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Unique Engagement Cake Designs for Loved-up Brides and Grooms

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When you confess your love to someone and want to commit to spending the rest of your lives together you call in for the celebration of the moment. And to add to the sweetness of the day we give you unique engagement cake designs. These are made with all the colors and flavors of love. Then, these will be cakes to remember.

Whether you’re throwing your own engagement party, or you’re planning one for your BFF, there are plenty of details you will have to keep in mind. Of course, you’ll want a great theme and venue, along with delicious wedding catering ideas in food, drinks—and dessert! Engagement party cakes can come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s all about finding the right fit for you and your partner.

A lot of the time, wedding planning becomes a mixture of what the couple wants and what the parents want. But, the engagement party should be all about the couple! If you’ve already chosen your wedding cake, you may have settled on a flavor that you wanted to make sure everyone on your guest list would like. Then, this is a great chance to have some fun with flavor and design. It’s also an opportunity to play with designs. Major cake bakers and decorators today, suggest having the couple’s initials monogrammed on the cake. Then, this may come with sugar flowers or cherries to decorate the cake further.

So, by the end of this list of 15 unique engagement cake designs, your mind will be flooded with ideas. Then, read on:

1. Unique Engagement Cake Designs with a Special Topper

Keep the design simple, but send a message up top with a cake topper! This is an especially budget-friendly idea as you can dress up any style of cake to make it look next-level without much additional cost.

unique engagement cake designs with special toppers

2. Gold Cake

Planning a stunning gold wedding theme color palette? Then, bring all that shine to your engagement party! And, we love the way this single-tier cake is completely covered in gold, paired with a pop of pink for the perfect balance.

unique engagement cake designs in gold

3. Hand-Painted Unique Engagement Cake Designs

If you’re planning a hand-painted cake for your wedding, then give a little preview of the masterpiece to come. Then, this single-tiered cake is elaborate with buttercream detailing, macaroons, and beautiful blooms.

hand painted floral unique engagement cake designs

4. Macaroon Tower

Ditch the cake idea altogether and showcase one of the most prominent hues in your wedding palette. We love the look of this tall macaroon tower, and it can be customized to showcase any color you choose!

macaron tower unique engagement cake designs

5. Location Specific Unique Engagement Cake Designs

If you are Jetting off to a distant locale, then, give your closest ones a hint, with this cake! Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a boho wedding (see here: boho wedding ideas) or one on the beach, this gels well with them all. Then, serving up a cake that embodies the destination is such a fun way to kick off the celebration.

location specific Unique Engagement Cake Designs

6. Cheesecake

Who says an engagement cake has to be of the same type? If you’re planning a dessert spread for your wedding day, then, this is such a fun way to give a little taste. And, we love the idea of perfectly cut pieces of the cheesecake at the table decorated out with donuts and fresh fruit. (see here: unique table decoration ideas)

cheesecake unique engagement cake designs

7. Season Specific Unique Engagement Cake Designs

Your wedding may be planned with plenty of jewel tones for fall or early winter. But if you’re having an engagement party earlier in the year, you may think there is no time to plan. Totally wrong! This semi-naked cake is decked in rich hues, paired with fruit and fresh blooms, to celebrate multiple seasons.

season specific unique engagement cake designs

8. Simple Vanilla and Chocolate Cake

If you’re planning your engagement party on a time shortage, then, there’s no need to worry! Keep things simple by going with your favorite go-to flavor. Also, we love the idea of a simple chocolate cake with semi-sheer vanilla buttercream. Then, use other custom sweets to decorate around the cake to fit your engagement party’s theme.

chocolate and vanilla unique engagement cake designs

9. 2-tier Unique Engagement Cake Designs

If you are serving for an intimate wedding/ engagement party, then, ramp up a simple 2-tier wedding cake. Also, we love the idea of setting the stage for a late-summer or fall wedding with a multi-tiered cake decked in blooms, berries. And, not to forget, the dreamiest caramel drip. This one is for all vegan and vegetarian guests. Serve away! (see here: veg menu for wedding)

2-tier caramel drip unique engagement cake designs

10. Black Floral Cake

Black wedding cakes don’t always have to be moody and brooding. Then, go for this stunner. And, it exudes a soft elegance with its floral-painted tier and accents of handmade sugar blossoms in powdery tones. This one will surely be a trending wedding cake design in 2022.

black floral tall unique engagement cake designs

11. Pink-Squared Unique Engagement Cake Designs

This two-tiered delight screams femininity. The top tier has pastel pink watercolored icing. And, the bottom has geometric stenciling in a matte gold finish. Then it is lined with delicate marzipan to give it a neat finish. Greenery adds a hint of welcomed freshness.

pink squared unique engagement cake designs

12. Rustic Engagement Cake

This is a refined take on rustic engagement cakes. The two-tiered cake features a geometric print embossed on the bottom. And, it has a smattering of dried florals for an earthy touch.

rustic unique engagement cake designs

13. Fresh Fruit and Cream Cake

This delicious trio of cakes is straight out of a vintage still-life painting. Then, it has a white stucco-textured buttercream. It has fresh pomegranates, plums, and figs. Also, this is ideal for an upscale farm wedding. Furthermore, it comes with lavish blue velvet under multiple cakes, tarts, donuts, and pies. This one helps in keeping the décor fresh and purposeful for the rustic wedding theme. (see here: rustic wedding invites)

fresh fruit and cream unique engagement cake designs

14. Pork-pie Cake

Ever heard of a savory cake? Well, you are about to start now. If you want to give your taste buds a break from all the celebratory sweets, then get this one made for you. Instead of traditional iced tiers, try serving a tower of salty snacks, from wheels of cheese to a giant pork pie. So, Surprise and delight your guests and take this risk. We are sure, you will not regret it. (see here: unconventional wedding cakes for unconventional couples)

pork pie unique engagement cake designs

15. Blue Unique Engagement Cake Designs

This three-tiered cake in an ocean blue color has us picking our jaws up off the floor. Then, its rich base is decorated with glittering metallic trim and a bouquet of sunshine-hued blooms.

blue unique engagement cake designs

These unique engagement cake designs will leave you wanting more. Then, bookmark your favs!

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