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Trending Wedding Cake Designs That are Going to Rule 2022

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The wedding cake, the classic centrepiece of any wedding reception represents the first time the wedding couple breaks bread together (shares a meal together). Over the years, to make this symbolic moment more special couples now have the option to choose from a variety of cakes that match their taste and style. From elaborate designs with fondant and sugar roses to seemingly infinite patterns and colours, making a choice that satisfies both halves of the couple is no cakewalk. Therefore BookEventZ has come with a list that contains the top 12 most popular wedding cake designs for 2018.

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1. Modern Minimalist Wedding Cake Designs

Cakes with minimal toppings is the current trend running in the world of weddings. Plain white cakes with real flowers or leaves will give the perfect rustic vibe to your wedding.

Modern Minimalist, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,


2. Exotic Extravagant

If Minimalism is not the way you roll then the exotic multi-tier cake is what you’re looking for. These beautiful cakes are normally customized with a combination of different designs so you don’t have to select just one.

Exotic Extravagant, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Exotic Extravagant Cake


3. Flower Power 

Are flowers the main theme of your wedding? Then why not put them on your cake as well. These cakes are perfect for summer and spring to incorporate the beauty of nature in the wedding.

Flower Power, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Flower Power Cake


4. Marzipan Masterpiece Wedding Cake Designs

Pick a theme of absolutely anything, like your hobbies or your favourite memory and the baker will incorporate it into the most important cake of your life.

Marzipan Masterpiece, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Marzipan Masterpiece Cake


5. Metallic Marvel Wedding Cake Designs

Are gold and silver your favourite colours? Well, u have the option of adding that sparkle onto your cake as well. Choose a metallic theme for a radiant look to your wedding.

reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Metallic Marvel


6. Sugary Sweetness

Do you want flowers on your cake, but not the real ones? Well here’s an option that lets you have realist looking flowers or any other design which are completely edible.

Sugary Sweetness, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Sugary Sweetness Cake

7. Glitter Effect

Let your cake ‘Shine bright like a Diamond’ with this theme. This sparkly cake is ideal to bring the bling to your celebration.

Glitter Effect, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Glitter Effect Cake


8. Marble Tones

We can all agree that the marble effect looks good on everything, so why not a cake as well. These marbled design cakes look absolutely stunning while also looking sophisticated and elegant.

Marble Tones, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Marble Tones Cake


9. The Half & Half

This cake is an excellent way to portray both halves of the duo in one cake. Each half of the cake can perfectly represent that, from now on two half’s combine to make one.

The Half & Half, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
The Half & Half Cake


Celebrate Dream Wedding

10. Shades of Ombre Wedding Cake Designs 

By blending the hue of one colour into the other you can incorporate the different shades of your wedding on your cake

Shades of Ombre, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Cake with Shades of Ombre

11. Fruity Freshness

You can use fruits onto your cake for a fresh fruity feeling. Just a couple of barriers can bring so much colour to your cake while also tasting great.

Fruity Freshness, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Fruity Freshness Cake


12. Lack of Frosting

The newest trend that is slowly becoming popular is naked cakes or cakes without frosting. These bare cakes look absolutely beautiful and raw and give a chic vibe to your wedding.

Lack of Frosting, reception cake, engagement cake ideas, Different Types of Cakes with Pictures,
Cake with a Lack of Frosting

13. Choco Parlour Wedding Cake

This is the latest trend for a perfect wedding celebration. Your wedding will turn out to be a memorable affair with this delicious and beautiful wedding cake.

Wedding cake Choco Parlour

14. Special Initials Wedding Cake Designs

This is a special wedding cake design where the initial of the groom and the bride can be crafted on the wedding cake. The wedding cakes are an important and life cherishing part of the weddings.

Wedding Cake designs Name

15. Mr.  and Mrs. Wedding Cake Designs

You can simply embrace your life ahead with this Mr. and Mrs. wedding cake design. The couple can show their love towards each other through his beautiful cake.

Wedding Cake designs Mr and Mrs

16. Exciting Purple Wedding Cake Design

This is a unique wedding cake design wherein the wedding decoration is slightly brought into the cake design. This cake will definitely make the wedding all the more memorable.

Purple Wedding Cake Design

17. Bride & Groom’s Name Wedding Cake Design

In  this unique cake design, bride and groom’s name will be written on the cake letting the world know who the bride and groom are!

Wedding Cake designs Full name

18. Ring Design Wedding Cake Designs

The ring design wedding cake has been a newly found idea wherein the engagement rings of the couple are kept on the tip of the cake, giving the cake a beautiful emotional design.

Wedding Cake designs Ring

19. Church

If you are hosting a Christian wedding, then this is the perfect cake for you. In this cake, you get a beautiful church design where you are gonna start your new innings of your life.

Wedding Cake designs Church

20. Groom Holding the Bride

This is another very creative wedding cake design where the groom is holding the bride.  You can make your bride’s day more special with this wonderful cake.

Wedding Cake designs Creative

21. Fault Line Cake Trends

This is the cake style is the one that doesn’t get old and keeps giving. Typically, fault line cakes are decorated with buttercream. The cake has a visible underlayer peeking through the midsection in contrasting colours. You can use the fault line to fill it thing stuff and colour. Or you could just have a contrasting colour for the faultline. These cakes have many versions of it with stripes, sprinkles and even gold leaf!

cake trends

22. Geode Cake Decoration

Fault line cakes are like the more appetizing cousin of the Gemstone Cake trend. It is quite similar to that of yester-years. Crystalized sugar is used to achieve the rocks and gemstone effect. Make sure you pick the right colours for this cake because that is going to influence the look of the cake. Try using something bright, shiny and subtle. 

cake trends

23. Textures Buttercream wedding cake designs

Everyone loves the smooth-lined buttercream finish on cakes but there are some very interesting textures in buttercream. You can try the roughed-up finishes which are actually quite a tricky effect to achieve but it’s gorgeous. When done right, such as a ruffle or a scalloped finish will woo everyone in the party. They look really lovely.

cake trends

24. Macaron Cake Ideas

 Macarons aren’t as exquite and new anymore, they are very popular and easily available. This actually physically pains us to suggest using macarons as a decorative piece on the cake since they are so much MORE in terms of technique. Luckily you can be ahead of the trend and try macaron topped cakes while it is still popular, loved and still unique.

cake trends

25. Leopard Print Cake Trends

Leopard prints are making a huge comeback. Why should they only be used in clothing and accessories, many couples and birthday girls are opting for this amazing cake print? These prints will pop up your cake designs. And, it is not just leopard print, you can try many other animals like Zebra, tiger, etc. Also, it would go exceptionally well with Jungle theme parties. 

cake trends

26. Square Cake Designs

This is another trend that creates is jaw-droppingly beautiful. You can expect more square cakes with flat sides and sharp angles this birthday and wedding season. This cake trend is a little complicated that is sure to be a huge challenge for even experts. Making a cake-like these gets doubly complex and time-consuming, especially when there are sharp angles involved.

cake trends

27.  Isomalt Topper Wedding Cake Designs

Isomalt cake toppers add a “wow” wala dramatic effect to your wedding cakes. Looking for an over-the-top cake that to impress your guests? Here is something for you that they are going to love as soon as they set their eyes on it. If you trying to find something drool-worthy, then go for large oversized isomalt cake decorations.

cake trends

28. Wedding Cake Alternatives

There are many brides and grooms who are looking for a wedding cake alternative. And these alternatives are actually very cool. It is because your guests will never imagine anything except the cake. So, treating them with other wedding cake alternatives will surprise them. You can check out waffle cakes, donut towers, cake pops, etc.

cake trends

We have selected just a few of the most trending cake designs for 2021 to help you make your decision. Now all you gotta do is a book that perfect caterer that can create the cake that you desire.

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