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1st Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Little Munchkins!

By Aditi Rampure
Blog timeSep 5, 2019

Every birthday holds a special place in your heart. So, be it with friends, family, or solo, we cherish those memories forever. Hence, every parent tries to make their child’s birthday special and unforgettable. And of course, cakes are the inevitable part of the celebration of a birthday party. When it comes to choosing the 1st birthday cake, you must select a well-decorated, lip-smacking cake. So, if you are wondering as to which cake to choose, you have come to the right place as we have gathered a few 1st birthday cake ideas for your little one!

Here are 8 delicious 1st birthday cake ideas for your munchkins:

1. Car Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

If you are looking for the first birthday cake ideas for your little boy turning one then a car-themed cake for your kid would be a great idea! A car is the most loved item for any boy! For all the baby boys a car cake would be their dream come true. Just choose from a variety of cars available and customize your cake according to that. All the kids at the birthday party would be very excited and amazed by this idea for the first birthday cake and their expressions upon seeing it would be priceless! Who knew even cars could take so good!

Car Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

2. Animal Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

Animals are one of the most intriguing things for kids! Almost every kid is fascinated by them. So, as little ones are attracted to animals, an animal-themed cake for their birthday would be just perfect for them! There are so many animals so order a jungle-themed cake with wild animals or any kind of animals for your kid’s birthday party that not just your kid but every other kid will love and would most definitely adore! And this cake will be a highlight for your kid’s birthday party!

Animal Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

3. Buttercream 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

Buttercream cakes are one of the simplest and most delicious kinds of cakes. If you cannot decide which cake to order then you can always opt for a simple buttercream cake. So, they come in so many types and flavors! You can customize this birthday cake as you want to and according to the theme of the party. Choose from an array of buttercream flavors and decorate as you like! This will be a delight for everyone at the party and one piece of it will surely not be enough for anyone!

Buttercream 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

4. Number Birthday 1st Cake Ideas:

One of the ongoing trends these days is the number of cakes, people ordering cakes customized to the age their kids are turning. As your munchkins are going to turn 1 ordering a number #1 cake would be so special and unique for them. So, to make the cake seem even more delicious and beautiful you can add some sprinkles and buttercream frosting or even fondant as you wish for a pleasant surprise! There is just an endless way to decorate this very trendy cake!

Number Birthday 1st Cake Ideas:

5. Pure Chocolate 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

Chocolate is most loved by almost everyone on this planet. Anything flavored chocolate is a delight for everyone! If you’re confused about which cake to order then chocolate wouldn’t disappoint you ever! So, there is a wide range of customizations that you can make for your chocolate cake. A classic chocolate cake is one of the best and the safest choice for your one-year-old. And add some sprinkles, candies, and frosting to make it look even more appealing! Pure chocolate cake will not only make your guests happy but they will leave with satisfaction!

Pure Chocolate 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

6. Cartoon Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

For your little kids’ birthday party, a cartoon-themed cake would be an ideal cake because cartoons are loved by every kid. So, there are just so many cartoons to choose from. Get a photo cake or ask your baker to make a cake with a popular cartoon. I’m sure that your little one along with the others would be amazed by this gesture. So, this will definitely be a fun way to add more excitement to your kid’s birthday party! This cartoon cake is one of the most popular first birthday cake ideas for your little one.

Cartoon Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

7. Barbie Doll 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

If you are looking for the first birthday cake ideas for your little girl turning one then a bardie doll-themed cake would be a perfect choice. For the girls, their most loved toys are barbie dolls, so for all the baby girls, barbie doll cakes are perfect for their first birthday. All the girls at the party would be very excited upon seeing this beautiful and delicious cake. They would definitely be very happy and excited along with all the guests in the house! You could just never go wrong with a barbie doll cake for your baby girl’s birthday party!

Barbie Doll 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

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8. Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorns are loved by kids. So, it is the best way to have a unicorn-shaped or colored cake for your munchkin’s 1st birthday. It will look good in pictures too.

Unicorn Birthday Cake

9. Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Cake

The Teddy bear is the first thing that kids start loving as a soft toy. So, if we will incorporate it in the form of a cake then it will look good. And we will get a theme for the birthday too.

Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Cake

10. Hot Air Balloon Cake

If you want to have an innovative cake for your birthday then a hot air balloon will be a great idea to place. And this will look great and beautiful on the cake. So, let’s experiment with something with your munchkin’s 1st birthday cake.

Hot Air Balloon Cake

11. Alphabet Cake

Having an English alphabet on cakes will look cool and exciting. And it will make the cake more attractive and appealing. So, have a cake which can have letters from your preferred language.

Alphabet Cake

12. Baby Toy’s Birthday Cake

You are planning your baby’s 1st birthday then it must have a special cake. So, have a cake that has an image of all your baby’s favorite toys. This will look wonderful and attractive.Baby Toy's Birthday Cake


13. Rainbow Birthday Cake

Rainbows always feel like magic from nature, and cakes feel like a treat from heaven. So, can you guess what a rainbow theme cake feels like? Above the cake decorate it with heart shape chocolates.

Rainbow Birthday Cake

14. Twinkle Twinkle Birthday Cake

Bring your little one favorite song to life with this fabulous cake, with matching cupcakes for an additional treat. Kids get attracted by stars.

Twinkle Twinkle Birthday Cake

15. Floral Birthday cake

Huge pink icing roses fit perfectly with a floral-themed party, and the sparkly gold hearts and big number 1 top it perfectly.

Floral Birthday cake

16. 3- Tier Birthday Cake

A very basic yet elegant. Three-tier wedding cakes are definitely a popular choice for kids. We suggest you not overdecorate the cake so that the elegance remains.

3- Tier Birthday Cake

17. Vintage Circus Cake

This is a very unique cake design though its name suggests vintage. It includes all the things like tent, clown, animals, etc.

Vintage Circus Cake

18. Mermaid Birthday Cake

This unique under the sea mermaid cake design is great for kids’ birthday cakes for a mermaid theme party.

Mermaid Birthday Cake

19. Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

A Very cute Birthday Cake for your kids. We love the non-traditional Mickey Mouse color scheme! Kids also love cartoons that too mickey mouse.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

20. Shin-chan Birthday Cake Ideas

Who doesn’t love Shin-chan? A very famous cartoon character. It is not only loved by kids but some adults also love this character. This cake will look so creative at your little one’s birthday party.

Shin-chan Birthday Cake Ideas

We hope you enjoyed our list of birthday cake ideas for your little munchkins! Let us know which cake you ordered and loved the most!

Thanks for reading!

FAQ Related To 1st Birthday Cake Ideas

How do you plan a one-year-old birthday party?

If you want to make your kid’s birthday grand then, you need to plan everything beforehand. You will have to book a small banquet or party hall to ensure all your guests are properly accommodated. You can find the best birthday halls on Bookeventz Every arrangement will be taken care of.

How long should a 1-year-old birthday party be?

Ideally, it should be of around 2 to 3 hours but if you are planning something big then, you can extend your kid’s birthday party to 4 to 5 hours but it’s rare to have a 4 to 5 hours birthday party. You can always do it as you want.

When should you start planning a first birthday party?

You should start planning the first birthday 1 or 2 months prior so that everything is well arranged for the big day. A birthday party as well requires many arrangements and planning hence, planning it beforehand is advisable.

Which cake is best for a baby’s first birthday? 

There are different types of cake available in the market. From mickey mouse themed birthday cake to simple chocolate birthday cake, you get a range of options to choose from. But you might select the one that has your kid’s favorite cartoon character.

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