitations are versatile. And, they describe classic & modern ideas on a budget.

vellum overlay rustic wedding invitations

If you have a rustic wedding soon, then coordinate with your event organizer and set it right with these rustic wedding invitations. Your guests will love it. Also, they might take inspiration for their wedding. As always, mark your favs!

FAQ Related To Rustic Wedding Invitations

1. What should be included in a Wedding Invitation Card?

  • Who’s hosting.
  • The request to come to the wedding.
  • The names of the couple.
  • The date and time.
  • The location.
  • Reception information
  • Separate RSVP card.

2. When should Wedding Invitations Be Sent Out?

We feel your invitation sent out around 1 to 2 months prior to the wedding so that outstation guests can prepare and sort out their travel arrangements.

3. Can I Make My Own Invitations?

Yes, you can and it is the best way to save money and show your creativity. And nothing is more special than a handmade invitation card.

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