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Tent Decoration For Wedding Ideas That Will Change Your Opinion Of Tents!

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeJul 19, 2021

 With the fear of corona, a lot of couples are taking their nuptials outdoors to keep everyone safe from covid spread. But you consider investing in a tent for protection against inclement weather. While you may have many preconceived ideas of what wedding tents looks like, forget everything.  We have tent decorations for wedding ideas that can easily transform any tent to fit your style. So these are tent decoration for wedding we will be covering in this blog.

  1. Tent Entrances for killing first impressions
  2. The Lighting for the best guest experience
  3. The Exquisite additions for it feel like Royalty

Tents are not plain white interiors or plastic flaps anymore, see what they can look like today.

  1. Floral Statement Entrance

    Entrances are the first and the most important impression you can leave. So, your entrance better be perfect. Additionally, when it comes to wedding tents flower entrance decorations are the best. You can opt for single-color flowers or multicolored flowers depending upon your theme for the wedding. tent decoration for wedding

  2. Suspended Flowers Tent Decoration for Wedding Ideas

    Consider our favorite outdoor wedding tent ideas. Flowers have the ability to transform any venue, including a tent. You can utilize the space at the top of the canopy to make the best use of your tent size. Moreover, doing this will make your wedding venue lively, breezy and most of all elegant.

    tent decoration for wedding

  3. Wedding Tent Swings

    Swings can be a very fun and classic element to your wedding. And, swings look amazing in an indoor setup too. Furthermore, you have a lot of options when it comes to which swing to pick. But be sure to pick something that matches our theme and setting, not something very outdoorsy. tent decoration for wedding

  4. Rattan Chandeliers Tent Decoration for Wedding

    Rattan Chaneliers are not so common in indoor tent weddings. But just imagine, somber beautiful white tents with hanging drapes and real flowers, add golden or brownish rattan chandeliers with or without lights. Isn’t this sight a fantasy? Bring it true with quirky with a hint of traditional rattan chandeliers. Not a fan of the whole grand chandelier thing?? Here is something for you. Moreover, these rattan chandeliers are perfect for backyard weddings. tent decoration for wedding

  5. String Lighting 

    String lights or fairy lights are a must for an outdoor wedding. When the sun goes down, you would want the stars to take over. String lights have the stars in check. These small lights will illuminate your space with a warm and fabulous romantic glow. Everyone is going to love these bright string lights pop against your spectacularly designed tent. Fairy light wedding decorations instantly uplifts your wedding decor. So, it is the best way to incorporate fairy light decoration in your marriage. Also, it will look great in pictures.

    tent decoration for wedding

  6. Raised Candles 

    Think Fairy lights or disco lights are a bit too much? We have something for you too. Add the antique and Hogwarts feel to it with candles. You can even add classy uniquely shaped lamps in between. If you are worried about the wax dripping and candles not lasting for the evening, you can go with the battery-operated candles instead of wax ones. They will look exactly the same but will be more efficient and stress-free.  tent decoration for wedding                         cruise wedding ideas

  7. Moroccon Theme Decoration

    Every Hindi serial with amazing weddings has used the Moroccan theme. Now you don’t have to make it the whole theme. You can mix match. Like, take a corner with rugs and Moroccan colours. And then you can have your mandap setting in the Moroccan style. tent decoration for wedding

  8. Boho Rugs Decoration

    Going for the whole Persian or colorful look. Boho rugs will make this theme and color scheme glow brighter. These rugs add a homely feel to it. If you are having an intimate wedding or a backyard wedding, this is among the best tent decoration for wedding. You can go with one single rug design but going with all different patterns is not a bad idea either. tent decoration for wedding

  9. Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas Chandeliers 

    Chandeliers are a can’t skip any wedding tent decoration for wedding ideas. When you are having a tent an exquisite chandelier is a necessity. Going for majestic royal chandeliers is a classic and never goes out of trend. But, if you want to do something different and are looking for a thing that’s a tad bit off-beat, try floral/flower chandeliers. They are lovely and they bring a fresh touch to the whole wedding decoration. tent decoration for wedding

  10. Colorful Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas Draperies

    This one is among those tent decoration for wedding Ideas that maintain the originality of the tent. Now, this one doesn’t replace the tent vibe it enhances it. The use of different color drapes and cloth is the most amazing part of this tent decor. Moreover, you can add string lights, kites, wall hangings and wind chimes to the mix.tent decoration for wedding

    Transform your wedding tent into a paradise with these tent decoration for wedding ideas. For more such blogs and content follow us on Instagram.
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