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6 Best and Creative Wedding Home Decor Ideas

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Weddings are getting more colorful and bright with time. A Karan Johar style of wedding is what we all want. Yes, you too. Even with all the pandemic situation and regulations going on, we don’t want our wedding dreams to be hurt. Between preparation, inviting guests and following regulations, did you forget your decor ideas? Don’t worry because, we have some great ideas.The wedding house radiates the mood for the event and its decor is the icing on the cake. And we can never get enough of decorating our home. Now let’s see how your wedding home decor ideas would look in real life.

Theme is Supreme – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

When you decide of decors, the first and major aspect is the theme. This can help to ideate the necessary props and designs for the decor. Themes are often decided with the colors worn by the bride or groom or by any specific idea.

The Go-green theme, is making the event as  Eco-friendly as possible. So this is done by using plants as major props and mostly using a green color tone for all the decors.

Eco- Friendly Decor - Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Eco- Friendly Decor – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Elegant Entrance – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

The main door or walkway to the door should be the best and grand of all decors. Lets decorate the entrance with curtains of marigold or large hangings of jasmines with rose tips which people can look up-to as sky of flowers.To add more traditional elements, we can put up carved bells that will add a temple atmosphere to the place. Also what is decor without colorful rangolis. So create your own designs that can always be close to your heart and that can brighten the entrance.

Marigold Flower Decor - Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Marigold Flower Decor – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Paper perks – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Rather than using plastics and creating a menace to earth, lets use paper and make our event less pollutive. We can do a lot of things with paper which would be unique and also help to be a budget-friendly wedding. Origami is the major paper product that can add to the beauty of hangings. Paper wheels and paper flowers with a variety of colors and designs can make the walls and backdrops look really beautiful. For lighting up the night, paper lanterns with different colors, and detail designs  can also be hung to illuminate the setting.

Light em’ up – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Fairy lights and backdrops is the best love story. The lights and decoration really adds to the cozy wedding eve atmosphere. The backyard tree can be the spot of the night with some quick lighting tricks. So these tricks are, wraping the tree trunk with light spirals, hanging beer bottles with lights on the branches along with some dreamcatchers to add to the cozy feel of the night.

Tree Lights - Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Tree Lights – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Draw the eyes with drapes – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Colorful drapes and its designs are the most appealing decor when it comes to the exterior of the house. It can be put across the roof to the gate and also be put in unique designs. So if the exterior color of the house is white, red, orange and yellow color drapes can easily give a magnificent appeal to the house.Various designs and shapes made with drapes also catches the spotlight.

Drapes Decor - Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Drapes Decor – Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Drapes Decor - Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Drapes Decor – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Picture Perfect – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Photo booths and social media hangings are the masala packets of a wedding decor. The more attractive and colorful it is, the better. Making the unique photo booth and hanging up a clothesline with prints of the best pictures with your partners and also families will add a personal touch to the decors.

Photo Booth - Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Photo Booth – Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Photo Booth - Wedding Home Decor Ideas
Photo Booth – Wedding Home Decor Ideas

We believe our ideas did light a bulb or two in your creative minds. So take your time to plan and decide on each of these aspects in detail so that you don’t miss out on anything. Assigning each portions to each person would be more practical and easy to track. With all this in mind, don’t forget to enjoy the event. After all, its your dream day!.




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