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Bookmark these 20 Velvet Shoes Idea for Groom and Groomsman in 2021

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Velvet shoes are the option to flaunt it in the wedding day. And it can be worn by both groom and his groomsman. So, if you are getting married in 2021 then have a look at these trending designs. And having velvet shoes will give rich and royal look to your wedding appearance.

Listed below are top 20 velvet shoes for groom and groomsman:

  1. Blue Velvet Shoes

    Blue shoes in velvet are one of the color which can be opted on wedding. And groom can wear it on his wedding day. So, this will give a beautiful picture ready footwear. It is because this color reflects beautifully on camera.Blue Velvet Shoes

  2. Green Velvet Shoes

    Green colored shoes will look great on groom and groomsman both. And it will give royal look to the whole attire. It is because velvet texture will give a beautiful look to the groom. So, he should choose color which suits best with his wedding dressGreen Velvet Shoes

    Cocktail party

  3. Red Velvet Shoes

    Red is the color of any wedding occasion. But it is not only confined to brides. It is because grooms are also experimenting with his look. And choice of color for groom has also changed. So, groom has shifted his choice to some of the bold colors as well. And red colored shoes in velvet in of the type. Red Velvet Shoes

  4. Pink Velvet Shoes

    Pink shoes with shiny stickers and velvet material will look beautiful on groom. And it will give a beautiful glossy look to the groom’s wedding look. So, you can have this type of pink shoes for your wedding.Pink Velvet Shoes

  5. Black Velvet Shoes

    Black shoes looks best on any one. And it looks royal and rich. So, it will give a beautiful look on wedding too. Black Velvet Shoes

  6. Burgundy Velvet Shoes

    Burgundy color is the best way to have a beautiful wedding shoes. So, it will give a great look on wedding day. And this will give groom a different look on the wedding outfit.Burgundy Velvet Shoes

  7. Navy Velvet Shoes

    Navy shoes will give a fantastic look to the groom’s shoes. And even groomsman can have this type of shoes on his wedding day. So, try using a navy colored shoes. It is because it will look glossy on wedding day.Navy Velvet Shoes

  8. Black Velvet Pumps

    Black velvet pumps will look awesome on groom. So, an embroidered pump will look fantastic on groom. And he can use it on his wedding day to look flaunt. So, it will give a great way to experiment with the look.Black Velvet Pumps

  9. Golden Goose Velvet Sneakers

    Groom can be super experimental. And everybody will be stunned to see this type of look. So, give your wedding a golden sneaker touch.Golden Goose Velvet Sneakers

  10. Red Velvet Loafers

    Red velvet loafers will be the best way to have beautiful loafer on wedding. And it will look good as well with beautiful picture on it. So, birds and nature inspired loafers will give a different look to the groom’s shoes.Red Velvet Loafers

  11. Black Velvet Loafers

    Black velvet loafers will look great on groomsman as well. So, groomsman will give a beautiful look to the wedding. And you can have imprinted ‘team groom’. So, this will look impaired too.Black Velvet Loafers

  12. Gucci Velvet Loafers

    Gucci is a brand which is a standard and style statement. So, you can have a Gucci loafers on your wedding too. And this will give a beautiful yet classy look to the groom and groomsman look. So, this will give a rich look to your wedding look.Gucci Velvet Loafers

  13. Puma Velvet Shoes

    Puma is one of the most loved brand in India. And wedding is the season to flaunt your shoes and attire. So, it is the best way to flaunt your Puma shoes on your D-day. And it will be perfect for both groom and groomsman. So, it will look different too.Puma Velvet Shoes

  14. Prince Albert Slippers

    Prince Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom Great Britain and Ireland. So, he made this trendy by wearing English slippers to black-tie events. And copying that us the best way to flaunt on your wedding day.Prince Albert Slippers

  15. Stylish Velvet Shoes Men

    This type of stylish shoes will give a proper style statement to both groom and groomsman. And this will standardize the look as well. So, try wearing a shoes like this on your wedding to catch your guests attention.Stylish Velvet Shoes Men

  16. Velvet Mary Janes

    Mary Jane is basically an American term used for closed, low cut shoes. And it will be a great way to incorporate in your wedding. So, try using a footwear like this on your wedding.

  17. Velvet Wedding Shoes

    A velvet wedding shoes should be like that you can use it after your wedding as well. And it can be used on kurta or formals as well. So, try to buy some exciting, stylish, and unique shoes on your wedding.Velvet Wedding Shoes

  18. Maroon Handmade Velvet

    Marron colored shoes with velvet touch will look perfect on grooms. And embroidery will add more glory to the shoes. So, try wearing a shoes like this to make your wedding look complete. And you can also accompany it with some of your best suits.Maroon Handmade Velvet

  19. Zardozi Velvet Mojdi

    Zardozi velvet mojdi is the perfect wedding shoes for groom. And it will be perfect for groomsman as well, if it has some light zardozi work. So, keep it in your bucket list. And try considering it while buying.Zardozi Velvet Mojdi

  20. Bare Skin Velvet Loafers

    Bare skin loafers will look awesome on groom. So, he should go with this type of loafers for his wedding. And it will look great too.Bare Skin Velvet Loafers

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