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Creative Space Themed Birthday Party Ideas for a Rocking Celebration

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If your child is a space fan and dreams of becoming an astronaut or exploring the universe. You can host this this amazing space-themed party on his birthday.  The outer space theme throws up so many ideas and you can really apply your creativity wih this theme. Furthermore, this theme is good for kids and even tweens. Here are the classification of ideas for space themed birthday party;-

a. Space Themed Birthday Party Decoration

b. Games for Outer Space Theme Party

c. Food and Desserts for Space Themed Party

Check out all these Creative Space Themed Birthday Party for a Rocking Birthday Celebration.

1. Space Themed Birthday Party Invitation

Once you decided how many guests you’re expecting and who you are inviting, you can get started on the party invitations. The simplest way to connect with other guests is through online invites. Communicate the space party theme to all the guests using your invitation. You can do it through the birthday invitation wordings or designs. Your guests will know that you’re throwing a galaxy party that is going to be out of this world. Or you can let the UFOs and planet designs speak for themselves in your party invites.

space themed birthday party

2. Decoration Space Theme Party

This space theme birthday decoration set containing different colour balloons, cake toppers and foil ballons can be combined with some other decorations too. You can also use balloon arch strip roll , happy birthday bunting banner for girls or boys, bday girl crown, confetti ballons combo, metallic ballons, caps, candle, party props, led string lights and space cap. This birthday decoration is perfect for your space theme.

space themed birthday party
Outer Space Theme Foil Balloons

This Package includes two peices of 37 inch astronaut balloon two peices of 30 inch rocket balloons. These are reusable High quality foil balloons. These have refillable valve making them reusable for your next party. Additionally, this space theme balloon party is very suitable for outer space themed party. 

space themed birthday party

4. Dessert Table

Planning the refreshments for the event, a dessert table filled with delicious delicacies is a must. Snacks and sweets are a great option to take your outer space themed birthday party forward. There are a number of simple yet creative recipes that you can try. Saturn’s rings (peach gummy rings), Fruit kabob rockets, and Space rocks (green grapes) to name a few.

space themed birthday party

5. Space themed Cupcakes

How can a birthday party be complete without the lip-smacking baked goods? If you are having a space themed party for your kids then what could be better than outer space-themed baked goods. They add a very fun element to the whole party. You can have customized toppings for your cupcakes.

space themed birthday party

6. Table setting for space theme party

Start with a Space type starry table cloth, you can use sparkly black satin sheet. Add paper planet cutouts for a more prominent effect. For a full space themed birthday party table setting, you can mix rocket ship plates, cups and napkins. Add planet-themed plates and napkins for. You can add customized sign boards in your table setting.

space themed birthday party

Birthday Party Décor

7. Space Themed Cake Ideas

Cakes are among the most appealing parts of the party. Keeping that in mind, You can display you beautiful space the party cake in the center of your dessert table. Whether you are baking and designing the cake yourself or placing an order, You will have to select a design first. here are some ideas for an outer space-themed birthday cake Moon, Planets, Rocketship, Shooting stars.

8. Solar System Bingo

For space bingo, you can either have your own customized bingo cards. Or you download printable versions of space-themed bingo online. If you choose to make your own space bingo game, you can use clip art of planets, stars, comets, aliens, and any space-related images. Make sure each version is different from one another to ensure that there is only one winner at a time! This is a fun game that will keep the kids all in one place.

space themed birthday party

9. Space Themed Party Games

While decorations and refreshments are a key aspect of any party but to truly have fun, you are going need a few space-themed party games. You can have particularly designed space theme games or just add a space twist to regular games. You can do rocket decoration games or space bingo for example.

space themed birthday party

10. Photobooth for Outer Space Theme Party

Whats a great party and beautiful decoration with good picture? Your photobooth should reflect and resonate with your party theme. These space theme decorations are perfect for your outer space-themed photo booth. It is even better for kids space-themed birthday parties.

space themed birthday party

11. Photo props for Space Theme party

This space themed birthday party prop set has 18 peices of photo props. These products are easy to assemble and super fun to use! You can assemble all the props on one table near the photobooth that your guests can select the props they will be using. These props are great for family & friends parties. 

space themed birthday party

12. Party Favour Ideas

13. Glow in the Radium Space Stickers

This is a set of 10 glow-in-the-dark sticker, You can give the whole pack to the kids or you can divide it in sets of 2 or 4. Your guests can stick the glow-in-the-dark sticker set on any clean and smooth wall preferably the ceiling. Self-adhesive tapes are provided.  There are Moons, five-pointed stars, meteors, suns, and beautiful planets. 

space themed birthday party

14. Space Themed Diary Ideas 

This journal notebook can serve as a diary, dream journal or daily planner. This is a very meaningful and practical return gift. This space themed return gift is useful and very stylish. the diary contains 100 pages of lined white paper so there’s room for all thats on your mind that requires to be jot down.

space themed birthday party

All of these rocking  space themed birthday party are fantastic. For more Wedding ideas, Birthday party ideas and corporate eventz do check out our Facebook page.

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