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Small Mehndi Design: Adorable Mehndi Designs that the Kids Will Adore!

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeSep 25, 2023

Mehndi Ceremony is a blissful pre-wedding ritual. It is loved by millions of people today as they get to apply all the modern mehndi designs. And when the Ceremony is for a big-fat Indian Wedding, it becomes a necessity to have a blast. You need to keep everything perfect, whether it is the mehndi ceremony decoration or the other elements. But if you are taking care of all the things, why leave the kids’ hands empty? Even they want their hands to be tattooed with the sacred henna. And that’s the reason we have come up with these exquisite Small Mehndi Design, especially for kids. Your kids must be aware of our grand culture and are intriguingly interested in it.

Here are some beautiful Small Mehndi Design for Kids

Let those Butterflies Sit on your Hand

Small Mehndi Design - butterfly

Kids’ love for butterflies is endless and hence we assure you that they will adore this butterfly henna design.

Make them Love Geometry

Small Mehndi Design - geometry

This is your only chance to make your kids love geometry by tattooing this design on their hands. This is one of the easiest mehndi designs for kids that they won’t deny to get and will love too.

Small Heart for Your Small One

Small Mehndi Design - heart motif

Ask any kid if they would like to get a heart-shaped design in their hands and you will never hear a no. So why don’t you consider this pretty heart motif outlined with edgy strokes?

Hang those Chains with the Bloomy Flowers

Small Mehndi Design - chains and flowers

This floral design is minimalistic and beautiful, and the kids are sure to love it. Their baby hands will look appealing when adorned with this design. 

Why Keep the Butterflies Alone?

Small Mehndi Designs - butterfly and flowers

Yes, we know that the Butterfly design was easy-peasy and cute but looks empty. Try adding some flowers and enhance its beauty by 10 folds. 

Simple-Dimple Small Mehndi Design

Small Mehndi Design - simple-dimple

Want to get your impatient kid’s hand tattooed with Henna but he/she won’t sit quietly for a minute? Try these Small Mehndi Design then. 

Embellish their Cutu Hands with Vines

Small Mehndi Design - vines

A unique mehndi design that you must try on your kids’ hands. They will love this simple yet elegant design.

Leafy Trails

Small Mehndi Design - leafy trails

Make your kids try this graceful leafy trail design adorned with curvy patterns and flowers and make their feet more adorable. Don’t know about you but our hearts are going wholesome and singing ‘aw’ in harmony seeing this adorable design.

Rosy Affair with Ribbons

Small Mehndi Design - rosy design

This cluster of roses laced with ribbon design looks so gorgeous that this mehndi design will look good not just on kids but on women too. Keep this as the main design or complement it with some other henna patterns.

Small Leaves for Small Girls

Small Mehndi Design - small leaves

Be-leaf us or not, this Mehndi design leaves us speechless (no pun intended). This cutu and adorable will look gorgeous on your kid’s hands.

Oh so Cute Paisleys and Dots

Small Mehndi Design - paisleys and dots

Yet another cutu Mehndi design for adorable baby girls. This one is a blend of florals, paisleys, adjacent swirls, pearl-shaped dots, and some intricate fancy details.

Ever Considered Cartoon Elephants?

Small Mehndi Design - cartoon elephant

It’s not hidden from anyone that kids adore cartoon characters the most. Then why not tattoo some cute cartoon elephants on their hands? Their hands will look adorable when adorned with these elephants. 

If your kids love cartoons, which they do, then check out this Cocomelon birthday theme.

Bring Those Glitz For the Kids

Small Mehndi Design - glitz

You can consider ditching the regular henna and switching to something like this glittery blue mehndi. Inculcate some starry trails on the back of their hands and witness the magic of your Disney Princess. 

Tattoo This Rain-Charmer

Small Mehndi Design - peacock

Just imagine how beautiful a peacock Mehndi Design would look in your Kid’s hands! This heavenly blend of curvy lines, pearl-like drops, and dotted strokes makes the Mehndi Design one of a kind. Don’t get afraid of its complex look as it is practically not that difficult to get tattooed. 

Give Your Kid a Smiley

Small Mehndi Design - smiley

Your cute kids deserve a cute Mehndi design and what better than this adorable smiley chakra surrounded by a floral design? Complement these smiley chakras with concentric circles, scallops, and dotted lines to give it a complete look. Trust us, this is one of the best Small Mehndi Design you will ever come across.

Quirky Giraffes are Cute Too

Small Mehndi Design - giraffe

Fun fact: Giraffes are one of the cutest creatures and we can’t agree more! Your kid will love having a giraffe in his/her baby hands.

Mehndi But No Mehndi

Small Mehndi Design - tattoo

If your kids are fond of tattoos but are far away from the age of getting one, convince them to have this tattoo-styled Mehndi Design. Engrave a funky design and we assure you that your kids will love it. Kids nowadays find these tattoos cool and hence these Small Mehndi Design will gather a lot of love.

Hello Kitty

Small Mehndi Design - kitty

We already have proven to you how adorable these animals look on hand as Small Mehndi Designs. But what we are about to show you is something priceless, unbeatable, and unhateable (if this word exists). A cute kitty tattooed on your kids’ hands, aw! We are already going wholesome by thinking about it. We don’t need to explain further.

The Tree of Elegance

Small Mehndi Design - tree of elegance

Consider this tree of elegance (yes, we named it) if you are bored of those same paisleys and mandalas and want to try something ‘hatke’. This unique design looks calming and breathtaking at the same time. We are in love with it, don’t know about you. 

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Small Mehndi Design - spongebob

Just tell your kids that you don’t know who Spongebob Squarepants is and they will start screaming. That’s how much they love this cartoon and the character Spongebob. Consider tattooing your kids’ hands with a floral design adorned with the face of SpongeBob in it. Your kids will give you a small peck on your cheeks as a token of appreciation. 

Split & Slay

Small Mehndi Design - half and half

This Mehndi Design is surely to leave everyone start-struck! A half & half design where one half is fully covered with bold strokes and leafy patterns while the other half is minimally spread dotted flowers is worth making your kids try. 

These are some of the Small Mehndi Design that your kids will adore and not hesitate to get them tattooed.

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